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Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock team up for the Speak For Yourself podcast, featuring the best discussions from their television show (weekdays at 6pm ET on FS1) with original commentary and opinion from Jason McIntyre.
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Harden's postseason, KD's priorities, NFL QBs, Celtics/Blazers

1:05:18 | May 2nd

-Crazy to think Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins will all be busts? (00:13)-Are NFL teams too desperate to find a franchise QB? (12:25)-Who's under more pressure this season: Dak or Jason Garrett? (14:05)-What should be a bigger priority...Show More
Cowboys priorities, Lakers' offseason, Steph's strengths, Hurtful Harden?

1:06:42 | May 1st

-Has James Harden's mindset hurt the Rockets this series? (00:13)-Any chance Rockets recover to win series? (11:49)-Would it be a mistake for Cowboys to prioritize Dak over Zeke? (15:52)-What role does family play in Steph's life? (26:34)-What does S...Show More
Challenger KD, Rockets concerns, Cards + Rosen, Chiefs development

1:06:00 | Apr 30th

-Does Kevin Durant's intelligence make him misunderstood? (00:13)-Can KD outsmart everyone and be the true challenger to Jordan's throne? (10:07)-Are Rockets too concerned with officiating? (17:15)-Are Chiefs still a SB contender without Tyreek Hill?...Show More
Giants regrets?, Giannis exposed?, Rosen's raw deal?, Rockets complaints

1:06:11 | Apr 29th

-Criticism of Giants GM Dave Gettleman overblown? (00:17)-Will Giants regret passing on Dwayne Haskins? (9:45)-Confident Mike Tomlin will take advantage of the "cleansing" within Steelers? (14:43)-What was worse: officiating or how Rockets handled it...Show More
Weekly Rewind 4/22 - 4/26

1:27:50 | Apr 27th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Clippers' KD?, OBJ skips out, GSW still in?, Kyler as face of franchise?

1:07:29 | Apr 25th

-Concerned Kyler doesn't want to be the face of a NFL franchise? (00:13)-Do Warriors still look like a championship team? (13:37)-Think this series has helped Clippers' chances of landing KD? (20:33)-What's behind the ego of the modern sports dad? (2...Show More
Logo Lillard wrecks Thunder, Russ' Thunder?, Buss + Lakers, Kyler's clause

1:05:33 | Apr 24th

-Did last night say more about Lillard or Westbrook? (00:14)-Will Lillard's heroics be remembered if he never wins a title? (10:45)-Can Blazers build a title-contender around Damian Lillard? (14:19)-What should Thunder do with Russell Westbrook? (19:...Show More
Toxic Westbrook?, OBJ on Twitter, KD + media, Kyler's Raiders?

1:06:38 | Apr 23rd

-Whitlock thinks Gruden's ego is why he wants undersized Kyler Murray; agree? (00:16)-Would it be a mistake for Raiders to go all-in on Kyler Murray? (4:08)-Will Gruden's ego get in way of Raiders success? (14:03)-IS OBJ overreacting to Twitter comme...Show More
Dak details, Murray's future, McNabb on Wentz, Russ' rep

1:06:14 | Apr 22nd

-Are Kyler Murray's options a red flag for NFL teams? (00:16)-Issue with Donovan McNabb's criticism of Carson Wentz? (16:34)-Smart for Dak to do this commercial? (24:05)-Is Russ damaging his reputation? (28:40)-What do you make of Draymond Green's we...Show More
Weekly Rewind 4/15 - 4/19

1:06:53 | Apr 20th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Tiger/Ben Hogan, Who will join Lakers?, KD/Simmons, Gisele's Pats?

1:07:21 | Apr 19th

-Does Gisele deserve some credit for the Pats' success? (00:14)-Should athletes approach marriage like a business decision? (12:21)-Issue with Tom Coughlin's complaint? (18:00)-Who made a bigger statement last night: KD or Ben Simmons? (27:16)-Who ha...Show More
Browns hyped-up?, Raiders disaster?, Barkley on Harden, Embiid's apology

1:05:46 | Apr 18th

-Will hyped-up Browns crumble under primetime spotlight? (00:14)-Will Raiders' final season in Oakland be a disaster? (12:22)-Agree with Barkley that Harden is the "best offensive player" of this era? (18:43)-What makes both Garcia and Granados so da...Show More
LeBron's team?, Westbrook's maturity, Dak/Wilson, Zion criticism

1:08:02 | Apr 17th

-Do you think Westbrook will ever mature as a player? (00:07)-Is LeBron really running the team? (23:39)-Buying reported concerns about Kyler Murray? (31:15)-Will Dak benefit from Russell Wilson's mega-deal? (36:39)-Has Kevin Durant made the Warriors...Show More
Tiger v. LeBron, Wilson's contract, Westbrook's mindset, Warriors concerns, Clippers win

1:06:13 | Apr 16th

-Credit Ciara for Russell Wilson's new contract and image? (00:13)-Does Wilson need another SB win to justify new deal? (10:48)-Is Wilson's record contract a significant moment for black QBs? (13:00)-Did Clippers miraculous win mean anything? (17:08)...Show More
Tiger's Masters, Favre on Packers, Wilson's Seattle?, Durant's 'tude

1:06:06 | Apr 15th

-Can Tiger be more popular now than in his heyday? (00:14)-Do you think Tiger can catch Jack now? (7:11)-Was Tiger's win at The Masters the best sports moment of our lifetime? (12:10)-Would you blame Russell Wilson for wanting out of Seattle? (16:40)...Show More
Weekly Rewind 4/8 - 4/12

1:28:30 | Apr 13th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Bosa drama, Good year for NBA?, Magic/Buss, Pelinka safe?

1:06:29 | Apr 12th

-Respect Nick Bosa's decision to curtail his Twitter use? (00:11)-Think Nick Bosa would have problems playing in San Francisco? (15:03)-Buying that AB & JuJu beef was fueled by money and resentment? (19:57)-Has this been a good year for the NBA? (27:...Show More
Magic steps down, LeBron's thoughts?, D-Wade + Dirk retire, Rodgers recent drama

1:06:16 | Apr 10th

-Has Magic damaged his legacy? (00:16)-What should Lakers do with LeBron after Magic's departure? (21:04)-Who had a more memorable career: Dirk or D-Wade? (33:09)-Think Rodgers is deflecting from Packers recent drama? (40:52)-AB vows to stop giving "...Show More
Rodgers' report, Virginia wins Natty, Kyrie + LeBron, KD's Knicks?

1:06:00 | Apr 9th

-Who do you believe more: Aaron Rodgers or Bleacher Report? (00:14)-Think Rodgers has learned anything from this drama? (9:36)-Did Virginia get lucky with their national title run? (14:59)-Smart for Cowboys to publicly ask Dak to take hometown discou...Show More
AB's Raiders?, Westbrook overrated?, Controversial calls, Lonzo's career

1:06:15 | Apr 8th

-Will Raiders regret acquiring Antonio Brown? (00:20)-Have you lost any respect for AB? (8:55)-More controversial ending: UVA-AUB finish or non-call in NFL Championship? (14:01)-Should Lonzo take full control of his career? (23:09)-Is Westbrook overr...Show More
Weekly Rewind 4/1 - 4/5

1:01:25 | Apr 6th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
LeBron/Magic, Rodgers/McCarthy, Filling AB's shoes, Murray/Rosen

1:05:45 | Apr 4th

-Think League is rooting for LeBron and Magic's Lakers to fail? (00:13)-Who is under more pressure to fix Lakers: LeBron or Magic? (11:40)-Think Kevin Durant would find happiness in New York? (17:46)-Can Big Ben be a better leader? (26:22)-Can Juju S...Show More
Rodgers' new HC, Unlikeable Warriors?, Nike + Zion?, Russell Wilson's offseason

1:05:41 | Apr 3rd

-Would Russell Wilson be foolish to sign extension this offseason? (00:14)-Matt LaFleur has not met with Rodgers since being hired; good or bad? (13:12)-Who should be the Lakers next head coach? (19:29)-Is Nike still in the mix for Zion Williamson? (...Show More
LeBron's rebound?, OBJ in CLE, AAF suspension, Payton v. McVay, LaVar/LaMelo

1:05:13 | Apr 2nd

-Will OBJ be happy in Cleveland? (3:48)-Confident Browns will be able to handle lofty expectations? (11:20)-AAF suspending football operations. (15:16)-Think Sean Payton is actually jealous of Sean McVay? (23:12)-LaMelo won't play in college; good or...Show More
LeBron's legacy, Zion hype, Calipari's Kentucky, Harden v. Giannis

1:05:51 | Apr 1st

-Should Lakers be worried about LeBron's relationship with his teammates? (00:15)-Will this season be a ding on LeBron's legacy? (6:34)-Any concern Zion won't live up to the hype? (12:37)-Has John Calipari actually underachieved with Kentucky? (21:22...Show More
Weekly Rewind 3/25 - 3/29

1:00:15 | Mar 30th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Kobe is the G.O.A.T.?, 'Cowboys Island', Barkley blasts LaVar, Gruden/Mack

1:06:09 | Mar 28th

-Bad sign for Ravens that WRs don't want to play with Lamar Jackson? (00:19)-Did Harbaugh make a mistake admitting lack of WR interest? (10:12)-Does Wentz need to change his leadership style? (13:50)-Who would you vote off 'Cowboys Island': Dak, Zeke...Show More
LeBron/Ty Lue, Kyler/Kingsbury, Trout's regrets?, Disrespect for Clippers

1:06:37 | Mar 27th

-Should Kyler Murray want to play for Kliff Kingsbury's Cardinals? (00:20)-NFL owners approved proposal allowing reviews on PI, including no-calls. (17:09)-Will Mike Trout actually regret passing up on free-agency? (25:58)-Should Dodgers have made a ...Show More
Lakers coach?, NBA MVP?, Payton's Saints, Tomlin's future

1:06:49 | Mar 27th

-Will Sean Payton's obsession with non-call hurt Saints this upcoming season? (00:18)-Agree with Payton that full-time refs would help solve officiating issues? (9:02)-Think this is a make-or-break season for Mike Tomlin? (16:41)-Did AB move prove NF...Show More
LeBron's coach?, Duke prevails, Gronk is done?, BBB saga

1:05:57 | Mar 25th

-Is Duke a better story than the actual team? (00:18)-Good for tourney that no Cinderellas remain? (9:43)-More on Tom Izzo incident last week. (14:11)-Is Gronk the best TE ever? (23:55)-Proposed rule would give NFL office more power to eject players;...Show More
Coaching the Lakers?, Big Ben for MVP?, Wilson in Seattle?, Kap's grievance case

1:05:13 | Mar 21st

-Think criticism will bring out the best in Big Ben? (00:20) -Is Big Ben still capable of winning MVP? (10:26) -NFL paid under $10M to settle Kap grievance case. (16:38) -Worried about Russell Wilson's future in Seattle? (26:24) -Think Odell will...Show More
LeBron's abilities, Duke's challenge, March Madness upsets, Steelers saga

1:06:15 | Mar 21st

-Do Big Ben's & LeBron's talents hurt their leadership abilities? (00:23) -Has Errol Spence Jr. officially overtaken Floyd Mayweather as the face of boxing? (20:16) -What team will give heavy-favorite Duke its biggest challenge? (29:49) -Any big u...Show More
MJ v. LeBron, 'Steelers Island', Zion's career, Doc Rivers' coaching

1:06:43 | Mar 19th

-Does Zion prove basketball would be better off if stars stayed in college? (00:21) -Is college hoops background what separates MJ's brand from LeBron's? (17:55) -Does Dave Gettleman deserve criticism for Giants' offseason? (21:15) -Who would you ...Show More
Duke love?, LeBron's + Westbrook's leadership, Past Big Ben?

1:07:46 | Mar 18th

-Fair to criticize Duke for being elitist? (00:19) -Think salary demand is biggest roadblock keeping Kap out of NFL? (16:10) -Does Knicks' game make you question LeBron as Lakers' leader next season? (25:36) -Is Russell Westbrook a bad leader? (36...Show More
Weekly Rewind 3/11 - 3/15

1:09:40 | Mar 16th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
OBJ to Browns, Bell to Jets, Golden State troubles, Lakers demise?

