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The show offers a new outlook on news with the help of award-winning journalist Lynda Steele. We’ve got more than just your daily news updates. Steele will report on the biggest headlines of the day while offering conversational insight into the issu...Show More

1:23:46 | Sep 14th

Highlights from this episode:  RCMP espionage charges The current evidence suggests that an RCMP Intelligence Director was feeding info to China. Friday the 13th  Is this really a bad day or is it all in our heads? Is it both?  Racism ...Show More

05:14 | Sep 14th

Commercial drive, home to great food, great culture, live music and some great venues. Eric Chapman takes us behind the Havana Restaurant to the theatre, a regular spot for top comics and improv.

05:47 | Sep 14th

Ask Eric. Wait, here he is with a potential answer.

14:37 | Sep 13th

An opinionated Vancouver resident who supports ride-sharing and has experienced first-hand how it was beneficial in his life when living in Seattle.

14:00 | Sep 13th

Are you superstitious? Are you a werewolf? How does the full moon affect you, if at all? Do you believe Friday the 13th is a bad luck day?   The Steele Show team discusses.

09:43 | Sep 13th

Peter German is very experienced when it comes to all things RCMP. What does he think about this arrest?

15:01 | Sep 13th

Landowners are fighting B.C.s additional school tax on residential land under development.  To give us the lay of the land, Paul Sullivan joined the show. He's the B.C. Property Assessment Appeal Board, property tax agent.

07:29 | Sep 13th

Kirk LaPointe, Editor-In-Chief at Business in Vancouver, joined the program on his recent opinion article of the federal election underway.

07:14 | Sep 13th

His name is Ward Elcock, former director of CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service), and he joined the program to educate us on what this RCMP Director may have had access to.

09:09 | Sep 13th

Lynda opens the show! Breaking news story of senior civilian members of the RCMP is facing charges under the national security act. This officer was basically at the top of the heap when it came to national intelligence. It currently looks like he...Show More

1:19:39 | Sep 13th

Highlights from this episode:  Trudeau housing announcement Trudeau was in Victoria today where he made a big announcement in regards to housing.. If he were to win that is.  An opioid vending machine?!  This is the latest solution that h...Show More

07:03 | Sep 13th

As part of our where we live series, we are joined in studio by Kyle Pressacco who is the General Manager of 6 Pack Indoor Beach

06:39 | Sep 13th

Cannabis edibles are the only thing missing when it comes to legalization. But, limitations have cannabis users concerned. Deepak Anand joins the show, CEO of Materia Ventures a European focused Medical Cannabis Supply and Distribution company.

09:28 | Sep 12th

Basically this bill allows modular housing to be built in more types of neighbourhoods.  Christine Boyle, the councillor who initially passed the motion, joined the program.

15:01 | Sep 12th

With their powers combined, this is the real 2019 Election preview. Trudeau made some big announcements today, and all the other front runners are coming out with their attacks.  Alan Fryer is former Washington correspondent for CTV National/Me...Show More

06:49 | Sep 12th

Lots of scrutiny is being directed at Port Moody Mayor Rob Vagramov, for coming back before his case is resolved. He joins the show to explain his side of the story.

07:14 | Sep 12th

We talk about our phobias, and you might be surprised to find out what Lynda Steele is scared of.

10:23 | Sep 12th

There have been many suggestions and proposals and ideas on how to curb the opioid epidemic. But, an opioid vending machine? A bio-metric hand scanner include. Is this science fiction turned reality?  Dr. Mark Tyndall has the details. He's the ...Show More

07:41 | Sep 12th

It’s time to head to the box office! Movie guy Steve Stebbing is here to help steer you to the right theatre this weekend. Hustlers - Just looking at this movie it is pretty much completely unappealing to me. This film is toplined by Constance Wu,...Show More

13:49 | Sep 12th

Justin Trudeau was in Victoria today where he talked about conversations he's had with young potential voters on their housing woes.  He said if he wins in October, the federal government would be taking measures to hopefully make getting into the...Show More

1:14:54 | Sep 12th

Highlights from this episode: Election season officially underway The writ dropped, which means the campaigns from respective parties are officially underway. It’s going to be a wild election season. McCallum causes uproar Yesterday at an...Show More

08:56 | Sep 11th

It seems as though there's been a bike thieving epidemic in Vancouver over the last decade or so. We've heard many people say that the VPD has not done enough about it, and that known bike thieves get a slap on the wrist and nothing more. Today...Show More

09:30 | Sep 11th

If you haven't heard Doug McCallum's comments on ridesharing in Surrey by now, listen to this segment. We're joined by Jack Hundial, a Surrey City Councillor who tells us his opinion on what Doug McCallum had to say.

06:49 | Sep 11th

Janet Brown was at the scene where a shooting took place, at a McDonalds. Families with Children were present, and IHIT Corporal Frank Jang says it's a miracle that no one else was hurt.  Janet Brown is a Senior Global News Radio Reporter

06:26 | Sep 11th

Laura Baziuk the Black Press BC Digital Editor brings us the latest stories from the South of the Fraser and beyond.

