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Grey Jabesi

The Grey Ave Podcast is where curious minds, entrepreneurs, daredevils, hustlers and problem solvers converge. Each episode features a guest from a different walk of life and industry. Whether it's tech innovators or business leaders, we explore the ...Show More

26:48 | Feb 17th

Simon Dingle is the CEO of Inves Capital, before that he was part of the teams that started 22Seven, Curve and Luno after which he founded his own company, Inves Capital. He has also been a columnist ...Show More
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44:55 | Feb 5th

Reuben Yap is the Chief Operating Officer at Zcoin.He was a corporate lawyer for ten years specializing in institutional frameworks before joining Zcoin. He has played a pivotal role in Zcoin’s str...Show More

38:41 | Jan 17th

In this episode, I interviewed Carmelle Cadet , a passionate advocate of Blockchain and Digital Currency Technology for modernization, financial inclusion and economic development efforts. She is the ...Show More

25:18 | Jan 4th

As challenging as 2019 was for me, the last decade was exceptionally good for me. I can only recall a few unpleasant moments. In fact, if I had to draw a chart for it, it would look like a straight ve...Show More
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