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Jen Lumanlan


Jen Lumanlan always thought infancy would be the hardest part of parenting. Now she has a toddler and finds a whole new set of tools are needed, there are hundreds of books to read, and academic research to uncover that would otherwise never see the...Show More


57:03 | Jun 9th, 2019

This episode began out of a query that I see repeated endlessly in online parenting groups: "My child has a really strong preference for me.  They get on great with the other parent (usually the fathe...Show More

45:47 | Jun 7th

School districts are starting to make plans to reopen - some with sneeze guards between desks; some on reduced schedules to accommodate the amount of space needed for social distancing, while some are...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

1:02:50 | May 24th

If you heard the recent episode on Parental Burnout, you'll know that our identities can become really confusing when we become parents, especially for women. On one hand, society tells us that we hav...Show More

43:02 | May 11th

One of the things people email me wanting to know about most often is "what does the research say about how to set up a play room? What toys should I buy that will have the greatest benefit for my chi...Show More

1:00:27 | Apr 27th

Do you often feel anxious or irritated, especially when you're around your child? Do you often feel like you might snap, perhaps even threatening violence if they don't do what you say? Are you so dis...Show More
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