15:25 | Sep 11th

It's the 43rd general election this October today, and we turn to a couple of experts to prepare us for this campaign season. Keith Baldrey is Global BC's Legislative Bureau Chief Vaughn Palmer is a columnist with the Vancouver Sun

06:17 | Sep 11th

At the start of the election, where do the political parties stand on job creation and skills training? Also, where do the major parties stand so far? Christian St. Cyr is the author of the BC Labour Market Report

06:14 | Sep 11th

It seems like B.C. is going to be playing a bigger role than usual in this upcoming election. David Moscrop, Political Scientist from the University of Ottawa joined the show to expand on this.

08:33 | Sep 11th

The writ has dropped, that mean election season is officially underway. This election season specifically  is going to be an especially interesting one. Joining us to wrap our heads around what's coming is Richard Zussman, Global BC's online le...Show More

1:14:22 | Sep 11th

Highlights from this episode: Modular housing uproar We heard from Christine Boyle yesterday about her modular housing motion, today we learn of supporting housing opening in Maple Ridge and hear from Alliance Against Displacement.  Hate cri...Show More

08:40 | Sep 11th

Is this okay? The stats are out reporting a massive spike in revenues all from parking charges. We speak to Jon Buss, who is with HospitalPayParking.ca looking for some changes

10:24 | Sep 10th

The Writ drops tomorrow. What Canadians can expect to see during the upcoming campaign and how to distinguish fake ads/bots from real ones.  To answer this question we are joined by Kevin Newman, former Global National anchor - W5 correspondent - ...Show More

13:43 | Sep 10th

Lynda had an experience at YVR when she returned from a trip, hoping for a cab ride home, but there wasn't a car to be seen.  What's the deal? Gurdip Sahota GM of Sunshine Cabs joins the show to try and explain the situation at YVR.

04:43 | Sep 10th

Some figures have been released that are raising a lot of eyebrows in terms of how much travel JWR has been doing on the taxpayer dime. The numbers are staggering.

24:01 | Sep 10th

We're joined in-studio by a panel of special guests, include Holocaust Survivor Max Eisen, President of the Simon Weisenthal Centre Avi Benlolo, and Rabbi Dan Moskovitz.  This also comes on the heels of a radical op-ed published in the Vancouver S...Show More

07:22 | Sep 10th

One of the most popular excuses for not eating a plant based diet for many is the inability to give up cheese. Today Richard Wolak highlights some amazing plant-based cheese options! Special guest Chef Karen McAthy founder of Blue Heron Creamery j...Show More

08:50 | Sep 10th

Lynda's back! And we kick the show off with some news from Maple Ridge. Yesterday we talked about Councillor Christine Boyle's motion to expand the areas that we allow modular housing to go into.  We were joined by Ivan Drury who is with Allian...Show More

1:12:14 | Sep 10th

Highlights from this episode: Modular housing motion Christine Boyle has put forth a motion that would put modular housing all over the city. Academic cheating There is a post-secondary academic cheating epidemic currently ongoing under o...Show More

07:04 | Sep 10th

We talk to Match Point Canada podcast co-host, Ben Lewis.

12:13 | Sep 10th

Do you know what the fine for distracted driving is? Did you also know there are new ways police will be cracking down on distracted drivers? To tell us more about it Ryan Hall joined the show, Acting Inspector of DPD’s Community Support Sectio...Show More

14:55 | Sep 9th

Car-repair tips. Something wrong with your car? Bernie Pawlik, Owner, Pawlik Automotive, Vancouver answers your questions.

12:39 | Sep 9th

Seems like there are a variety of options for post secondary students to turn to if they choose to not put in the work for good grades.  Websites like Acemyhomework.com and Essayshark.com This is not a joke. To tell us more about this Sarah ...Show More

13:31 | Sep 9th

There's no clear cut favourite as the countdown to the election continues. Global BC's Legislative Bureau Chief Keith Baldrey joined the show.

05:11 | Sep 9th

The debate about daylight savings time changes right here in B.C. is almost over. Today is the day we get the final word on what is going to be happening. Richard Zussman has the scoop, he's Global BC's online reporter at the BC legislature.

10:01 | Sep 9th

Christine Boyle is a One City councillor, and is making waves with a motion she's introducing to council which essentially asking for modular housing to be put into a all neighborhoods in the city. With more on this we brought in Janet Brown, Seni...Show More

1:14:56 | Sep 7th

Highlights from this episode:   $4 a year for affordable housing This is the idea put forth by Jonathan Cote. Four-dollars a year really isn’t very much.  Are strip clubs dying? The internet seems to be the go to place for … well… sex ...Show More

08:53 | Sep 7th

Prince Harry was the most recent 'elitist' to come under fire for traveling via plane. What needs to change?

05:30 | Sep 7th

A UBC student created an app for drivers using the Massey Tunnel. His name is Christopher Powroznik   The app is called 'Is the Massey tunnel okay?'