1:05:41 | Mar 13th

-Will OBJ be "poison" for the Browns? (00:21) -Like how Giants handled OBJ saga? (12:26) -Le'Veon Bell agrees to contract with NY Jets. (17:32) -Should NBA be concerned about player confrontations with fans? (28:42) -Do Warriors look vulnerable t...Show More
Westbrook troubles, Taunting fans, Magic's Lakers, Foles + Dak

1:05:18 | Mar 12th

-Should NBA discipline Westbrook for last night's altercation? (00:19) -Issue with fans taunting stars? (14:05) -Think the Warriors are vulnerable? (19:43) -Does Dak deserve more money than Foles? (27:39) -Are Ravens putting too much pressure on ...Show More
AB trade, LeBron movement?, Social media issues, Raiders' future

43:42 | Mar 11th

-Did AB's trade and new contract help or hurt NFL players? (00:17) -Would it be good for NFL if players were empowered like NBA stars? (14:48) -Should LA actually explore trading LeBron? (16:43) -Current players may be more concerned with social m...Show More
Kyler's character, LeBron's new record, Kyrie's well-being

1:06:14 | Mar 7th

-Fair to scrutinize Kyler Murray's character? (00:20) -Should Kevin Murray's history affect son Kyler's draft stock? (12:11) -Should Cam have shut it down earlier last season? (19:42) -Should Cam stop running the ball? (20:46) -Le'Veon Bell tries...Show More
LeBron v. Kobe, Kyler's issues, Female coaches in NFL?

1:06:33 | Mar 6th

-Will female coaches be good for football? (00:20) -Concerns raised about Kyler Murray. (18:37) -Has this season put LeBron behind Kobe in G.O.A.T. conversation? (27:25) -Did last night's blowout say more about the Celtics or Warriors? (52:10) -B...Show More
Weekly Rewind 2/25 - 3/1

1:37:00 | Mar 6th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Still LeBron's Lakers?, Dak's future, Chiefs trades, Massive money

1:06:29 | Mar 6th

-Is the war against black QBs officially over? (00:17) -Would Cowboys make a mistake giving Dak $27-30M per year? (10:53) -Has LeBron already lost Los Angeles? (16:02) -Could Gregg Popovich fix the Lakers? (25:29) -Does massive money make stars d...Show More
#1 NFL Draft pick, LeBron struggles, AB's future, NBA changes

1:07:08 | Mar 5th

-Who should Cards take #1 overall: Murray or Bosa? (00:17) -AB talks about his future and Big Ben. (15:07) -Jerry Jones anxious for another Super Bowl ASAP. (22:59) -Will this year hurt LBJ's chances of landing another star this offseason? (35:00)...Show More
Celtics' problem?, AD benched, Witten returns, Females in football

1:06:17 | Feb 28th

-What does Witten want more: back in football, or out of broadcasting? (00:19) -Will Witten's return actually help Dallas? (5:16) -Irresponsible to celebrate Toni Harris signing college football letter of intent? (11:10) -Think we'll ever see a fe...Show More
LeBron still G.O.A.T.?, Foles to free agency, Manning returns

1:06:12 | Feb 27th

-Is LeBron still the best player in the NBA? (00:21) -Will this season's criticism fuel LeBron moving forward? (8:01) -Who's handling disappointing season worse: LeBron or Kyrie? (20:15) -Giants confirm Eli Manning will be QB next season; good or ...Show More
LeBron + Lakers' chemistry, Kyrler's draft stock, Kaepernick's salary demand

1:04:11 | Feb 26th

-Has LeBron become bored with basketball? (00:19) -Would Antonio Brown fix Cam Newton? (17:27) -Problem with Colin Kaepernick's salary demand? (24:26) -Murray up to 206 pounds; think this will hurt his draft stock? (43:14) -Could LeBron have "kil...Show More
Frustrated LeBron, NBA draft age, Ole Miss players

49:08 | Feb 26th

-Buying Jordy's defense of Aaron? (00:10) -Issue with LeBron continually calling out teammates? (6:33) -Issues with NBA proposing to lower draft age? (29:21) -Ole Miss takes a knee. (37:10) -Frustrated LeBron talks to his team. (46:51)
Weekly Rewind 2/18 - 2/22

1:25:47 | Feb 23rd

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Zion injury, LeBron's playoffs, Responsibility of college coaches, Steelers saga

1:06:51 | Feb 21st

-Should Coach K sit Zion for the rest of the season? (00:20) -Should college coaches be responsible for dismantling NCAA amateurism? (9:23) -LeBron talks playoffs. (15:48) -GM defends Big Ben criticizing teammates. (23:17) -Does excessive wealth ...Show More
LeBron + Kyrie, Kaepernick's accomplishments, Jones + Garrett

1:06:54 | Feb 21st

-Does AB's trade demand say more about him or Big Ben? (00:21) -Trust between Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett? (14:56) -Kyrie says he's "going to be that guy like [LeBron]". (25:32) -Would NCAA and NBA both benefit from requiring athletes to stay at...Show More
Kaepernick returns to NFL?, Lakers' future, Steelers' mess, KD's legacy

1:06:11 | Feb 19th

-Who do you think won the settlement: NFL or Kaepernick? (00:21) -Did the settlement clear a path for Kaepernick to successfully return to the NFL? (10:07) -Who is to blame for mess in Pittsburgh: Management or Stars? (22:04) -Would Lakers actuall...Show More
Weekly Rewind 2/11 - 2/15

1:25:44 | Feb 16th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Lakers' "virus", LeBron's adversity, Westbrook's talent, OBJ + AB moves

1:06:29 | Feb 15th

-Russ' thoughts on his talent and mindset. (00:21) -Who or what is the "virus" affecting the Lakers? (20:26) -Would either OBJ or AB be a good fit for Patriots? (28:23) -How has LeBron handled adversity throughout the year? (44:40) -Agree with Da...Show More
LeBron's weakness?, Elway's trade, Murray rumors, Celtics sans Kyrie?

1:05:10 | Feb 13th

-Will the season be a failure if the Lakers miss playoffs? (00:24) -Agree with Whitlock that LeBron's weakness is handling adversity? (10:49) -Smart of Elway to trade for Joe Flacco? (19:55) -Are Cardinals mishandling Kyler Murray rumors? (27:40) ...Show More
Kaepernick chats, AB is out, Harden + Westbrook, Murray to NFL

1:06:39 | Feb 12th

-Should Colin Kaepernick play in the AAF? (00:25) -Think Kaepernick prefers being a 'symbol' instead of a football player? (10:43) -Should playoff contending teams stay away from AB? (18:46) -Impressed by Harden's and Westbrook's streaks? (27:35) ...Show More
Browns gain Hunt, Dak's deal, Simmons' guidance, AAF details

1:06:25 | Feb 11th

-Kareem Hunt to Cleveland Browns. (00:12) -Panthers sign Eric Reid to 3-year deal worth more than $22M. (9:00) -Should Dak follow the Tom Brady blueprint and sign team-friendly deal? (14:46) -Is Ben Simmons' lack of outside shooting a concern? (37...Show More
Weekly Rewind 2/4 - 2/8

1:32:25 | Feb 9th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Running backs value, LAbron's Lakers, Anthony Davis future, NFL coaches

1:05:50 | Feb 8th

-After the Super Bowl are star running backs overrated? (:21) -The LeBron led Lakers took down the Celtics in Boston. (17:54) -What is Anthony Davis's future? (26:47) -Are player friendly coaches overrated? (43:24) -Will Kyler Murray end up in th...Show More
LeBron as management?, LaVar's thoughts, KD lashes out

1:07:50 | Feb 7th

-Unreasonable for LeBron and other stars to want the same power as management? (00:22) -Have athletes gone overboard playing the victim card? (15:23) -Will attacks on Walton hurt Lonzo's relationship with his coach? (21:48) -Who's really running t...Show More
LeBron's toxic environment, "Rams Island", Big Baller Brand

1:05:47 | Feb 6th

-Is being an only child part of the reason a toxic environment follows LeBron? (00:21) -More confident in Steve Ballmer/Jerry West or Jeanie Buss/Magic? (19:47) -Should teams still take a chance on Antonio Brown? (29:27) -Is Big Baller Brand finis...Show More
Magic's Lakers, Pats v. Warriors, Eagles locker room

1:04:57 | Feb 6th

-Concerned the obsession over AD will sink LeBron's Lakers? (00:19) -Has Magic lost track of LeBron and agent Rich Paul? (14:18) -Eagles discuss locker room pros and cons. (17:18) -More unlikeable dynasty: Pats or Warriors? (27:35) -What defines ...Show More
Entertaining Super Bowl?, LeBron sits out, Brady v. Jordan?, McVay falls

1:05:46 | Feb 4th

-Were you entertained by Super Bowl LIII? (00:19) -Did last night take some of the shine off Sean McVay? (16:42) -Is Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman a legit Hall of Fame candidate? (32:48) -James sits out loss to Warriors due to "load management". (...Show More
Weekly Rewind 1/28 - 2/1

1:29:19 | Feb 2nd

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Super Bowl Sunday, LeBron returns, Kyrie's thoughts, Jerry Jones' decisions

1:02:07 | Feb 1st

-Agree with Whitlock that Rams will dominate Patriots? (00:16) -Issue with Kyrie's attitude toward free agency? (14:58) -Kyrie backtracks on commitment to Boston. (20:21) -LeBron is back; can Lakers make some noise in the playoffs? (27:25) -Can S...Show More
Brady/LeBron, AD sitting out?, Kaepernick possibilities, Rams model

1:05:15 | Jan 31st

-Who has been better for their sport: Tom Brady or LeBron James? (00:18) -Should other teams follow the Rams model of adding high-profile players in the offseason? (19:02) -Pelicans may consider sitting Anthony Davis for entire season. (25:40) -Do...Show More
Patriots hate, Anthony Davis fined, NFL trolling

1:05:43 | Jan 30th

-Many are hating on the Patriots. (00:19) -Think Sean Payton was trolling the commissioner today? (19:34) -Anthony Davis fined $50K for public trade demand by agent. (26:15) -Could adding AD actually hurt LeBron? (31:50) -Maroon 5's Super Bowl ne...Show More
Trash talk turmoil, Ref issues, NBA trade deadline, Arrogant Pats?

1:04:51 | Jan 29th

-Will Robey-Coleman's trash talk have a negative impact on Rams? (00:21) -NFL admits refs "mistakenly" didn't call P.I. in NFC Championship game. (17:38) -Are Magic and LeBron on the same page as trade deadline looms? (24:25) -Will Magic Johnson b...Show More
LeBron's Lakers, AD trade, Brady's age, Pro Bowl future?

1:04:43 | Jan 29th

-Think Anthony Davis joins LeBron's Lakers before the trade deadline? (00:21) -Would adding AD make Lakers a threat to Warriors the season? (15:53) -Will Drew Brees' letter end NFC Championship controversy? (20:24) -Has age really "taken a toll" o...Show More
Weekly Rewind 1/21 - 1/25

2:05:29 | Jan 26th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
LeBron's season, Saints controversy, NBA All-Star Game, "Hall of Famer" Edelman?

1:06:36 | Jan 25th

-Does Roger Goodell owe Saints a public apology? (00:17) -Should Drew Brees tell "Who Dat" Nation to stand down on no-call controversy? (7:28) -Is Julian Edelman a "Hall of Famer"? (17:39) -Should LeBron James shut it down for the season? (32:13) ...Show More
Brady's legacy, Cowboys + Beasley, Impressive Harden?, Saints' complaints

1:06:24 | Jan 25th

-Are the Saints' complaints getting out of hand? (00:20) -Should Steelers try to repair relationship with AB? (17:25) -Impressed by James Harden's recent offensive tear? (26:50) -Would it enhance Tom Brady's legacy to go out on top? (44:28) -Whos...Show More
Brady is beatable?, NFL OT rules, Zion's future, True NFL talent

1:07:48 | Jan 24th

-Are slot receivers like Edelman & Beasley more valuable than stars like Antonio Brown and OBJ? (00:20) -Is Tom Brady "definitely beatable"? (22:13) -Is Zion Williamson a lock to be a NBA star? (26:55) -Should NFL consider changing overtime rules?...Show More
Saints sore losers?, LeBron's Lakers, KD's advice, Wentz's future

1:07:11 | Jan 22nd

-Are the Saints sore losers for continuing to complain about missed PI call? (00:20) -Believe there was a real rift between Belichick and Brady? (16:06) -Should LeBron's Lakers acquire Carmelo Anthony? (26:06) -KD challenged Draymond Green to bett...Show More
Pats/Rams to SB, Brady v. Belichick, Payton's loss?, Rams' tainted win?

