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Living Open | Modern Magick and Spirituality for Mystics and Seekers

Eryn Johnson

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Living Open is a podcast for mystics and seekers hosted by Philly-based witch, tarot reader, Reiki Master, and breathwork facilitator Eryn Johnson. Explore witchcraft, Reiki, emotional healing, spirituality, ritual, magick, tarot, meditation, dismant...Show More

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1:01:50 | Dec 16th, 2019

Mimi Young is a shamanic practitioner and founder of Ceremonie. In this episode, Mimi and Eryn talk about Mimi’s journey, her practice with core shamanism, working with your ancestral plants, creating...Show More
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1:04:08 | Jun 15th

Chanelle is a flower essence devotee, an intuitive herbalist, monitrice, poet, & sound maker. In this episode, Eryn & Chanelle talk about: opening to receive, healing a colonizer mindset with plants &...Show More

1:01:42 | Jun 1st

Marissa Correia is an Earth & Body-Based Cycle Educator + Womb & Pelvic Wellness Guide. In this episode, Eryn and Marissa talk about: what is actually happening throughout a menstrual cycle in the bod...Show More

1:07:38 | May 25th

Eliza Swann is an interdisciplinary artist, intuitive, writer, educator, and community organizer. She is the founder of The Golden Dome School and the author of the book Anatomy of the Aura. In this e...Show More
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