09:09 | Sep 6th

City changes to Granville Bridge to accommodate a safer, user friendly lane for pedestrians and bikers better.  Gordon Price joins us, who is an Urbanist.

12:49 | Sep 6th

We've awaited his voice on the issue for weeks but he's finally here. Today it was announced that Oppenheimer Park will remain as is, and tents that remain will not be taken down or dismantled.

08:16 | Sep 6th

We talked about this issue earlier this week on the show, but we now have a voice of someone who is actually an industry leader. His name is Andrew Gordon, and he's Senior Vice President of Kiaro, a Cannabis retailer.

14:16 | Sep 6th

Vancouver strip clubs on the decline.  The total number of strip clubs in Vancouver was once 24, today, only 5. Some experts say it’s because of the porn available online.  Marina Adshade has been studying this phenomenon and joined the show. She'...Show More

07:33 | Sep 6th

Business in Vancouver with Kirk LaPointe on banning straws, but only for some businesses? Bubble tea businesses excluded? Kirk LaPointe is Editor-In-Chief for Business in Vancouver

07:35 | Sep 6th

New West Mayor Jonathan Cote is the one behind this idea, and he believes it's a viable plan. It obviously would take time, but he joined the show to expand on this idea.

1:26:52 | Sep 6th

Highlights from this episode: Desperate Taxi industry The Taxi industry is now taking legal action to try and defend themselves from the arrival of ridesharing.  Raffi! Raffi has written a new song inspired by Greta Thunberg and young peo...Show More

08:21 | Sep 6th

What's an earthquake nest and what could it mean for our already vulnerable coast?  Educating us with more on this is Reid Merrill, PHD Student of Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences UBC

08:38 | Sep 5th

We spoke to Sharan Pawa last week who was speaking on behalf of UNITE HERE LOCAL 40, where workers weren't being treated fairly when it came to expectations with their hours.  Now there's a new development that involves sexual harassment and assau...Show More

15:13 | Sep 5th

We're just over a month away from the big election, and there are already so many moving parts.  Local and federal politics play a huge and equal role in this edition of the political panel. Patti Bacchus is a Georgia Straight Columnist and Ala...Show More

09:12 | Sep 5th

We speak to one person thinks that the views we have of the downtown east side are heartless, that we shouldn't hide from the harsh realities and let our children see that there are other sides to life. His name is Grant Lawrence, he's a columnist...Show More

19:33 | Sep 5th

Raffi, children’s singer and songwriter wrote a song for climate change activist Greta Thunberg, and joined the program!

06:45 | Sep 5th

It’s time to head to the box office! Movie guy Steve Stebbing is here to help steer you to the right theatre this weekend. It: Chapter 2 - Stephen King is a special writer in my life because e is a big reason why my reading level started to exc...Show More

08:02 | Sep 5th

Is this a brand new low? What does the taxi industry hope to accomplish?  We hear from Ian Tostenson the President for Ridesharing Now for BC

1:24:04 | Sep 5th

Highlights from this episode: Kennedy Stewart Oppenheimer presser Kennedy Stewart had a big announcement in regards to Oppenheimer park. Apparently city hall wants full jurisdiction.  NDP defectors Some people are claiming racism is the r...Show More

06:05 | Sep 5th

It seems in recent years comedians have come under fire for being too controversial. Are people just too sensitive?

07:17 | Sep 5th

Rape is real is a comedy show coming to the cultch that tries to take a lighter approach to this controversial subject. We were joined by a Vancouver Comedian, Jane Stanton.

10:29 | Sep 4th

The NDP’s woes continue - now exodus of NDP candidates to the Green party in NB because Singh has not visited the province and they are worried about race pulling the party down - this as Singh releases new ad showing him without turban - trying to c...Show More

11:20 | Sep 4th

“Drug War survivors” B.C. drug user group is asking the province to “heroin buyers clubs” operations in order to reduce overdose deaths.  We're joined by Hawkfeather Peterson, Vice President of The B.C./Yukon Association of Drug War Survivors (BCY...Show More

08:01 | Sep 4th

Season 2 drops today, and Larry Gifford let's us know what to expect.

06:00 | Sep 4th

Also, it sounds like RCMP officers switching over to the Surrey Police will be able to carry over their pensions. Joining us with more is Senior Global Radio Reporter Janet Brown

10:44 | Sep 4th

Yesterday on the program, we were joined by education minister Rob Fleming. Today we have in-studio, Teri Mooring, who doesn't necessarily agree with everything he had to say.

05:09 | Sep 4th

Should BC follow Alberta’s example and look at tying educational outcomes to school performances?  Link Kindergarten to grade 12: university funding to performance, not just enrollment, suggests Alberta government panel.  Christian St. Cyr is the...Show More

08:31 | Sep 4th

Mayor Kennedy Stewart finally spoke out in regards to the ever present situation at Oppenheimer Park. Turns out, he wants city hall to have full jurisdiction.  One man has become increasingly upset about this situation and the lack of action, a...Show More

1:23:35 | Sep 4th

Highlights from this episode: Back to school! With it being the first day back in school, there are many factors involved. The ongoing contract discussions, concerns over dress codes, and more.  Marijuana packaging Remember Trudeau talkin...Show More

10:48 | Sep 3rd

Screen time is becoming an increasingly serious issue.  With kids now going back to school, how concerned should you be about the amount of time your child spends on their devices? The Angus Reid Institute conducted some research on this topic,...Show More

14:26 | Sep 3rd

A Vancouver realtor is enraged about the amount of illegal dumping he has been seeing in and around Metro Vancouver.  His name is Aaron Best and he vented his frustrations to Lynda.