1:06:28 | Jan 22nd

-Did last night prove Belichick is better than Brady? (00:20) -Should NFL expand instant replay to fix officiating mistakes? (16:07) -Blame Sean Payton for Saints loss? (27:27) -Who has the edge in this matchup: Pats or Rams? (36:09) -Will Andy R...Show More
Weekly Rewind 1/14 - 1/18

1:34:05 | Jan 19th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
LeBron + Kyrie, Zion's next step, Phony attitudes?, More Steelers drama

1:04:54 | Jan 18th

-Is the 'phony underdog attitude' a bad look for Tom Brady's Pats? (00:20) -Mistake for Steelers to give Big Ben more stability than Tomlin? (15:09) -Think Kyrie regrets leaving LeBron? (23:09) -What should Zion's next step be? (30:03) -Better st...Show More
Kap's thoughts, Warriors are back?, Kuzma troubles, AB hesitation?

1:04:52 | Jan 17th

-Kaepernick shares his thoughts. (00:20) -More intimidating: KC's offensive weapons or Belichick's defensive mind? (14:29) -Did last night's win wash away worries about the Warriors? (24:24) -Kuzma prematurely brags about win over Twitter during t...Show More
QB gurus, Brady v. Mahomes, Walton's job?, Murray's choice

1:05:27 | Jan 16th

-Is NFL too obsessed with QB gurus as head coaches? (10:06) -Who would you rather have: Brady or Mahomes? (19:48) -Is Luke Walton in danger of losing his job? (29:32) -Which 'Sean' would you rather have this weekend: McVay or Payton? (47:28) -Wou...Show More
GOAT Brady?, Rams most dominant?, Foles v. Wentz, NFL head coaches

1:03:34 | Jan 14th

-Is Brady the greatest athlete of his generation? (00:22) -Were the Rams the most dominant team this weekend? (18:03) -Trust Andy Reid to take Chiefs to the SB? (25:34) -Is Foles actually a better fit for the Eagles than Carson Wentz? (32:36) -Mo...Show More
Weekly Rewind 1/7 - 1/11

1:09:37 | Jan 12th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Cowboys/Rams, Reid's Chiefs, Vintage Brady, Eagles/Saints, KD troubles continue

1:03:50 | Jan 11th

-Cowboys face Rams this weekend in NFL divisional round. (00:18) -Think Andy Reid's Chiefs will choke again? (15:13) -Expect to see a vintage Brady performance this weekend? (23:16) -Does blowout loss actually give Eagles the emotional edge this w...Show More
McVay overhyped?, Brady v. Rivers, Kuzma on Lakers

1:04:08 | Jan 10th

-Is Sean McVay overhyped? (00:19) -Chances Cowboys pull off the upset? (15:50) -Is Rivers actually better than Brady right now? (19:04) -Can Colts hang with the Chiefs in a shootout? (27:27) -Cardinals have thoughts on trades and draft picks. (34...Show More
NFL hires, Playoff Matchups, Steelers' culture, KD caliber

1:04:21 | Jan 9th

-Will the Cardinals regret hiring Kingsbury? (00:21) -Browns promote Kitchens to HC. (14:34) -Did Elway make the right move with the Broncos new hire? (19:57) -Who does this game mean more for: Dak Prescott or Jared Goff? (28:21) -Can Mike Tomlin...Show More
'Bama falls, McVay v. Garrett, Mahomes' playoff debut, Harden's success

1:05:54 | Jan 9th

-Has the playoff ruined college football? (00:19) -Should Trevor Lawrence be allowed to enter the NFL Draft? (13:42) -Will Mahomes deliver in playoff debut Saturday? (18:42) -Who is under more pressure: Sean McVay or Jason Garrett? (29:47) -Kliff...Show More
Cowboys continue, Foles' future, Jackson v. Flacco

1:05:02 | Jan 7th

-Should Lamar Jackson have been benched for Joe Flacco? (00:20) -Confident Jackson is the Ravens QB of the future? (12:09) -Did this weekend change your opinion on Dak Prescott? (18:15) -Is Foles clearly the best QB for the Eagles? (28:00) -Can t...Show More
Weekly Rewind 12/31/2018 - 1/4/2019

1:26:14 | Jan 5th

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
SB run, Wild-card games, Weak Warriors?, Trubisky's Bears?

1:04:38 | Jan 4th

-More important to Cowboys success: Dak or Zeke? (00:12) -More confident in Russell Wilson or Cowboys defense? (7:53) -Favre believes Eagles could make another SB run. (13:12) -Any chance Jason Garrett outcoaches Pete Carroll? (19:50) -Will Mitch...Show More
Dak doubters, Lamar's confidence, Giants' Eli?, Harden's focus

1:04:42 | Jan 3rd

-Dak has thoughts on doubters. (00:13) -Was Tom Brady a top-5 QB this season? (7:15) -Like Lamar Jackson's confidence heading into first playoff game? (13:25) -Does Jason Garrett need to win this week to save his job? (23:39) -Who would you rathe...Show More
Cowboys worst in playoffs?, Rockets issues?, Young Jackson, Foles v. Bears

1:04:51 | Jan 2nd

-Should Steelers move on from AB? (00:13) -USA Today claims Cowboys are the worst team in the playoffs. (15:56) -Can Bears defense put an end to Foles' magic? (23:40) -Lamar Jackson to be youngest QB to start NFL playoff game. (29:54) -More confi...Show More
LeBron's thoughts, Elway's Broncos, $20.9M Winston, NFL firings

1:04:14 | Jan 1st

-Big Ben and AB difficulties lead to suspension. (00:13) -Does John Elway get a pass for Broncos' struggles? (14:29) -Bigger impact this season: Baker or Lamar? (21:44) -8 head coach vacancies currently in the NFL. (29:43) -Bucs pick up $20.9M op...Show More
Cowboys caliber, Vikings collapse, Foles magic, Pats potential

44:21 | Dec 31st, 2018

-More to prove this postseason: Dak Prescott or Jason Garrett? (00:26) -Does Kirk Cousins deserve all the blame for the Vikings collapse? (7:17) -Think Big Ben and Mike Tomlin can coexist next season? (13:22) -Expect Pats to return to the SB? (22:...Show More
Weekly Rewind 12/24 - 12/28

1:30:16 | Dec 29th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Pats to playoffs?, Baker/Hue, NFL MVP, Kyler's choice

1:03:21 | Dec 28th, 2018

-Does Baker need to squash his beef with Hue Jackson? (6:25) -Worried about Pats limping into playoffs? (12:5) -Vikings and Eagles need big wins this weekend. (20:33) -NFL MVP: Brees or Mahomes? (26:30) -More likely to get upset this weekend: Bam...Show More
Misunderstood Baker?, U.S. youth basketball, Lawler's Clippers, Lamar v. Baker

1:05:29 | Dec 27th, 2018

-Does Baker get a pass for his antics? (00:19) -Think Cousins will deliver for Vikings this weekend? (17:30) -More impressive season: Baker or Lamar? (28:03) -Ralph Lawler talks about his 40 seasons with the Clippers. (32:46) -Mark Cuban critical...Show More
NFL's MVP, Lamar Jackson, Brady injury?, Worried about the Warriors?, NBA recruiting

1:06:32 | Dec 26th, 2018

-Who is this seasons NFL MVP, Drew Brees or Pat Mahomes? (:16) -Is Lamar Jackson getting too much credit for his winning record? (13:03) -Has father time finally caught up with Tom Brady? (25:07) -Should the Warriors be worried after getting blown...Show More
Christmas Day Special

37:00 | Dec 25th, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Speak For Yourself! Here are some of the best moments from the year. Enjoy!
Steelers/Tomlin, Mahomes/Wilson duel, Dak or Lamar?, Foles magic

1:04:26 | Dec 24th, 2018

-Is Mike Tomlin to blame for the Steelers losing ways? (00:22) -Who has a better chance to succeed in the playoffs, Russell Wilson or Pat Mahomes? (13:51) -Would you take Lamar Jackson over Dak Prescott? (22:06) -Can Nick Foles recapture the magic...Show More
Weekly Rewind 12/17 - 12/21

1:44:08 | Dec 22nd, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Panthers without Cam, Gordon gone, Big Ben's caliber, LeBron on Lakers

1:07:00 | Dec 20th, 2018

-Should the Panthers start to prepare for life after Cam? (00:21) -Pats criticized for taking a chance on Josh Gordon. (15:45) -Big Ben's caliber is in question. (32:49) -Are Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes equally dangerous? (40:20) -LeBron sh...Show More
Cowboys blown out, Pats fall, Rams worried?, Baker Rookie of the Year?

1:03:31 | Dec 17th, 2018

-Are the Pats still the team to beat in the AFC? (3:20) -Concerned about Cowboys after blowout loss? (13:04) -Does Foles' success make Wentz look bad? (20:25) -Biggest concern for the Rams? (27:25) -Alarming that ex-Packers continue to call out A...Show More
Chargers over Chiefs, NFL MVP, Cowboys/Colts, Harden carries Rockets

1:07:35 | Dec 14th, 2018

-Rivers leads Chargers to last-second comeback win over Chiefs. (3:53) -Did MVP race open up after Chiefs loss last night? (15:53) -Who has more to prove: Dak or Luck? (25:23) -Bad for NBA that average players make superstar money? (33:03) -Harde...Show More
Chargers/Chiefs, Reid's rap, Favre as coach?

1:04:57 | Dec 13th, 2018

-Do the Chargers have a shot against the Chiefs tonight? (00:19) -Does Andy Reid get a bad rap? (14:37) -Would Brett Favre be a good head coach for the Packers? (24:30) -Can drama-riddled Steelers actually beat the Pats? (34:02) -Are NBA players ...Show More
Cocky Cowboys?, Dak's success, Wentz out?, Lamar's Ravens, KD talks the GOAT

1:05:04 | Dec 12th, 2018

-Are Jerry Jones and the Cowboys getting too cocky? (00:18) -Will Dak be the Cowboys' Achilles' heel? (9:30) -Starting to get concerned about Carson Wentz? (14:01) -Ravens go all-in on Lamar Jackson as QB. (26:59) -Giannis turns down workouts wit...Show More
Super Bowl contenders, LBJ + DWade respect, Overvalued QBs

1:04:54 | Dec 12th, 2018

-Are quarterbacks overvalued? (00:19) -Did last night prove Cousins isn't worth his $84M contract? (4:16) -Which team do you take more seriously: Seattle or Dallas? (15:57) -Can a defense-first team still win the Super Bowl? (21:55) -Tomlin tries...Show More
Cowboys defeat Eagles, Lamar's loss?, 'The Patriot Way', Steelers struggles

1:04:22 | Dec 10th, 2018

-Are Big Ben and Tomlin to blame for the Steelers' poor performance? (00:18) -Did Steelers overlook Raiders yesterday? (9:33) -Sold on Dak after yesterday's win against Eagles? (17:22) -Did Mahomes lock up MVP after win in OT yesterday? (26:44) -...Show More
Weekly Rewind 12/3 - 12/7

1:44:17 | Dec 8th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Lamar's Ravens, Dallas v. Philly, Heisman contenders, LeBron + Melo

1:07:17 | Dec 7th, 2018

-Will Lamar Jackson lead Ravens to victory over Chiefs? (00:18) -Was Derrick Henry's the greatest run in NFL history? (14:15) -Dak has thoughts on this Sunday's matchup against Philly. (22:24) -Talks on disciplining kids as athletes. (32:31) -LeB...Show More
Rodgers' potential, Dallas v. Philly, LeBron criticized, Cam's struggles

1:07:19 | Dec 6th, 2018

-Is Aaron Rodgers reaching his full potential? (00:16) -Will Dallas choke against Philly? (17:07) -Did critical comments fuel LeBron last night? (25:51) -Do we undervalue the impact of football on young men? (35:49) -Is Cam's shoulder a legit exc...Show More
Prescott v. Wentz, MVP candidates, Run-pass ratio

1:06:12 | Dec 5th, 2018

-Are Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz on the same level of caliber? (00:18) -Expect Dallas to have a "Super Bowl hangover" against Philly on Sunday? (12:08) -Crazy to think Aaron Donald is a MVP candidate? (15:38) -Will LeBron get a superstar to play...Show More
Eagles flying or falling?, Meyer to NFL?, Steelers issues

1:06:08 | Dec 4th, 2018

-Blame Eagles egos for poor play this season? (00:20) -Can Philly beat Dallas Sunday after last night's game? (10:00) -Should Urban Meyer pursue an NFL job? (13:52) -How should NFL handle Hunt situation moving forward? (22:17) -Wilder maintains h...Show More
Packers scapegoat, OBJ's effort, CFB Playoff, NFL MVP?

