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Christy Wright's Business Boutique


The Business Boutique is a growing community of women who are making money doing what they love. In each episode, business coach and Ramsey Personality Christy Wright takes a deep dive into topics like marketing, selling, social media and profits. Ep...Show More


59:38 | Feb 19th, 2019

I want you to make building one or getting into one a top priority this month. You should be a part of three different types of communities. And we'll talk about all three. I also talk to Natalie Fran...Show More

38:38 | Feb 18th

With all of the division in the world, it’s so important to be a woman who supports other women. Today, we’re going to talk about five behaviors you can choose to do to become the type of woman who ch...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

49:21 | Feb 4th

There is power in sharing your story, but I know a lot of people are scared to. That’s why today, we’re talking about three unbelievable benefits that come when you open up and tell your story to the ...Show More

48:17 | Jan 21st

It’s crucial to not only be authentic, but to be confident in that authenticity, even when life and other people try to push you around or tell you to be someone you're not. That’s why today I’m shari...Show More

35:37 | Jan 7th

Forget about New Year’s resolutions this year. They’re a waste of time. Instead, set smart New Year’s goals you’ll actually accomplish. Believe it or not, they’re not the same thing! I’ll tell you how...Show More
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