06:02 | Sep 3rd

Remember Trudeau saying that nationwide our goal was to eliminate single-use plastics by 2021? Have you bought any legal cannabis lately? To say the amount of packaging is ludicrous would be an understatement.

07:55 | Sep 3rd

A couple weeks back we spoke to 'C', who told us the story about how she was told to turn around and go back to Canada for having CBD oil. This CBD oil was used to relieve pain in a situation where nothing else really did the job. Turns out, th...Show More

15:33 | Sep 3rd

What are your biggest concerns heading back into this new school year? Obviously, the lack of an agreement is a concern for many, but there are many issues that face parents in the school system today. Minister of Education Rob Fleming joined t...Show More

07:04 | Sep 3rd

Mumbai Local -- Dabba service Indian food delivery subscription service that delivers to colleges and universities. Larry’s Micro-Market in @parkroyal Shopping Centre and in Lonsdale Quay.  Healthy vending machines on the North Shore with healthy...Show More

08:50 | Sep 3rd

Lynda returns! Is it surprising that dress codes in public schools is still a debate? We've heard people say that it makes it hard to concentrate because of dress codes. But is this more of a problem of men not being able to control their desir...Show More

1:15:27 | Sep 3rd

Highlights from this episode: Timbits and bears We talk to a former conservation officer about the recent bear incident where a man got fined for feeding a bear timbits.  Parking tickets What do you do about a parking ticket that you didn...Show More

08:24 | Sep 3rd

Coquitlam, school district 43 is taking a new approach to mental health for the kids this year teaching them to monitor their stress and anxiety.

26:57 | Sep 3rd

A full hour with Steve Wallace on the Lynda Steele Show with Mike Smyth, talking all things driving, including when it comes to back to school this week, and holiday driving on Labour Day.

15:07 | Sep 2nd

We catch up with Acumen Law's Paul Doroshenko to discuss unfair parking tickets. What are your chances of beating one?

07:01 | Sep 2nd

Global BC's Legislative Bureau Chief, Keith Baldrey joins Mike Smyth to chat about the recent gas controversy.

11:48 | Sep 2nd

Guy takes photo of himself feeding Timbits to a grizzly bear, posts photos on social media, fined $2,000. Is the penalty sufficient? How can we better manage bear-human interactions? We talk to Bryce Casavant, Former Conservation Officer

1:24:19 | Aug 31st

Highlights from this episode: BCUC Report People probably won’t be happy about the ‘findings’ of the BCUC report into gas prices Cell phones in classrooms Are you okay with them or do you support Ontario’s ban?  BCTF update Talks ha...Show More

14:11 | Aug 31st

Yesterday on the program Jody talked about her son's experience going to the midway at the PNE.  Bruce Allen caught wind of her comments, and called her out in his reality check. Well... this means war. A war of words of course.

12:00 | Aug 30th

Alexa, Siri, Xbox, Google Now.  These are just some of the many platforms that can and do listen to you. But did you know that sometimes ACTUAL people are listening to your recordings, even if they're accidental? Andy Baryer, championship whist...Show More

12:46 | Aug 30th

The Ontario government will be instituting a ban in public schools come November. Is this a good idea? Or more of the Ontario government being insane? We catch up with Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality who is a guru when it comes to social media...Show More

1:13:57 | Jul 27th

Highlights from this episode: Manhunt goes on The search continues for the two BC fugitives wanted for murder. Vancouver bike theft Has your bike ever been stolen? If you’re from Vancouver you’re definitely not alone. Vancouver is the wor...Show More

09:43 | Jul 27th

Stanley Park Brewing is opening the Stanley Park Brewing Restaurant and Brewpub in the heart of the city in Downtown Vancouver. Located in Stanley Park at the former Fish House Restaurant, the new Restaurant & Brewpub will become the new flagship loc...Show More

12:51 | Jul 27th

Time now for our weekly VANCOLOUR chat - Is racism on the rise in Vancouver or are racists just getting louder? Mo Amir, the host of the VANCOLOUR podcast, was in studio.

08:25 | Jul 26th

Vancouver Coastal Health has released its annual report and this year is heavily focused on the overdose crisis in BC. The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition’s Executive Director Donald MacPherson joined the program.

10:48 | Jul 26th

What is being considered in a massive RCMP manhunt like the one in Gillam Manitoba? You've surely heard of Peter German, who joined us on this topic.