1:04:16 | Dec 3rd, 2018

-Is Big Ben a bad leader? (00:17) -Issue with Packers firing McCarthy midseason? (18:02) -Will Rodgers' legacy be scarred? (24:11) -Sold on Lamar Jackson as the Ravens starter? (27:43) -Does OBJ deserve to have his effort questioned? (33:55) -Ca...Show More
Weekly Rewind 11/26 - 11/30

1:16:11 | Dec 1st, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Saints fall hard, Sherman + Wilson, Magic joins in, Kap back in media

1:04:40 | Nov 30th, 2018

-Whitlock claims Jerry built the right team with the wrong QB. (00:18) -Think less of Saints after 13-10 loss to Cowboys? (16:06) -Richard Sherman discusses his relationship with Russell Wilson. (32:53) -Magic denies report that LeBron ignores Wal...Show More
Dak v. Saints, Jones good for Cowboys?, Baker/Hue saga, Luke + LeBron

1:02:53 | Nov 29th, 2018

-Dak faces Saints tonight. (00:18) -Is outspoken Jerry Jones actually good for the Cowboys? (25:35) -Does Baker look immature for his lack of regret for calling Hue fake? (33:31) -Which NFL team has the best rookie? (40:48) -Luke Walton's days wi...Show More
LeBron's style of play, Big Ben criticizes, OBJ's deal, Baker's background

1:05:45 | Nov 28th, 2018

-Did Redskins make a mistake adding Reuben Foster? (00:20) -Big Ben thinks he "earned the right" to criticize teammates. (16:07) -Should Giants regret signing OBJ to a long-term deal? (27:53) -Columnist claims Baker's background led him to disresp...Show More
J.J. Watt's world, Pressure on Dak?, Jackson v. Flacco, Texans over Titans

1:04:48 | Nov 27th, 2018

-Are the Texans legitimate SB contenders? (00:16) -Is J.J. Watt the best dominant defensive player in the NFL? (8:30) -Flacco or Jackson for starting QB? (14:06) -Should Dak feel added pressure heading into the matchup vs Saints? (23:34) -Is comp...Show More
Rodgers falls, Rivers leads to victory, OSU takes MICH, Pop downplays Kawhi

1:04:18 | Nov 26th, 2018

*FREE SiriusXM content NOW through November 26th: -Is Aaron Rodgers as much to blame for Packers' struggles as Mike McCarthy? (00:19) -Big Ben throws late interception as PIT loses to DEN. (15:01) -Rivers leads Chargers...Show More
Weekly Rewind 11/19 - 11/23

1:19:14 | Nov 24th, 2018

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Reid's Chiefs, Rodgers family drama, Mich/OSU, LeBron visits CLE

1:05:06 | Nov 21st, 2018

*FREE SiriusXM content NOW through November 26th: -Will Andy Reid cost the Chiefs the playoffs? (00:18) -Brother publicly criticizes Aaron Rodgers. (14:43) -Who carries the Cowboys more: Garrett or Prescott? (26:38) -W...Show More
Brees for MVP, Jerry's Cowboys, Lamar's playing style, Warriors fall

1:04:27 | Nov 19th, 2018

*FREE SiriusXM content NOW through November 26th: -Drew Brees is the favorite to win MVP. (00:19) -Has Jerry built a true playoff contender in the Cowboys? (15:49) -Is Lamar Jackson's style of play sustainable? (23:07) ...Show More
Weekly Rewind 11/12 - 11/16

1:22:34 | Nov 17th, 2018

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Goodbye Bell, Packers/Seahawks, Draymond drama, NFL MVP

1:05:46 | Nov 16th, 2018

*FREE SiriusXM content NOW through November 26th: -Have Steelers handled Le'Veon drama poorly? (00:25) -Should Rodgers or Wilson feel better about their team's future? (13:23) -Draymond Green admits his emotions got the...Show More
Bell out for season?, Jones' Cowboys, Draymond drama, Injured Tua

1:07:29 | Nov 15th, 2018

-Will Le'Veon Bell regret skipping the entire season? (00:22) -Has Jerry Jones set the Cowboys up for a bright future? (15:32) -Is Draymond Green still worth the hassle? (26:46) -Brady wants to play better. (38:36) -Saban has no plans to sit inju...Show More
Cowboys defeat Eagles, Rams rise, Pats fall, Melo on the move?

1:06:57 | Nov 12th, 2018

-Cowboys still don't have the right coach or QB. (00:17) -Did the Cowboys' win give you more confidence in the Garrett/Prescott era? (3:44) -Wentz feels the pain after loss against Cowboys. (16:08) -Time to write off the Eagles as contenders? (18:...Show More
Weekly Rewind 11/5 - 11/9

2:19:50 | Nov 10th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Steelers have AFC?, Amari's Cowboys, Warriors lose, Dez injured?

1:05:15 | Nov 10th, 2018

-Are Steelers the best in the AFC? (00:18) -Think Bell's return would disrupt Steelers' season? (14:11) -Is Eric Reid being unfairly targeted? (21:47) -What kind of impact will Amari have on the Cowboys? (28:34) -Warriors faced worst home loss la...Show More
Starting McCaffrey, Cryptic Bell, Lakers bounce back, Zion is new LBJ?

1:05:05 | Nov 9th, 2018

-McCaffrey is the only white starting running back in the NFL. (00:20) -Le'Veon Bell releases cryptic, upside-down tweet. (13:09) -Who is behind "the plot to destroy football"? (23:23) -Are Lakers bouncing back? (38:10) -Is Derrick Rose's resurge...Show More
Saints sign Dez?, Hue Jackson's record, Duke's star freshmen

1:03:48 | Nov 7th, 2018

-Hue Jackson discusses his 3-36-1 record with Browns. (00:20) -Saints to sign Dez Bryant to 1-year deal Thursday. (19:57) -Should Ravens switch to Lamar Jackson at QB? (35:25) -Could Duke's star freshmen hang with Michigan's "Fab Five"? (38:16) -...Show More
Cowboys issues, Bell saga cont'd, Elway believes, Kyrie's frustration

1:05:05 | Nov 6th, 2018

-Bigger problem for Cowboys: Prescott or Garrett? (00:17) -Is Jerry Jones the real problem in Dallas? (15:20) -The Le'Veon Bell saga continues. (25:13) -John Elway still believes in Vance Joseph. (33:22) -Does race play a factor with Elway? (41:1...Show More
Brady's win?, QB Brees, TD celebrations, LeBron out partying

1:05:51 | Nov 6th, 2018

-Was last night's win more about Belichick or Brady? (00:17) -Is Drew Brees the NFL's best QB right now? (12:37) -Saints take down previously undefeated Rams 45-35. (21:40) -Amari Cooper makes debut with Cowboys tonight. (28:56) -With or against ...Show More
Weekly Rewind 10/29 - 11/2

1:21:37 | Nov 3rd, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Jon Gruden, Rams vs. Saints, LeBron and Lakers, Celtics a threat?

1:06:30 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Is the Jon Gruden hiring the dumbest sports decision of all time? (00:21) Better duo: McVay/Goff or Payton/Brees? (15:40) Should LeBron and the Lakers be concerned with their slow start? (29:38) How lack of defense in the NBA could be a good thing...Show More
Raiders' Gruden, Brady v. Rodgers, T.O. tonight, Rose is back

1:03:23 | Nov 1st, 2018

-Gruden's performance as head coach of Raiders. (00:19) -Is Belichick the main reason Brady has been more successful than Rodgers? (12:55) -How will T.O. handle tonight's ceremony? (20:55) -Is Reid too concerned with self promotion? (25:49) -Mary...Show More
Cowboys' Cooper, Packers trades, Butler's season start

1:05:26 | Oct 31st, 2018

-Should Maryland football coach, DJ Durkin, resign? (00:19) -Jerry Jones says Cooper trade is meant to help Prescott. (16:35) -Is Cam getting enough respect? (23:44) -Packers trade Ty Montgomery and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. (33:03) -Are African-America...Show More
Thomas and Tate on the move, Undefeated Rams, NBA stars get political

1:04:27 | Oct 30th, 2018

-Should Montgomery take more accountability for Packers' fumble? (00:19) -Texans acquire Thomas and Eagles acquire Tate. (18:44) -Bigger threat to undefeated Rams: Saints or Panthers? (23:14) -Did Le'Veon Bell blow his contract negotiation? (27:27...Show More
Browns make moves, Packers fumble, Red Sox win, Cavs fire Lue

1:04:14 | Oct 29th, 2018

-Browns fire head coach Hue Jackson; Gregg Williams to replace him in interim. (00:21) -Packers fall to Rams after Montgomery's fumble and more. (12:06) -Is Jameis Winston a bust? (26:39) -Issue with Garrett attending WS game during bye week? (34:...Show More
Weekly Rewind 10/22 - 10/26

1:26:45 | Oct 27th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Rodgers v. Rams, Blame Bortles?, Red Sox lineup, Meyer's last season?

1:05:36 | Oct 26th, 2018

-Too early to crown Watson-Mahomes the next Brady-Manning? (00:19) -Expect Cam to play well against Ravens top-ranked defense? (12:47) -Will Rodgers prevail against the undefeated Rams this weekend? (18:58) -Blame Bortles for all Jags' problems? (...Show More
NCAA hoops scandal, Derek Carr defended, Jay Glazer on set, World Series

1:03:22 | Oct 25th, 2018

-Why are high-profile stars being quiet during the NCAA hoops trial? (00:14) -Some of Derek Carr's teammates have come to his defense. (14:44) -FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer on set discussing the biggest NFL storylines. (26:27) -The Red Sox have take...Show More
Red Sox take Game 1, CP3 catches hate, Griffin is back!

1:07:08 | Oct 24th, 2018

-Is NFL's offensive explosion changing the league for the better? (00:18) -Who should Steelers want more: Bell or Peterson? (17:28) -Dodgers fall to Red Sox in Game 1 of WS. (30:29) -Chris Paul continues to catch hate. (34:07) -Blake Griffin is b...Show More
Manning in media, Carr's rep, Dodgers/Red Sox

1:04:15 | Oct 23rd, 2018

-Is Eli Manning unfairly criticized by media? (00:19) -Does Cowboys' trade put more pressure on Dak or Garrett? (13:22) -Is Derek Carr's crying really a reputation buster? (19:04) -Still confident Lakers are a playoff team? (26:30) -NFL & NBA are...Show More
LeBron v. Rondo?, Cowboys trade, Low OKC record

1:06:04 | Oct 23rd, 2018

-Will LeBron and Rondo have issues all season? (00:18) -Cowboys trade first round pick for WR Cooper. (14:55) -Reid calls Jenkins a "sellout". (27:34) -OKC starts with worst record in Thunder history. (40:31) -Agree with Raptors' message to fans?...Show More
Weekly Rewind 10/15 - 10/19

1:39:30 | Oct 20th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Lakers patience, Pressure on Dak, Rihanna at SB, Double threat Cam

1:03:23 | Oct 19th, 2018

-LeBron stresses patience after loss last night. (00:15) -Mistake for Jalen Ramsey to tone down trash talk? (14:08) -Is Jones putting too much pressure on Dak? (22:05) -Is Cam Newton really a double threat in rushing and passing? (28:10) -Rihanna...Show More
Laker LeBron, Rivers v. Mahomes, Machado's rep, Pitino on Twitter

1:03:01 | Oct 18th, 2018

-Whitlock says LeBron's first season with Lakers will be an epic failure. (00:22) -Is Oakland actually "tanking"? (14:10) -Belichick says Mack is not in Lawrence Taylor's class. (21:04) -Is Rivers a real threat to Mahomes? (25:06) -Blame Elway fo...Show More
Burfict battle, Mara + Manning, Butler trade?

