Ungeniused 68: Hermitage Cats & The Chief Mouser

09:49 | Dec 18th, 2018

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From a Russian art museum to 10 Downing Street, cats are hard at work, keeping mice at bay....Show More


mm recommended:Jul 18th, 2019

@dpiper Check out this podcast that's about the weirdest Wikipedia articles.

nrichwineJul 19th, 2019

@mm Great find! I have the urge to binge this even though it's 2 AM

mmJul 19th, 2019

@nrichwine Thanks but I actually didn’t find this! It was @karadidomizio. She has great taste 😃 Check out her curated lists on her profile! I’ve found so much great new stuff. Also, sporadic podcasts binges at 2AM are technically “productive ASLR” to “put us asleep”, amirite? 😋