07:15 | Jul 26th

Earlier this week we spoke about the cyclist who was doored, died, and the person who doored him will only have to pay an 81-dollar ticket. Our next guest reached out after that chat because he has been living with the ongoing consequences of bein...Show More

07:50 | Jul 26th

Vancouver has the most bike thefts per capita of any Canadian city. If you're listening to this, odds are you've had your bike stolen! We hear someones insane bike theft story, and also here from J Allard who is CEO with project 529.

06:29 | Jul 26th

Public consultation at Vancouver City Hall is becoming a problem - maybe we need less of it? Should we be teaching personal finance in high school? Kirk LaPointe is Editor-In-Chief with Business in Vancouver

08:00 | Jul 26th

What might Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky be thinking - what is typical in cases like this one? Jooyoung Lee returns to the show, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto.

07:03 | Jul 26th

Lynda opens the show! What’s the latest in the manhunt for Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky. New uncut video has emerged from July 21st, showing the two fugitives casually shopping around in a co-op. Clay Young with CJOB and Global News joined ...Show More

1:11:59 | Jul 26th

Highlights from this episode: Oppenheimer Park Police and fire-crews were spotted at Oppenheimer Park. Are people being kicked out? Media sensitivity In the wake of the BC manhunt for the two teen murderers, how difficult and strained do...Show More

07:09 | Jul 26th

The “cold war” over temperature settings on office air conditioning is real. According to BC Hydro survey there is an element of sexism behind the common complaint that it is too cold. It's happening right here at CKNW's offices. Jon McComb ranted...Show More

07:48 | Jul 26th

This past weekend in Vancouver more than 350 drivers were pulled over and given drug and alcohol tests, which resulted in 44 license suspensions and 35 vehicle impoundments. Most were related to alcohol consumption and only two suspensions were is...Show More

10:12 | Jul 25th

The owner of a South Vancouver German shepherd with a history of aggressive behaviour pleaded guilty to a trio of offences concerning her dog’s behaviour. She now has to pay $15,000 in fines! Barrister, and animal rights lawyer Rebeka Breder came ...Show More

09:44 | Jul 25th

Councillors Linda Annis, Jack Hundial, Brenda Locke, and Steven Pettigrew were left out of the new committee. Today, the four councillors issued a statement saying they “did not expect the Police Transition Plan to be developed behind closed doors an...Show More

11:08 | Jul 25th

How hard is it for a reporters who need to cover stories like these murders on the Alaskan Highway? We speak to Robin Stickley, someone who covered the Sandy Hook shootings.

06:43 | Jul 25th

Much has been made of Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky’s gaming and being influenced by YouTube and other online platforms - should parents be nervous about what their kids are getting into online? Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality educates us.

08:59 | Jul 25th

What’s the latest from Gillam Manitoba, on the manhunt for Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky? To tell us, we were joined by Crystal Goomansingh, an Anchor and Reporter with Global News.

06:11 | Jul 25th

It’s time to head to the box office! Movie guy Steve Stebbing is here to help steer you to the right theatre this weekend. THE CONVO: Rutger Hauer who starred in ‘Blade Runner’ and many other films dies at 75. George Miller is 74 but that is no...Show More

08:33 | Jul 25th

Lynda opens the show! The tent city in Oppenheimer Park experienced a safety inspection today. We sent Eric Chapman down there. We also caught up with Elli Taylor, who was once homeless, who is really upset about the lack of compassion that exi...Show More

1:11:24 | Jul 25th

Highlights from this episode: Possible Nazi motivation in BC suspects New details including photographs of one of the suspects have emerged. We get the scoop from the freelance journalist who discovered these new links. Amber Alert complain...Show More

06:41 | Jul 25th

The Midweek Moneytalks Report - does the world have too much debt? Michael Campbell is the host of Money Talks Saturday Mornings at 8:30 AM on CKNW!

08:45 | Jul 25th

Alan Schmegelsky gave a brief interview to the Canadian Press. You can hear the full audio here with discussion around it.

05:11 | Jul 25th

B’nai Brith Canada is sounding the alarm about a BC man with self-proclaimed military experience who has repeatedly threatened to kill Jews online. Aidan Fishman, Spokesperson for B'nai Brith Canada joined the show.

09:45 | Jul 24th

We’ve been hearing story after story of people complaining to 9-1-1 about Amber Alert notifications. Our next guest thinks that people who do that should be fined! Dalia Monacelli is a mom and the creator of a petition to punish these morons who t...Show More

08:42 | Jul 24th

North Vancouver resident Mike McIntosh paid the ultimate price in January he was riding a bike on the Esplanade West bike lane and a person in a car parked next to the bike lane open their car door in his way. This caused Mike to collide with a dump ...Show More

06:21 | Jul 24th

South Fraser Stories w/Laura Baziuk - what’s going on in Surrey and beyond? Are the councillors who defected from Safe Surrey going to be powerless on council? Grace Baranyk is a missing 86-year-old woman with dementia are heartened by the wide...Show More

06:44 | Jul 24th

What allegedly started as conflict on a Richmond bus has turned into a murder investigation Janet Brown, Global News Radio Senior Reporter,  joins us with the latest details.