42:01 | Oct 17th, 2018

-Does Vontaze Burfict deserve all the criticism he's getting? (00:18) -John Mara still believes in Eli Manning. (16:45) -Dodgers' Machado plays dirty against Brewers. (19:20) -Celtics take 76ers in season opener 105-87. (22:56) -Timberwolves are ...Show More
Packers prevail, Mara knocks OBJ, NBA season start, Drake/LeBron

1:03:44 | Oct 16th, 2018

-Packers come back to defeat 49ers 33-30. (00:18) -Mara calls out OBJ. (10:34) -Steelers rally around Brown and condemn Burfict. (18:16) -GSW faces OKC in regular season start of NBA. (24:46) -Drake joins LeBron's show "The Shop" to talk Kanye. (...Show More
The Great Tom Brady, Cowboys silence Ramsey, Bell/Steelers saga

1:04:31 | Oct 15th, 2018

-Is Tom Brady the greatest athlete of this era? (00:17) -Did Cowboys fix their issues or are Jags just a mess? (20:56) -Would addition of Bell make Steelers a real threat in AFC? (25:38) -Gruden to blame for disastrous Raiders' start? (30:48) -NF...Show More
Weekly Rewind 10/8 - 10/12

1:45:31 | Oct 13th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Odell Beckham, Cowboys, Champs are back?, Saquon the star, Jimmy Butler

1:04:57 | Oct 12th, 2018

-Odell Beckham Jr. is unlike any receiver we've ever seen. (00:19) -Do the Cowboys regret ditching Tony Romo? (15:02) -Who is more important to the Giants' future: Saquon or OBJ? (26:00) -John Smoltz previews the NLCS between the Dodgers and Brewe...Show More
Kaepernick trademark, Pats v. Mahomes, NCAA scandal, BBB v. Nike

1:06:34 | Oct 11th, 2018

-Kaepernick applies to trademark the image of his face and hair. (00:20) -Who is more desperate for the win: Giants or Eagles? (18:05) -Can the Pats silence Mahomes? (24:16) -Is Kevin Love right about LeBron? (29:17) -Butler rips Timberwolves fro...Show More
King Hollywood, Steelers saga, Jones/Dak, KD ditching GSW?

1:05:20 | Oct 10th, 2018

-Can Hollywood change LeBron? (00:19) -Mike Tomlin/Antonio Brown not seeing eye-to-eye? (17:47) -Jones continues to defend Dak's play as QB. (24:08) -OBJ claims nothing can come between him and his team. (28:57) -Does KD need to ditch Warriors to...Show More
Brees leads, OBJ wants out, Conor's done?, Brady talks trash

1:05:16 | Oct 9th, 2018

-Brees becomes NFL's all-time passing leader. (00:18) -Is OBJ trying to force a trade? (12:42) -Should Conor move on from MMA? (21:01) -Brady claims NFL looks more like college football. (24:13) -Blame Gruden for Derek Carr's struggles? (30:02) ...Show More
Garrett gone?, Khabib prevails, Eagles fall

43:08 | Oct 8th, 2018

-Should Jason Garrett be fired? (00:20) -Khabib defeats Conor before fighting McGregor's team. (11:21) -Will Khabib and Conor have a rematch? (16:55) -OBJ questions Eli and Giants offense. (20:55) -More impressive 5-0 team: Chiefs or Rams? (29:03...Show More
Weekly Rewind 10/1 - 10/5

1:17:31 | Oct 6th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Luck v. Pats tonight, Dodgers WS ready?, LBJ goals

44:50 | Oct 4th, 2018

-Can Luck pull off upset against Pats tonight? (00:23) -Can Dodgers get to the WS again this season? (11:53) -What's more important to LeBron: MVP or another title? (17:13) -Brees is on Peyton Manning's level. (25:01) -Jags may slow down Mahomes ...Show More
Giants/OBJ, Brady's retirement, KD free-agency

1:05:38 | Oct 3rd, 2018

-Bell is big winner in contract dispute with Steelers. (00:18) -Are the Giants stifling OBJ too much? (12:09) -Tom Brady's retirement. (19:12) -Should Cowboys want Dez back? (23:15) -Jones is "averse" to firing Garrett. (28:55) -KD on his free-a...Show More
Mahomes v. Elway, Bell's return, Passing records, LBJ/Walton

1:04:54 | Oct 2nd, 2018

-Is Mahomes comparable to Elway? (00:18) -Bell to return to Steelers during Wk 7 Bye? (12:10) -Kanye and Kaepernick are talking. (19:08) -4 QBs on pace to break Peyton Manning's single-season passing record. (22:07) -Should Elway regret signing C...Show More
Thomas/Seahawks, Dak/Zeke, Rodgers is upset

1:04:05 | Oct 1st, 2018

-Is Thomas foolish for being angry with the Seahawks? (00:19) -Zeke and Dak lead Cowboys to a win over Lions. (11:29) -Big Ben admits he needs to play better. (16:35) -Colts players "love" Reich's decision? (22:26) -Despite the win, Rodgers expre...Show More
Cousins, Zeke/Dak, Bell on Steelers, KD excuses

44:12 | Sep 27th, 2018

-Can Kirk Cousins validate his contract tonight with a win? (00:21) -Eric Reid signs 1-yr deal with Panthers. (9:52) -Has Zeke lost confidence in Dak? (19:46) -Ron Rivera thinks Cam's game has matured. (25:01) -Will Le'Veon play for the Steelers ...Show More
Jameis returns, ND v. Michigan, Roughing rule saga

45:14 | Sep 26th, 2018

-Jameis Winston suspension lifted. (00:19) -Does roughing rule need to be fixed? (16:41) -Witten mentions politics regarding roughing calls. (21:35) -Clemson QBs on the move. (26:52) -Despite loss to Notre Dame, could Michigan be the better team?...Show More
Chiefs top team, Pats suffer, Tiger wins

1:01:57 | Sep 25th, 2018

-Whitlock votes Chiefs as best in NFL currently. (00:18) -Pats suffer back-to-back double digit losses. (10:22) -Tiger wins first tour in 5 years. (19:59) -Matthews says NFL is "getting soft" as league defends roughing flags. (34:06) -Earl Thomas...Show More
Weekly Rewind 9/17 - 9/21

1:00:42 | Sep 22nd, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Cleveland's Baker/LeBron, Magic on Lonzo, Pat's Gordon

1:04:38 | Sep 21st, 2018

-Can Baker big a bigger star than LeBron in Cleveland? (00:19) -Peter King says Josh Gordon isn't worthy of Pats franchise. (12:54) -Magic doubles down on Lonzo hype. (17:54) -Dickerson under fire for proposed HOF boycott. (22:18) -Social media p...Show More
Belichick arrogance, Mavs' case, LeBron scare, OBJ/PEDs

1:05:19 | Sep 20th, 2018

-Belichick's arrogance is catching up to him. (00:22) -Did Antonio Brown hurt his image? (12:46) -Was Mark Cuban punished enough for Mavs' sexual harassment case? (18:19) -Is LeBron scaring away stars from joining Lakers? (24:44) -Stephen Jackson...Show More
HOF boycott, NFL foul calls, Mahomes praise

1:05:24 | Sep 20th, 2018

-Dickerson under fire for proposed HOF boycott. (00:24) -Brady and Belichick saga continues. (13:53) -Butler has requested trade from Timberwolves. (20:03) -Mavs' workplace guilty of sexual harassment. (23:37) -NFL foul calls are getting out of h...Show More
Seahawks struggle, Gordon to Pats, Wentz cleared

1:04:03 | Sep 18th, 2018

-Has Pete Carroll properly developed Russell Wilson? (00:20) -Antonio Brown did not report to Steelers on Monday. (11:03) -Josh Gordon to the Pats. (17:31) -Pro Football Hall of Famers threaten to boycott. (23:59) -Wentz medically cleared, will s...Show More
Cowboys win, Meyer issues, Vikings/Packers tie

1:04:22 | Sep 17th, 2018

-Vontae Davis retires in the middle of Bill's game. (00:20) -Urban Meyer asked about suspension issues. (13:40) -Steelers are a mess. (20:48) -Mahomes challenges Manning's record-setting season. (25:42) -Does Cowboys' win fix their problems? (30:...Show More
Weekly Rewind 9/10 - 9/14

1:48:06 | Sep 15th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
Jerry/Dez reunion, Brees/Baker, Manziel in CFL

1:04:08 | Sep 13th, 2018

-Will Jerry and Dez reunite? (00:20) -Are Raiders mishandling Derek Carr? (16:54) -Dak is on the hot seat in Dallas. (21:52) -Brees puts his faith in Baker. (27:35) -Do Steelers' distractions reflect poorly on Tomlin? (33:34) -Adrian Peterson th...Show More
9/12/18 - Jones talks Dak + Baker starting? + Dez Twitter issues

1:03:50 | Sep 12th, 2018

-Jerry Jones comments on Dak. (00:20) -Tomlin thinks social media is a waste of time. (12:26) -Will Browns start Baker this week? (19:15) -Brady won't share his top 5 QB list. (23:16) -What position should Lamar Jackson play? (37:18) -One more g...Show More
9/11/18 - Raider Nation struggles + US Open sexism + Wk 2 Rodgers

1:05:29 | Sep 11th, 2018

-Who is to blame for Raiders' struggles? (00:18) -Are the Rams the "Dream Team"? (12:13) -Rodgers may sit Wk 2. (24:51) -Carroll calls out Wilson for underperforming Wk 1. (29:33) -'Raider Nation' struggles with the Gruden era. (34:44) -Does Luc...Show More
9/10/18 - Marcellus joins SFY + Week 1 QBs + Rodgers injury

1:06:13 | Sep 10th, 2018

-Is Mack the Robin to Rodgers' Batman? (00:22) -More concerned about Big Ben or Dak? (13:52) -Pat Mahomes outperforms Deshaun Watson. (25:04) -Winston worried by Fitzpatrick's success in Wk 1? (30:35) -Serena's frustration over argument at US Ope...Show More
9/8/18 - Weekly Rewind 9/4 - 9/7

1:31:32 | Sep 8th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
9/7/2018 - Eagles win + OBJ v. Ramsey + Bell's negative impact

41:12 | Sep 7th, 2018

-Matt Ryan struggled against the Eagles last night. (00:09) -Tomlin thinks the Bell situation could affect the team. (12:48) -Better team leader: Dak or Cam? (21:09) -OBJ and Ramsey face off this Sunday. (27:08) -Will Jimmy G. deliver? (33:43) -...Show More
9/6/18 - Football is back! + SB Champs v. Falcons + Elway troubles

42:59 | Sep 6th, 2018

-Football is back! (00:09) -Steelers' players rip on Bell for continuing holdout. (15:48) -Defending champions Eagles host the Falcons tonight. (27:01) -Elway discusses difficulties with evaluating QBs. (35:46) -Rams tried to trade for Mack. (41:...Show More
9/5/18 - Nike's slogan + Faith in Foles? + Aging Brady

42:50 | Sep 5th, 2018

-Nike's slogan could be worse than Kaepernick kneeling. (00:09) -Bell continues holdout but Thomas reports to Seattle. (17:56) -Has Mike Tomlin actually underachieved with the Steelers? (25:18) -Should the Eagles have faith in Foles? (31:09) -Wil...Show More
9/4/18 - Marcellus Wiley joins SFY + Nike's Kaep ad + ND beats Michigan

41:54 | Sep 4th, 2018

-Kaepernick featured in Nike's new 'Just Do It' campaign. (00:39) -Agree with how Gruden handled Khalil Mack saga? (15:32) -Marcellus Wiley joins SFY as new co-host on Monday, September 10th. (23:56) -Michigan loses to Notre Dame. (31:33) -Saban ...Show More
9/1/18 - Weekly Rewind 8/27 - 8/31

1:27:56 | Sep 1st, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
8/31/18 - Donald extended + Kap's favor + Ramsey talks trash

42:40 | Aug 31st, 2018

-Packers should do whatever it takes to get Khalil Mack. (00:10) -Aaron Donald extended at 6-yr/$135M with Rams. (7:13) -Arbitrator rules in Kaepernick's favor. (13:12) -Jalen Ramsey trash talks Gronk. (20:20) -Will the Jordan brand drop Jimmy G....Show More
8/30/18 - Worshipping LeBron + Meyer's suspension + Bridgewater to Saints

