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Neil Patel & Eric Siu.

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04:49 | Apr 21st

In episode #994, we discuss the power of “no”. Tune in to hear why you shouldn’t automatically agree to client requests. We have committed to throwing a FREE Marketing School Live Event in Los Angeles, once Marketing School reaches 1M downloads in a ...Show More

05:31 | Oct 17th

In episode #1173, we talk about the trend that email newsletters and podcasting is currently moving towards. We are seeing more paid subscription services for content creators, whereby subscribers can pay a small fee to get a direct content feed. Tun...Show More
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04:36 | Oct 16th

In episode #1172, we discuss the best ways to do a blazing fast audit of a website! There are a ton of tools that make this process easy, cheap, and effective. Today we unpack which ones we use and why. So tune in get your website up to scratch!  TIM...Show More

05:59 | Oct 15th

In episode #1171, we talk about how to deal with the new marketing updates that happen all the time! Across search engines and social platforms, algorithms are constantly evolving and this can heavily influence your traffic and engagement. Tune in he...Show More

05:11 | Oct 14th

In episode #1170, we unpack how to get people to respond to your emails! From using questions and personal touches to the length and tone of your emails, we cover it all. Tune in to learn how to get your response rate all the way up! TIME-STAMPED SHO...Show More
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