08:38 | Jul 24th

Obviously there is still a lot we don’t know about the murder investigation up North and the manhunt throughout the prairies - but what do we know about these types of murders? Jooyoung Lee is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of ...Show More

06:39 | Jul 24th

Working on the West Coast: Taking a look at the job market in BC. Today: BC will require licensing for all recruiters of international workers starting on October 1st. Also, the Job Maker of the Week! Christian St. Cyr is the Author of the BC Labo...Show More

08:59 | Jul 24th

Lynda opens the show! A new article just out from the Globe and Mail has some disturbing photos of the accused. Justin Ling is a freelance journalist based in Toronto who obtained these photographs and joined the show.

1:20:41 | Jul 24th

Highlights from this episode: BC Murder takes twist A couple was found murdered. 2 teenage boys from Port Alberni went missing. Those teens are now the suspects! Racism on the rise or just easier to share? Is racism more prevalent than e...Show More

10:05 | Jul 24th

If the rat doesn't fit you must acquit. Remember that? A week or so ago someone also reportedly found a doorknob in their nachos. (Turned out to be a cheese pump) Now someone has found a bug in their a&w fries! Listen to some gross food stor...Show More

07:47 | Jul 24th

Our next guest is considering having her mom take up residence in the Dementia Village. Barb's mother has dementia.

07:34 | Jul 24th

Langley will be home to a new community development known as 'dementia village'. Executive Director Adrienne Alford-Burt tells us how it works.

07:58 | Jul 23rd

The BC woman who was recorded driving an SUV down a set of stairs at a Vancouver hotel has been fined $368 for her actions. Jill Bennet’s Tweet after speaking to the driver: “I talked to the woman who was behind the wheel of this SUV. She’s mor...Show More

06:00 | Jul 23rd

TransLink has introduced several new RapidBus routes starting next year. Buses will make limited stops and will move about 12-thousand customers per hour during rush hour. TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond gives us the deets.

13:12 | Jul 23rd

The Vancouver Pride Society has denied the Vancouver Public Library from entering the Pride Parade due to allowing controversial speaker Meghan Murphy to speak at the library. Morgane Oger returns to the show to give her take on this evolving situ...Show More

11:56 | Jul 23rd

What do you do when you're out on a seemingly normal day and someone launches an offensive racial slur at you? Ian Young, South China Morning Post Vancouver Correspondent, had this unfortunate experience joining the show to tell us what exactly ha...Show More

06:48 | Jul 23rd

The Best and the Foodiest with Richard Wolak. Today: Pride themed treats and a tasting of Rainbow Pillow Cakes! Richard Wolak is Writer/Editor of VancouverFoodster.com; co-host of the CKNW Original Podcast “Food, Glorious Food” at cknw.com He b...Show More

07:42 | Jul 23rd

What do we know about the two suspects Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky - and how is the community in Port Alberni feeling following the news today? The News Director for 99.3 The Peak, David Wiwchar joined the show.

06:41 | Jul 23rd

Lynda opens the show! They've gone from "missing persons" to murder suspects overnight. Two missing Vancouver Island teens - 19 year old Kam McLeod and 18 year old Bryer Schmegelsky are now considered SUSPECTS in a double homicide in northern BC A...Show More

40:54 | Jul 23rd

Highlights from this episode: What should we put on the rails Last we spoke to former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm who is a proponent of urban rail. Today we have Daryl De La Cruz to talk about why SkyTrain is the better option.  Tourist coup...Show More

08:00 | Jul 23rd

GUEST: Craig Foster Sustainability Consultant, Canadian Plastics Industry Association

08:35 | Jul 22nd

Last we spoke to former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm who is a proponent of urban rail. Today we have Daryl De La Cruz to talk about why SkyTrain is the better option.  GUEST: Daryl De La Cruz Founding Director of Skytrain for Surrey

03:24 | Jul 22nd

GUEST: Keith Baldrey Global BC Chief Political Reporter

1:21:45 | Jul 20th

Highlights from this episode: Skytrain costs It isn’t a good week for Doug McCallum, with a recent report highlighting just how expensive Surrey Skytrain would be as opposed to LRT. Julie Callaghan This woman’s story will truly blow your...Show More

09:21 | Jul 20th

Turns out.. this was all a joke and he doesn't even know much about Area-51. But it's too late! Nearly 2 million people are involved! Eric Chapman takes a deep dive.

12:40 | Jul 20th

The Lion King has been remade as a “live-action” movie.  It seems like all we ever get these days are remakes and sequels?  Are there no new ideas in hollywood? Yesterday saw the release of two trailers that are getting a lot of buzz Top Gun 2: Maver...Show More

11:32 | Jul 19th

Cities around the world are both embracing and banning electric scooters. Edmonton just approved changes to the bylaws that governs e-scooters so ride-share companies offering that mode of transportation can officially set up shop in Edmonton. Techni...Show More

14:35 | Jul 19th

Matthew Jarvis was trying to cross the train tracks in his electric wheelchair when one of the wheels became stuck. Julie Callaghan and another woman tried to dislodge the chair but were unsuccessful and Jarvis was struck and killed. The women got...Show More

09:28 | Jul 19th

Keith Baldrey, the Global BC Legislative Bureau Chief, is sitting down with Mike Smyth. Lots to talk about the NDP is boasting a $1.5 billion budget surplus, and it’s their 2-year anniversary. How are they doing?