41:54 | Aug 30th, 2018

-Whitlock claims LeBron prefers to be worshipped rather than challenged off court. (00:08) -Was Meyer's suspension harsh enough? (14:49) -Darnold starts but Baker plays backup. (21:45) -Should Rodgers demand Packers trade for Khalil Mack? (26:05) ...Show More
8/29/18 - LeBron's rep + OBJ's fame + Rodgers extends + NBA restrictions

43:45 | Aug 29th, 2018

-LeBron's 'The Shop' diminishes his brand and reputation. (0:04) -OBJ feels "like a zoo animal". (17:43) -Rodgers agrees to 4-yr/$134M extension with GB. (26:55) -Are 49ers worried about Richard Sherman's confidence? (30:12) -RGIII thinks he's ea...Show More
8/28/18 - OBJ extension + LeBron's HBO show + Jerry's thoughts

43:27 | Aug 28th, 2018

-Whitlock wants the NFL to survive and thrive. (00:13) -OBJ signs 5-yr/$95M extension with $65M guaranteed. (14:23) -Are Steelers sick of Le'Veon Bell? (20:51) -Jerry Jones wants to expand regular season to 18 games. (27:40) -Hue Jackson calls ou...Show More
8/27/18 - OBJ extended + Jimmy G loses edge? + Baker plays backup

43:01 | Aug 27th, 2018

-Is Brady's disdain for the media justified? (00:13) -Tiger speaks on POTUS. (11:28) -OBJ agrees to 5-yr/$95M deal extension with Giants. (19:16) -Ramsey blames new helmet rule for Lee's injury. (26:10) -Jimmy G may lose his edge this season. (35...Show More
8/25/18 - Weekly Rewind 8/20 - 8/24

1:17:34 | Aug 25th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
8/24/18 - Meyer's legacy + New Dez offers + Baltimore's mistake

42:51 | Aug 24th, 2018

-Will Urban Meyer's legacy be tarnished? (00:38) -SI column questions football's importance in society. (16:16) -Dez reveals he has a contract offer from Browns. (22:18) -White Sox pitcher apologizes for past offensive tweets. (27:56) -Did Baltim...Show More
8/23/18 - Meyer suspended + Dak sits + Tiger-Phil Thanksgiving match

43:49 | Aug 23rd, 2018

-Urban Meyer suspended for 3 games. (00:30) -Who will have the bigger turnaround: Browns or Jets? (15:38) -Defensive players are equally as important as offensive players. (23:11) -Can Richard Sherman still be effective? (30:16) -Does Manning or ...Show More
8/22/18 - Pats want Dez? + Harbaugh's rep + Kobe comeback?

42:18 | Aug 22nd, 2018

-Donald and Mack still holding out for new contracts. (00:31) -McVay would support replay review of new helmet review calls. (6:19) -Pats trying to recruit Dez? (12:35) -Harbaugh needs to win Big 10 to validate reputation. (19:33) -Is Jalen Hurts...Show More
8/21/18 - Ravens concerned + Helmet rule + Deshaun Watson for MVP?

42:33 | Aug 21st, 2018

-Ravens are already concerned about Lamar Jackson. (00:34) -Baker won't get any first-team reps in preseason. (8:48) -New helmet rule may cost people their jobs. (15:56) -Doug Pederson rips Jags in his new book. (23:17) -Is Deshaun Watson an MVP ...Show More
8/20/18 - Rams bench starters + NFL helmet rule + Saban overrated

41:43 | Aug 20th, 2018

-Brady plays well against Eagles. (00:28) -Rams bench starters during preseason. (7:09) -Players continue to criticize new helmet rule. (12:44) -Baker can change the culture in Cleveland. (21:44) -Clues that Sam Darnold will start week 1. (30:08)...Show More
8/18/18 - Weekly Rewind 8/13 - 8/17

1:02:05 | Aug 18th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
8/17/18 - Pats win + Darnold doubts + BIG3 Playoffs

42:29 | Aug 17th, 2018

-Pats made a statement against the Eagles last night. (00:42) -Darnold outshined by Teddy Bridgewater as Jets QB. (13:13) -Deshaun Watson and Jimmy G go head to head. (29:55) -Does Patrick Mahomes fit with the Chiefs? (36:24) -Who will win the BI...Show More
8/16/18 - Kaepernick updates + Pats v. Eagles + BIG3 wants Kobe

41:58 | Aug 16th, 2018

-Jalen Ramsey criticizes big name QBs. (00:36) -Kaepernick turned down Broncos contract in 2016. (8:07) -Pryor leads by example when dodging fights on the field. (15:57) -More likely to have a SB hangover: Pats or Eagles? (22:21) -Khalil Mack's h...Show More
8/14/18 - Cam drama + Elway overrated? + LeBron/LaVar coexistence

42:09 | Aug 14th, 2018

-Cam gets involved in another feud. (00:32) -Rodgers criticizes young receivers. (7:51) -Big Ben is experiencing his "best camp". (21:57) -Is John Elway an overrated GM? (27:34) -Can LeBron and LaVar coexist? (40:47)
8/13/18 - Tiger's comeback + Maryland controversy + NFL updates

43:22 | Aug 13th, 2018

-Tiger makes a comeback at the PGA Championship. (00:32) -Maryland coaches under scrutiny. (13:25) -Will Sam Darnold start Week 1? (20:04) -Hue Jackson punished WR Antonio Callaway. (39:16) -Melo could come off bench for Rockets. (42:34)
8/7/18 - LeBron the producer + NFL contracts + Tiger Woods

43:49 | Aug 7th, 2018

-Is LeBron too worried about producing shows instead of basketball? -NFL national Anthem update. -OBJ and Aaron Donald are both looking for new contracts. -Hue Jackson had comments about Baker Mayfield's progression. -Tiger Woods update.
8/6/18 - LeBron criticized + Cam Newton + Dak anthem pressure + T.O. HOF

43:09 | Aug 6th, 2018

-Donald Trump made comments critical of LeBron. -Kelvin Benjamin had negative comments about Cam Newton. -Dak Prescott is sticking with how he feels about the National Anthem. -T.O. is officially in the NFL HOF. -Will Ohio State suspend Urban Me...Show More
8/4/18 - Weekly Rewind 7/30 - 8/3

2:18:10 | Aug 4th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
8/3/18 - NFL officiating + EA removes Kaepernick's name from Madden + Urban Meyer returning soon?

42:03 | Aug 3rd, 2018

-NFL officiating makes the game soft. (00:13) -Lamar Jackson falls short. (15:12) -EA removes Kaepernick's name from "Madden 19" soundtrack. (20:45) -Is Ray Lewis being unfairly criticized? (26:11) -Urban Meyer plans to return to OSU sooner than ...Show More
8/2/18 - Meyer on leave + Brady mellows + Is Kobe returning?

42:04 | Aug 2nd, 2018

-Urban Meyer placed on paid administrative leave. (00:31) -Who will have the better Ravens debut? (13:22) -Brady has mellowed. (17:44) -KD is the real deal with GSW. (29:21) -Will Kobe return to chase a ring with LeBron? (41:27)
8/1/18 - Meyer knew + Dak's anthem thoughts + LBJ is a Hollywood mogul

42:19 | Aug 1st, 2018

-Urban Meyer knew of assistant's domestic abuse incident in 2015. (00:29) -Rookie Roquan Smith's holdout centers around new helmet contact rule. (15:45) -Dak Prescott says the national anthem is not the time for protests. (22:10) -Is Hollywood mor...Show More
7/31/18 - LeBron for Prez + Draymond v. Tristan + Sherman's capabilities

45:06 | Jul 31st, 2018

-Will LeBron run for President? (00:29) -Tristan Thompson punched Draymond Green at LA night club. (16:32) -Did Deflategate ignite the Patriots turmoil? (22:31) -Steelers owner talks anthem details. (34:03) -Richard Sherman gets schooled by Marqu...Show More
7/30/18 - Brady comments + Rodgers the GOAT? + LAbron

42:19 | Jul 30th, 2018

-Tom Brady was not pleased with questions from the media. -Dez Bryant is still causing drama for the Cowboys. -If Aaron Rodgers wins another Super Bowl, is he the GOAT? -Is LA LeBron's town now? -Sam Darnold finally signed his NFL contract.
7/28/18 - Weekly Rewind 7/23 - 7/27

1:53:45 | Jul 28th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
7/27/18 - Toxic Twitter + Cowboys code of conduct + Baker's adjustment

43:19 | Jul 28th, 2018

-Twitter is toxic for athletes. (00:19) -Lamar Jackson has a long way to go. (18:44) -Cowboys confirm a code of conduct. (24:16) -Are the Seahawks better without Earl Thomas? (32:27) -Is Baker adjusting to the NFL properly? (41:45)
7/26/18 - Jameis Winston + Gruden & Khalil Mack + LeBron + Durant's Twitter beef

42:39 | Jul 26th, 2018

-Can Jameis Winston still be the face of the Buccaneers? (00:27) -Is Jon Gruden having not spoken with Khalil Mack a big deal? (13:34) -Should Cowboys coach Jason Garrett be on the hot seat? (20:41) -Is the LeBron James circus in Los Angeles getti...Show More
7/25/18 - Jerry Jones + Saban on QBs + Jimmy G's date + Kawhi Leonard

44:26 | Jul 25th, 2018

-Jerry Jones told the Cowboys they can't stay in the locker room during the anthem. (00:32) -Should Bill Belichick continue to dodge questions about Malcolm Butler? (09:52) -Nick Saban's plan at quarterback this season is drawing attention. (19:37)...Show More
7/24/18 - Rams extend Gurley + Jimmy G. v. Brady + Toronto's Kawhi

41:59 | Jul 24th, 2018

-Rams agree to 4-yr, $60M extension for Todd Gurley. (00:25) -Did Jimmy G. push Brady to be better? (11:20) -Jim Harbaugh has been humbled at Michigan. (17:21) -Cavs agree to 4-yr, $120M extension for Kevin Love. (30:19) -Dwyane Wade signing to p...Show More
7/23/18 - Tiger at The Open + Hader ovation + NFL training camps + Beasley to Lakers

43:39 | Jul 23rd, 2018

-Tiger chokes at The Open. (00:29) -Josh Hader receives standing ovation. (14:02) -Should 49ers be concerned about Jimmy G's antics? (26:07) -Brady causes Belichick irritation. (31:43) -Beasley takes a deal with the Lakers. (41:46)
7/21/18 - Weekly Rewind 7/16 - 7/20

1:28:28 | Jul 21st, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
7/20/18 - Anthem updates + Belichick's last year? + Foles leads the way

43:53 | Jul 21st, 2018

-NFL & NFLPA announce "standstill agreement". (00:11) -Dolphins' owner Stephen Ross evokes heavier talks on the anthem policy. (18:50) -The Belichick-Brady saga continues. (33:10) -Julio Jones demands a new contract with the Falcons. (42:02) -Fol...Show More
7/19/18 - UNC's Larry Fedora on CTE + Melo's moves + Pats' SB loss

43:16 | Jul 19th, 2018

-UNC head coach denies football's link to CTE. (00:38) -Is Le'Veon Bell as valuable as Antonio Brown? (24:48) -Should HOFers be offended by T.O.'s actions? (29:57) -Melo is on the move. (35:02) -Belichick cost the Pats the Super Bowl. (41:33)
7/18/18 - Kawhi to Toronto + Dak's deal + NBA sensitivity

42:30 | Jul 18th, 2018

-Kawhi traded to Toronto Raptors. (00:29) -Is Kawhi's reputation on a downward spiral? (9:03) -Did the Cowboys take advantage of Dak's deal? (22:59) -Could the NBA be too sensitive? (33:09) -Brady faces scrutiny post family vacation. (41:15)
7/17/18 - Le'Veon leaving Pittsburgh? + T.O. CFL + LA Embracing LeBron

42:01 | Jul 17th, 2018

-Will Le'Veon be leaving Pittsburgh after this season? -Is Aaron Rodgers underpaid? -Will Terrell Owens sign with a CFL team? -Is LA showing enough respect to LeBron? -Luke Walton and LeBron finally meet.
7/16/18 - France wins FIFA World Cup + Sherman talks Seahawks + Serena's caliber

42:25 | Jul 16th, 2018

-France wins the 2018 FIFA World Cup. -T.O. boycotts the HOF. -Richard Sherman talks Seahawks. -Will this be Le'Veon Bell's last season? -Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of all-time.
7/14/18 - Weekly Rewind 7/9 - 7/13

26:40 | Jul 14th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
7/13/18 - T.O. grabs headlines + Lamar Jackson's future + Celtics ruined I.T.?

