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Emil Amos' Drifter's Sympathy

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Emil Amos tells disturbing and often humiliating stories about growing up in a small town in the 90’s with co-host Jonah Bayer. Every other episode digs into the archaeology of lesser known music

55:20 | May 21st

We've reached the Final Hour of this season... for now... Emil went out to his mother's farm and recorded the finale of these 6 episodes in the middle of the night while drinking a significant amount of moonshine. He enters a strange and dazed state ...Show More

1:05:14 | May 5th

Emil and Alex recently got off a massive Grails tour that took them to places as disparate as Poland, Turkey, Estonia and Lithuania, ending up in Copenhagen where they recorded this cast at Alex's apartment.  It begins with the two reflecting on how ...Show More
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1:00:59 | Apr 22nd

This episode dives completely into the field of extreme, paralyzing alienation and the hovering spectre of the failure of your childhood dreams. It also features a tribute to the healing power of the music of Daniel Johnston... a singer that has the ...Show More

1:09:56 | Apr 1st

 This episode brings the Drifter's documentary-style series on the history of Home Recording to a close for now...🍏  The sheer amount of info in this one could've easily gone into a 300 page book, given that the 'lo-fi'-era has barely been acknowled...Show More

58:29 | Mar 18th

 Emil has a nervous breakdown in New York, packs everything into his car and starts driving south. He takes a sabbatical in his childhood home in North Carolina thinking it will offer some perspective, but it only brings on a full mid-life crisis whi...Show More
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