11:04 | Jul 19th

Our next guest is Scott Wiener, who is a member of the California State Senate representing San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County.  Last night in Vancouver he gave a talk about his bill to end single family zoning in his state and drastically i...Show More

07:00 | Jul 19th

In Kirk’s BIV column this week he sat down with Perrin Beatty, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and talked about the political and economic challenges of the country. How is Kirk feeling about the prospect of a super fast train to Se...Show More

09:59 | Jul 19th

TransLink is updating and costing out various options on the proposed Surrey Langley SkyTrain project. Three staging scenarios have been developed and could be fully constructed within five-and-a-half years from a full project approval date. Right...Show More

1:27:50 | Jul 19th

Highlights from this episode:  Hundial quits Jack Hundial is the latest councillor on the growing list of councillors who have left the Safe Surrey Coalition. 35 an hour?! That’s the magic number to afford decent housing in the city acco...Show More

08:14 | Jul 19th

Do you know that sex workers all across the city use Airbnb for their work? Hailey Heartless joined the show, she's a Sex worker/Sex worker union organizer

13:54 | Jul 19th

President Trump now says he disagrees with the chants of "send her back" in reference to Somali-born Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar.  Those chants filled the arena as the president rallied a crowd in North Carolina last night. Did he t...Show More

13:59 | Jul 19th

Andrew Wilkinson has been watching the news of the last few weeks like a hawk. Now in the midst of this inquiry into gas, he has a lot he would like to talk about. He also takes calls!

11:47 | Jul 18th

Yesterday we has Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart on the show. He is VERY excited about the idea of a super fast train between Vancouver and Portland. Today we have another mayor on the show who things we should be putting our energy into other transi...Show More

13:13 | Jul 18th

We want to talk pronunciation on the show today. Are there any words that you continually mispronounce? Maybe that you’d been saying wrong your whole life until someone finally corrected you?

06:32 | Jul 18th

This story is breaking as of 07/18/2019 The federal government is paying 900-million-dollars to settle multiple class-action lawsuits lodged on behalf of survivors of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and sexual assault in the military. ...Show More

08:47 | Jul 18th

Increasing rents combined with few rental units have resulted in a market that shuts out low-income workers, according to a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The study of 795 neighbourhoods found those making minimum wag...Show More

07:05 | Jul 18th

It’s time to head to the box office! Movie guy Steve Stebbing is here to help steer you to the right theatre this weekend. THE CONVO: The Emmy nominations are out this week and there are SO MANY Canadians nominated! In particular the beloved Canad...Show More

08:47 | Jul 18th

Lynda opens the show! The big news today is that Surrey Councillor Jack Hundial has become the third councillor to quit the Mayor's Safe Surrey Coalition -- Steven Pettigrew quit in May, followed by Brenda Locke last month. Hundial says lack of co...Show More

1:16:48 | Jul 18th

Highlights from this episode: Gas Inquiry Back in May, John Horgan announced an inquiry into the fluctuations that occur with gas prices in the lower mainland. Today, that is underway. Train to Portland Everyone was buzzing about the pote...Show More

06:55 | Jul 18th

The Midweek Moneytalks Report - Germany’s Deutsche Bank announced 18,000 lay-offs last week while getting out of the stock side of the business along with a major reduction in their fixed income activities. Michael Campbell is the host of Money Ta...Show More

07:10 | Jul 18th

Rallies are being held across Canada to push the CBC to host a climate change debate among federal party leaders. Raj Dhaliwal, the organizer with Our Time Vancouver, the organization behind the rallies joined the program.

08:28 | Jul 17th

The Union of B.C. Municipalities (UBCM) said Friday an independent panel will review how its annual convention is funded or sponsored. But the group, which has come under fire for accepting money from China, will still allow a Chinese government-s...Show More

10:20 | Jul 17th

With so much biking infrastructure in Vancouver - it’s hard to remember how controversial the first one, over the Burrard Street Bridge, was. 10 years into this Vancouver bicycle journey how is it going? To answer that question we turn to Charles ...Show More

06:42 | Jul 17th

Vancouver City Council has approved a city-wide planning and engagement process which will launch this fall. The City will be seeking broad public input to create a City-wide Plan to guide Vancouver into the future to 2050 and beyond.  Okay, but w...Show More

07:52 | Jul 17th

Some BC municipalities that want to ban single-use plastic bags and are asking the province to take action following a recent court ruling that concluded such a ban is out of a city’s jurisdiction. Should the province get to make that call? We wer...Show More

10:04 | Jul 17th

A new business case study has found that an ultra-high-speed train between Vancouver and Portland, Oregon could be self-sustaining by 2055, or earlier under the right circumstances. The project as proposed would see a train capable of hitting spee...Show More

06:55 | Jul 17th

Working on the West Coast: Taking a look at the job market in BC. Today: BC may have approved ride hailing but the drivers are still left in legal limbo - will you be protected by the Employment Standards Act if you drive for Uber or Lyft? Also, Chri...Show More

05:53 | Jul 17th

The phone lines were red hot in this conversation about what the government is doing about gas prices.