1:06:26 | Jul 13th, 2018

-Should the NFL get out of the discipline business? (00:13) -T.O. sends fellow HOF classmates custom-made shoes. (16:56) -Is Jimmy Garoppolo more compelling than Tom Brady in the NFL? (27:39) -Steve Smith Sr. compares Lamar Jackson to Deshaun Wats...Show More
7/12/18 - Panthers test Cam + Antonio Brown v. Jerry Rice + Jerry West weighs in on LeBron signing

42:57 | Jul 12th, 2018

-HOF says they won't mention Terrell Owens "individually" at ceremony. (00:29) -Is this a make-or-break season for Cam Newton with the Panthers? (6:39) -Randy Moss mentors Jameis Winston. (14:07) -Should Antonio Brown be compared to Jerry Rice? (2...Show More
7/11/18 - Ronaldo Transfer + LAbron's Lakers + Jimmy G the future?

43:19 | Jul 11th, 2018

-France and Croatia will meet in the FIFA World Cup finale. -Shady McCoy may be in hot water with the law. -Do Laker fans really appreciate LeBron? -Why does KD keep replying to trolls on Instagram? -Is Jimmy G the future of the NFL?
7/10/18 - France advances + Lakers to combust? + Rockets v. Warriors

43:07 | Jul 10th, 2018

-France advances to the final in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. (00:26) -NFLPA files grievance over league's new anthem policy. (10:07) -Should the Pats move on from Gronk? (17:38) -Chris Mannix claims the Lakers could "spontaneously combust". (30:00) ...Show More
7/9/18 - Coaching LeBron + CP3 wants Melo + Pressure on Dak

41:52 | Jul 9th, 2018

-Vegas betting on Cowboys to miss playoffs. (13:42) -Ty Lue says coaching LeBron is "easy". (20:52) -CP3 is pushing Houston to sign Carmelo. (27:32) -Brock Lesnar shoves Daniel Cormier after he wins Heavyweight Title. (33:48) -Will Los Angeles em...Show More
7/7/18 - Weekly Rewind 7/2 - 7/6

46:20 | Jul 7th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
7/6/18 - FIFA World Cup updates + Questionable Kawhi + Carmelo to Lakers?

44:54 | Jul 6th, 2018

-France and Belgium advance in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. (00:29) -Trae Young gets into an altercation in the Summer League. (6:33) -Trump claims the new National Anthem policy is worse than before. (15:05) -Kawhi is a questionable get for any team ...Show More
7/5/18 - Nick Foles scared? + Magic's plan + Kawhi hesitates

44:44 | Jul 6th, 2018

-Guaranteed contracts would hurt the NFL. (00:10) -Is Nick Foles scared or humble? (17:41) -What plan did Magic sell LeBron on? (24:55) -Kawhi hesitates at the thought of the Los Angeles Clippers. (31:31) -Spurs rookie Lonnie Walker IV deletes co...Show More
7/4/18 - LeBron's Legacy + Kaepernick update + Ball drama in LA

42:41 | Jul 4th, 2018

-What does LeBron want his legacy to be? -Why is Dwight Howard so hated in the NBA? -Update on the Colin Kaepernick situation. -Do NFL contracts need to be fully guaranteed? -Does the Ball family have a problem in LA now with information being le...Show More
7/3/18 - DeMarcus Cousins to GSW + Magic's Knowledge + Butler vs. Kawhi

42:44 | Jul 3rd, 2018

-DeMarcus Cousins agrees to join GSW for 1-year contract. (00:34) -Magic adds Rondo, McGee and Stephenson to the Lakers. (13:25) -Is Jimmy Butler a better trade target in the NBA than Kawhi Leonard? (22:18) -Is Kobe's helping hand sincere or phony...Show More
7/2/18 - LeBron joins Lakers + FIFA World Cup updates + PG13 stays in OKC

42:53 | Jul 2nd, 2018

-LeBron signs 4-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. (00:29) -Brazil and Belgium advance in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. (14:19) -Can Magic Johnson truly be responsible for LeBron coming to LA? (19:27) -Paul George signs 4-year contract to stay ...Show More
6/29/18 - Weekly Recap - Part 2

48:48 | Jun 29th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that happened in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
6/28/18 - Weekly Recap

56:35 | Jun 28th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that happened in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
6/27/18 - Germany eliminated from World Cup + NFL facing challenges + Duke allegations

42:13 | Jun 27th, 2018

-Did the Lakers make a mistake believing in Magic Johnson? (00:31) -Germany has been eliminated from the FIFA World Cup. (14:50) -NFL faces popularity challenges in Texas. (18:30) -Have top NFL players achieved their rankings with skill or schemin...Show More
6/26/18 - Rapper T.I. boycotts NFL + Messi advances + Harden MVP

43:55 | Jun 26th, 2018

-Rapper T.I. boycotts the NFL for the anthem policy. (00:31) -Messi advances to Round 16 in the FIFA World Cup. (19:00) -James Harden wins NBA MVP and claims the Rockets would be fine without LBJ. (23:50) -Oscar Robertson speaks out on social issu...Show More
6/25/18 - Jameis Winston suspension + Paul George v. Carmelo + LeBron or Harden for MVP?

43:30 | Jun 25th, 2018

-Is a 3-game suspension enough for Jameis Winston? (00:25) -Laurent Duvernay-Tardif wants to include "M.D." on his NFL jersey after completion of his recent degree. (19:07) -Should Paul George want out now that Carmelo opted in? (24:04) -Will LeBr...Show More
Weekly Rewind 6/18 - 6/21

1:28:18 | Jun 22nd, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
6/21/18 - LeBron to LA? + Baker Mayfield + Jameis issue

43:34 | Jun 21st, 2018

-Could LeBron really consider joining the Clippers? -An update on the NFL Anthem. -Baker Mayfield came to FS1 today to change perceptions. -Do the Buccaneers have an issue with Jameis Winston? -Should people judge Kevin McHale for support...Show More
6/20/18 - NBA prospects + Lonzo's new look + Brady's future + Ronaldo's success

42:19 | Jun 21st, 2018

-Top draft prospects refuse to step up. (00:29) -Does Lonzo's new look brighten his future? (10:58) -Brady hints at prolonging his career. (16:08) -Will Trae Young be a bust in the NBA? (29:57) -Ronaldo scores goal after goal in the 2018 ...Show More
6/19/18 - NFL reactions + Landon Donovan's team + Jay-Z + OKC's Paul George

42:47 | Jun 19th, 2018

-Falcons question relationship between Julio Jones and T.O. (00:31) -Should Landon Donovan root for Mexico? (13:00) -Jay-Z named Creative Director of Puma Basketball. (19:35) -Should the OKC Thunder keep Paul George? (26:02) -Did the Brow...Show More
6/18/18 - US Open Winner + LeBron's legacy + Brady/Belichick relationship

42:55 | Jun 18th, 2018

-Brooks Koepka wins the US Open at Shinnecock Hills. (00:34) -Is Lamar Jackson being set up to fail with the Ravens this season? (13:25) -Should LeBron be content with his number of rings? (23:18) -Kawhi Leonard requests the Los Angeles Lake...Show More
Weekly Rewind 6/11 - 6/14

1:49:00 | Jun 16th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
6/15/18 - US Open Updates + NFL Anthem policy + NBA player mobility + FIFA World Cup

1:03:55 | Jun 15th, 2018

-Dustin Johnson is our US Open leader heading into the weekend. (00:12) -Is Shinnecock Hills playing too hard for favored pros? (8:30) -NFL players for and against the new anthem policy. (21:16) -Woj says Kawhi Leonard wants to head to the L...Show More
6/14/18 - Tiger Woods at US Open + LeBron's respect + Lakers leaving Lonzo behind?

1:04:39 | Jun 15th, 2018

-Tiger Woods has some work to do after Round 1 at the US Open. (00:12) -Does LeBron respect Durant? (22:07) -Should Dana have signed Greg Hardy to the UFC? (36:37) -Does Lamar Jackson fit with the Ravens? (43:11) -Will the Lakers get rid ...Show More
6/13/18 - Patriots vacation + Ball family Lakers + Durant legacy

39:14 | Jun 13th, 2018

-Bill Belichick let the Patriots have the last two days of OTAs off. (:30) -Is Lamar Jackson strictly a quarterback? (5:24) -Are NFL wide receivers too dramatic? (13:43) -Should the Lakers be concerned with the Ball family circus? (20:39) ...Show More
6/11/18 - LeBron's future + LeBron Injury + Patriot problems

43:53 | Jun 11th, 2018

-Where will LeBron be headed this summer? -Was LeBron really hurt in the Finals? -The Warriors took home the NBA Championship. -Should Terrell Owens have to attend the HOF ceremony? -Should the Patriots be worried about all the off the fi...Show More
Weekly Rewind 6/4 - 6/8

1:19:57 | Jun 8th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
6/7/18 - LeBron/Durant + T.O. Hall of Fame + Eagles White House

44:13 | Jun 7th, 2018

-LeBron is the best player in the league, but is he the best competitor? -Terrell Owens will NOT be a participate in the Hall of Fame introduction. -The Eagles are still dealing with backlash from not attending White House. -Who is the bes...Show More
6/6/18 - LeBron leaving? + NBA Twitter + Curry MVP

43:05 | Jun 6th, 2018

-Does Game 3 of the Finals have an impact on LeBron's future in Cleveland? -Philadelphia 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo is under investigation by the 76ers. -Is LeBron closer to Wilt Chamberlain or Michael Jordan in legacy? -Will Paul George and L...Show More
6/5/18 - NBA Finals + Brady/Belichick relationship + Rodgers Contract

42:41 | Jun 5th, 2018

-What is the root of the Cavaliers problems? -Is LeBron 100% leaving Cleveland? -Andre Iguodala is back for the Warriors. -What is Brady and Belichick's relationship? -Should Aaron Rodgers get the best NFL contract?
6/4/18 - NBA Finals Game 2 + Manning + Tiger Woods

43:09 | Jun 4th, 2018

-Cavaliers lost yet again at Golden State in Game 2. -How bad have the refs been in the NBA Finals? -Are the Cavaliers done? -Is Steph Curry the MVP of the Finals. -Should the Cavaliers bench JR Smith?
Weekly Rewind 5/28 - 5/30

1:06:38 | Jun 1st, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
5/30/18 - Bryan Colangelo + Sixers angry? + LeBron's future

43:15 | May 30th, 2018

— What the Philadelphia 76ers should do about Bryan Colangelo — Should Sixers players be upset about the latest Twitter saga — LeBron James' uncertain future — President Trump's influence on the NFL — What impact with Andre Iguodala's abs...Show More
5/29/18 - Warriors advance + Cavaliers/Warriors + NFL Headlines

42:46 | May 29th, 2018

-The Warriors are officially headed to their 4th straight Finals. -Did James Harden lose respect after his performance? -Cavaliers vs. Warriors in the NBA Finals. -Do players enjoy playing for Bill Belichick in New England? -Are #1 wide r...Show More
5/28/18 - LeBron prevails + Warriors/Rockets + Brady/Belichick

41:53 | May 28th, 2018

-LeBron turned in another stellar Game 7 victory. -Could LeBron really stay in Cleveland? -Warriors at Rockets Game 7 tonight. -Will players seriously consider holding out because of Kaepernick? -Are Patriots players already tuning out B...Show More
Weekly Rewind 5/21 - 5/25

1:27:47 | May 27th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
5/25/18 - LeBron vs. Celtics & Rockets/Warriors

43:32 | May 25th, 2018

-Rockets vs. Warriors (:06) -Chris Paul's injury (13:11) -Steve Kerr on National Anthem (20:35) -LeBron James vs. Boston (32:05) -Andrew Luck & other QB news (41:19)
5/23/18 - NFL Anthem + Warriors lose + Patriots

43:13 | May 23rd, 2018

-The latest of the NFL National Anthem situation. -The Warriors fell to the Rockets in Game 4. -Brady is STILL absent from OTAs. -Is Cleveland foolish for trying to trade for Nick Foles. -Celtics vs. Cavaliers Game 5 tonight.
5/22/18 - LeBron's groove + Eagles + Patriots

43:11 | May 22nd, 2018

-LeBron led the Cavaliers to a big Game 4 win. -LeBron set yet another record in the playoffs. -What do you think of Brett Favre's drug issue during playing career? -Will the Eagles show up to the White House? -Tom Brady is still a no-sho...Show More
5/21/18 - Rockets/Warriors + Celtics/Cavs + Tom Brady

43:07 | May 21st, 2018

-Steph Curry lit up the Rockets in Game 3. -Can the Cavaliers make it past the Celtics? -Tom Brady still a no show at OTA's. -Johnny Manziel is headed to the CFL. -Does Colin Kaepernick belong in the NFL?
Weekly Rewind 5/14 - 5/17

1:38:53 | May 18th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
5/17/18 - D'Antoni & Rockets + Celtics disrespected? + Steph Curry

43:27 | May 17th, 2018

-Would Mike D'Antoni be the worst coach to ever win a major sports title? -Should Celtics players feel disrespected by the love for Brad Stevens? -Is Steph Curry the weakest link on the Golden State Warriors? -The Cleveland Browns set to sta...Show More
5/16/18 - Cavs/Celtics + Patriot way + Sports Gambling

43:22 | May 16th, 2018

-The Celtics took down the Cavs in Game 2. -Can LeBron bounce back in Game 3? -The Carolina Panthers have a new Owner. -Lane Johnson isn't down with the 'Patriot way'. -Will the NFL make changes with the new gambling laws?
5/15/18 - Warriors Sweep? + NFL Gambling + Brady absence

43:05 | May 15th, 2018

-Could the Rockets be on the verge of getting swept? -How dominate will LeBron be in Game 2? -Will the new gambling law drown out the kneeling issue in NFL? -Is Tom Brady setting a bad example by being a no-show? -What will happen if Dray...Show More
5/14/18 - Cavs fall + Rockets/Warriors + Sports gambling

43:03 | May 14th, 2018

-LeBron and the Cavaliers were blown out Game 1. -Can the Rockets take down the Warriors? -Sports gambling is now legal in all 50 States. -Joe Flacco isn't responding to Lamar Jackson. -Are the Browns making the right decision to bench B...Show More
Weekly Rewind 5/7 - 5/10

1:13:11 | May 12th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports ONLY on Speak For Yourself.
5/10/18 - NBA Playoffs + Feed Zeke + LeBron leaving?

43:10 | May 10th, 2018

-Can the Celtics survive the Cavaliers for the East? -What is the ceiling for this young 76ers squad? -How much should Zeke be touching the ball in Dallas? -Brad Stevens received zero 0 votes for coach of the year. -Will LeBron stay in C...Show More
5/9/18 - NBA Playoffs + Raptors problems + Brady

43:06 | May 9th, 2018

-Western Conference Finals preview between Houston & Golden State. -Game 5 Boston/76ers is tonight. -Should the Raptors consider firing Dwane Casey? -Does Tom Brady still trust the Patriots organization? -Pro Bowl running back Mark Ingra...Show More
5/8/18 - LeBron Sweeps + OKC trading Westbrook? + Brady/Belichick

44:09 | May 8th, 2018

-LeBron swept the Raptors yet again. -Could Dwane Casey really get fired? -Should OKC consider trading Russell Westbrook. -Is there a real feud between Brady & Belichick? -Carson Wentz is confidence he will be ready for Week 1.
5/7/18 - LeClutch James + NBA Playoffs + NFL QB Drama

44:33 | May 7th, 2018

-LeBron sunk the Raptors in Game 3. -Ben Simmons hasn't been able to handle the playoffs. -Is the Eastern Conference that weak? -Big Ben is not in the NFL to mentor. -Is Lamar Jackson going to replace Joe Flacco?
Weekly Rewind 5/1 - 5/4

1:47:28 | May 4th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports!
5/3/18 - Culture Wars + Matt Ryan + NBA Playoffs

43:15 | May 3rd, 2018

-The War between 'the culture' and 'sports culture'. -Matt Ryan is officially the highest paid QB in the NFL. -The Jazz upended the Rockets in the Game 2. -Can LeBron & crew upset the Raptors again? -Some NFL teams said they wouldn't offe...Show More
5/2/18 - King James of the North + NBA Playoffs + Patriots

42:23 | May 2nd, 2018

-LeBron is the new king of the North. -Steph Curry returned from injury in a big way. -Are NFL players still seeing the backlash from kneeling? -Tom Brady posts cryptic Instagram post. -Is Paul George leaving OKC?
5/1/18 - NBA Playoffs + LeBron + Patriots

43:08 | May 1st, 2018

-Scary Terry and Jayson Tatum upended the Sixers. -Will LeBron finally lose a series to the Raptors? -Did the Patriots really almost take Mayfield at #2? -Should the Patriots be concerned by Brady's interview? -The Ball brothers have of...Show More
4/30/18 - LeBron's Game 7 + NFL Draft + Curry cleared

42:17 | Apr 30th, 2018

-LeBron sent Indiana home after a tremendous Game 7. -Can the Cavaliers outlast the Raptors? -Did the Patriots draft the right players? -Could the 'Big 3' be over with in OKC? -Steph Curry is cleared for Game 2 against the Pelicans.
Weekly Rewind 4/23 - 4/27

1:45:38 | Apr 28th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports!
4/27/18 - NFL Draft + OKC/JAZZ Game 6

43:58 | Apr 28th, 2018

-How will Baltimore use Lamar Jackson? -How would you grade the Giants taking Saquon Barkley at #2? -Did the Browns make the right decision's at #1 and #4? -Josh Rosen has yet another chip on his shoulder. -Can Russell Westbrook lead OK...Show More
4/26/18 - NFL Draft + LeBron + Ball brothers

43:31 | Apr 26th, 2018

-Are the Browns going to take Baker Mayfield number 1? -Josh Allen was dragged down by his past tweets before the draft. -Who will the Giants take with number 2? -LeBron & Russell Westbrook both kept their teams alive Wednesday. -The Bal...Show More
4/25/18 - NFL Draft + Meek Mill + NBA Playoffs

43:19 | Apr 25th, 2018

-Josh Rosen is talking the talk, but can he walk the walk? -Are the Browns really considering taking Baker Mayfield? -One NFL GM believes Lamar Jackson will be a bust in NFL. -Meek Mill was free'd from jail and sat court side at 76ers game....Show More
4/24/18 - Struggling Russ + NBA Playoffs + NFL Draft

43:00 | Apr 24th, 2018

-Is Russell Westbrook to blame for OKC's playoff losses? -Kevin Durant 'likes' a negative post about Russell Westbrook. -The Philadelphia Eagles plan to meet the President in some way. -Are the rockets the real deal out West? -Joel Embi...Show More
4/23/18 - LeBron + NBA Playoffs + NFL Draft

41:48 | Apr 23rd, 2018

-LeBron led the Cavaliers to a crucial Game 4 win. -Nick Foles still wants to be a starting QB. -Is there a major youth movement in the NBA East? -Can OKC bounce back tonight in Utah? -Should the Patriots consider drafting Lamar Jackso...Show More
4/16 - 4/19 Weekly Rewind

44:55 | Apr 19th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports!
4/18/18 - Tom Brady retiring? + LeBron + NFL Draft

43:00 | Apr 19th, 2018

-Could Tom Brady really be considering retirement? -UFC Heavy Weight champion Daniel Cormier in studio. -Can LeBron defend his throne in the East? -Colin Kapernick update. -Could Josh Rosen end up with the Patriots?
4/17/18 – NBA Playoffs + Brady vs. Belichick + Dez & OBJ in NYC?

43:29 | Apr 17th, 2018

— Do the Cleveland Cavaliers regret giving up on Dwyane Wade? (00:31) — Joel Embiid expressing his frustration on social media (05:55) — Imagining Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham Jr. on the same Giants team (12:21) — Tom Brady reportedly planni...Show More
4/16/18 - LeBron & Cavaliers drama + Patriots + Motown Philly back again

43:10 | Apr 16th, 2018

-LeBron and the Cavaliers took a game 1 loss to the Pacers. -Was Tristan Thompson held out because of off-court drama? -Kyle Kuzma claims "sticking to sports" doesn't help NFL brand. -Is the Patriots' dynasty over? -Should the 76ers be ...Show More
4/9 - 4/13 - Weekly Rewind

1:54:27 | Apr 14th, 2018

4/9 - 4/13 Weekly Rewind  Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports!
4/13/18 - Dez Bryant + LeBron + Kaepernick

43:45 | Apr 13th, 2018

-Dez Bryant was cut from the Cowboys early Friday morning. -Can LeBron lead this Cavaliers team to a championship? -Colin Kaepernick still plans to kneel if signed by NFL team. -Mike D'antoni had strong words about the Rockets great season...Show More
4/12/18 - Kaepernick + Westbrook + NBA Playoffs

43:58 | Apr 12th, 2018

-Colin Kaepernick WILL NOT stop kneeling if signed. -Russell Westbrook averaged a triple-double, again. -Could Lamar Jackson be the new backup QB in New England. -Adam Silver is to 'fix' the NBA's tanking problem. -Who will have better f...Show More
4/11/18 - NFL Draft + Free Meek Mill + NBA Playoffs

42:57 | Apr 11th, 2018

-Wyoming QB Josh Allen was compared to Cam Newton. -Josh Rosen might have hurt his draft stock. -Robert Kraft went to jail to visit rapper Meek Mill. -Joe Montana isn't ready to hand the keys over to Jimmy G just yet. -Is OKC the most t...Show More
4/10/18 - OBJ + Gronk + LeBron + NBA MVP

43:47 | Apr 10th, 2018

-Odell Beckham Jr. doesn't believe he needs 'help'. -Gronk was "chastised" by head coach Bill Belichick for TB12 diet. -Pat Riley claims LeBron made right decision in leaving Miami for Cleveland. -Who is the 2018 NBA MVP, LeBron James or ...Show More
4/9/18 - Cavaliers/Sixers + KD + Tiger Woods + McGregor/Mayweather

42:59 | Apr 9th, 2018

-Can the Sixers beat the Cavaliers in the playoffs? -Is Kevin Durant turning into a problem for Golden State? -How would you rate Tiger Woods comeback? -Odell Beckham Jr. WILL report to Giants. -Dana White believes McGregor vs. Mayweath...Show More
4/2 - 4/6 Weekly Rewind

1:45:19 | Apr 7th, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports!
4/5/18 - Conor Mcgregor + Kyrie Injury + LeBron to Philly?

44:02 | Apr 5th, 2018

-Conor Mcgregor showed up to UFC 223 and wrecked havoc. -Kyrie Irving is officially out for the season. -Why does Kaepernick still not have a job? -Has Lonzo Ball's season been a disappointment? -Could LeBron really end up in Philly th...Show More
4/4/18 - NFL headlines + RGIII/Kaepernick + LeBron/Saban + NFL Draft

42:36 | Apr 4th, 2018

-Brandin Cooks was traded to the LA Rams Tuesday. -RGIII landed a job with the Ravens while Kaepernick is still unsigned. -LeBron's lawyers will handle Nick Saban situation. -Paul George and OKC are still struggling. -Lamar Jackson cou...Show More
4/3/18 - Villanova + NFL Draft + Raptors vs. Cavaliers

43:18 | Apr 3rd, 2018

-Villanova is the new National Champions. -Was Donte Divincenzo out of bounds on old tweets? -Lamar Jackson IS a QB in the NFL. -Josh Rosen is asking 'why' on Jim Mora's comments. -Raptors vs. Cavaliers tonight.
4/2/18 - Golden State Warriors + Michigan vs. Villanova

42:27 | Apr 3rd, 2018

-Villanova vs. Michigan -Josh Allen vs. Sam Darnold -Patriots might be going through more pains. -Golden State Warriors quest for back to back titles -Kawhi Leonard and his potential comeback
3/26 - 3/30 Weekly Rewind

1:06:36 | Mar 31st, 2018

Best of the BEST segments from the week that was in sports!
3/30/18 - Kevin Durant's immaturity + Gronk out? + Odell Beckham Jr.

42:21 | Mar 30th, 2018

- Kevin Durant's handling of being an NBA superstar. - Why Lamar Jackson's Wonderlic low score isn't that big of a deal. - The chances Rob Gronkowski is on his way out of New England. - Would acquiring Odell Beckham Jr. be a disaster for the...Show More