07:34 | Jul 17th

The public inquiry into those sky high gas prices in BC is now underway. This is the first of four days of hearings. Four oil and gas companies expected to answer questions over what has led to BC's's volatile prices at the pump. A number of companie...Show More

1:29:43 | Jul 17th

Highlights from this episode: High-Speed across the border We heard months ago about the proposal for a high-speed rail line across the border. A new study has added coal to the engine, suggesting it’s just good business! Opioid numbers decl...Show More

12:46 | Jul 17th

We have a conversation about Donald Trump as the world twists and turns around his tweets, including your calls.

05:36 | Jul 17th

News out today from BarWatch and the Transit Police - they are going to partner to hopefully keep downtown safer. To tell us the details we are joined by Curtis Robinson, the chair of BarWatch Vancouver joined us on the line to explain more about the...Show More

08:32 | Jul 16th

Jordan Bateman wrote a rather biting review of The Essentials of Leadership in Government: Understanding the Basics by BC Speaker of the House Darryl Plecas, Collette Squires and Len Garis. Editor-In-Chief of TheOrca.ca Maclean Kay gave us his opi...Show More

08:21 | Jul 16th

US military satellites are vulnerable to hacking — but Trump's 'Space Force' could help fix that. The House passed an amendment ordering the Pentagon to review whether the U.S experimented with weaponizing ticks?  What else have they tried to weap...Show More

08:12 | Jul 16th

This Thursday July 18th at Hinge Park there is an adorable protest - residents of Olympic Village are having a picnic and building a school out of cardboard boxes - why? The residents in the area want a school, their catchment school is Simon Fraser ...Show More

13:43 | Jul 16th

The dos and donts when it comes to unsolicited nudes. Have you ever received a nude photograph of someone without invitation? Eric Chapman had a close encounter of the third leg kind recently.

14:42 | Jul 16th

So far 2019 has seen overdose deaths decline in BC but are these numbers the new “normal” and is this acceptable? Also, yesterday we talked about how even the VPD doesn’t feel safe in Oppenheimer - but people who work with the community on the DTE...Show More

07:38 | Jul 16th

The Best and the Foodiest with Richard Wolak. Today: We have a special guest Jenn Coe, of Food for All Publishing, who put the Food Stories Cookbook together. Richard Wolak brings in special guest Jenn Coe, Founder & CEO Food for All Publishing ...Show More

14:41 | Jul 16th

Analysis from Washington State Officials have unveiled a new report suggesting that a proposed high-speed rail system between borders would boost economic growth in the region. Environmental benefits have also been touted. In the midst of the excitem...Show More

1:26:26 | Jul 16th

Highlights from this episode: Donald Trump tweets Trump unleashed a series of racist tweets which spawned controversy. He even said some people loved these tweets. Property taxes We could see a jump of up to 10 percent in property tax...Show More

07:33 | Jul 16th

There is a terrible story today about a murder that was all over social media. Bianca Devins was a 17-year-old girl from Utica, New York, who was murdered yesterday. Photos of her body were posted on social media by a New York man identified by his f...Show More

12:47 | Jul 16th

There is more to one way streets than you could have ever thought. Much more! We also talk about 24 hour transit! To tell us more about we were joined by Brent Toderian, City Planner and Urbanist/Former Vancouver chief planner.

08:22 | Jul 15th

We sent Lynda Steele Show contributor Eric Chapman down to Oppenheimer Park to tell us just how bad it is. We know VPD has said they don’t feel safe in the park - did Eric?

10:19 | Jul 15th

The saga in Oppenheimer Park continues. Recently we found out The Powell Street Festival will not be using the park this year to accommodate the tent city. They will instead use the surrounding streets for their festival. But last Wednesday there ...Show More

13:20 | Jul 15th

A BC home inspectors association is raising concerns over one of their colleagues, who they say is pushing boundaries by offering inspections meant to benefit sellers over potential buyers. The Home Inspectors Association of BC (HIABC) has filed a...Show More

08:56 | Jul 15th

Property taxes in Vancouver could rise by as much as 10 per cent next year in order to pay for a wealth of recent motions approved by city council, according to a preliminary budget report. How do we stack up against other cities? is this normal? Eco...Show More

07:56 | Jul 15th

Topics covered this week: New investigation launched into suspended B.C. legislature sergeant-at-arms Gary Lenz Coming up this week gasoline companies will speak at public inquiry into BC gas prices on Wednesday Keith Baldrey is Global BC's ...Show More

06:12 | Jul 15th

We opened up the phone lines, and there are a surprising amount of people defending Trump.