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A podcast interviewing millennials who do cool things, have great ideas, and are making the world more interesting.
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Episode 38 -- Katie Sikora

51:25 | Jan 23rd, 2018

I had a conversation about six weeks ago with Katie Sikora, the founder of The Sexism project, an ongoing oral interview and photographic portrait series beginning with female subjects in the New Orleans music community and their experiences with sex...Show More
Special Episode!!! -- Matt Interview PART 2!

36:41 | Jan 15th, 2018

The reaction was so overwhelmingly positive to my first interview with Matt, so we did it again!  This one isn't too long, but it's dense. I learned so much about what it has been like to be inside this body as several parts of it are slowly coming ...Show More
Episode 37 -- Johnny Steindorff

59:39 | Jan 3rd, 2018

This week I talked to Johnny Steindorff, the managing partner of one of the first cryptocurrency hedge funds in the world. I treated this interview like an hour of "Blockchain/Cryptocurrency for Dummies," and I ended up learning a ton. Johnny think...Show More
Episode 36 -- Aura Vasquez

50:16 | Dec 18th, 2017

This week I interviewed Aura Vasquez, the youngest commissioner at Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, about fighting climate change, divesting from coal, and then I try to convince her to run for office. Hopefully it works!
Special Episode!!! -- MATT RETURNS Part 1

41:32 | Dec 12th, 2017

Over this past weekend, I interviewed my co-host Matt Little about what has happened in his life since he had a massive stroke on April 7th of this year. The emotion is real. We both cried. I love this man, and couldn't be more honored to be able t...Show More
Episode 35 -- Radha Agrawal

48:30 | Dec 6th, 2017

This week I spoke with Radha Agrawal about creating Daybreaker and building a business around sober raves, why she started Thinx underwear, and how she thinks building community is the key to moving our society forward.
Episode 34 -- Tarun Chitra and Ruthie Nachmany

51:37 | Nov 29th, 2017

This week I talked to Tarun Chitra and Ruthie Nachmany about how they started NYC Salon, why glass is like contra dancing, and what their biggest fuck-ups have been. Tarun and Ruthie are the type of people who I think are way, way smarter than they...Show More
Episode 33 -- Seth Winterroth

1:03:37 | Nov 19th, 2017

Seth Winterroth is a smart dude. He's a partner at Eclipse, a robotics VC fund with $435 million AUM, he's a clean energy whiz, and he taught me about quantum computing. Still not sure I fully understand, but "Quantum Supremacy" would totally be the ...Show More
Episode 32 -- Robbie Gramer

1:00:17 | Nov 7th, 2017

This week I did a rapid fire interview with Foreign Policy reporter Robbie Gramer. We talked Russia's influence in Eastern Europe, Catalonian independence, what's happening with the Kurds, and much more.
Episode 31 -- Nina Faulhaber + Meg He

58:56 | Nov 1st, 2017

This week I talked to Nina Faulhaber and Meg He, the founders of ADAY, about what it's like to start a fashion brand, taking the leap from secure employment to entrepreneurship, and what their biggest fuck-ups have been.
Episode 30 -- Fresh Big Mouf (Aaron Hatch) + THE RETURN OF MATT!

57:48 | Sep 22nd, 2017

First off, we get to hear from Matt! So this episode gets off to an amazing start. Then I talk to Aaron Hatch (aka Fresh Big Mouf) about how he stumbled upon the wacky niche of Beat Scout videos that have opened all kinds of doors for him, and then w...Show More
Episode 29 -- Audrey Buchanan

52:35 | Sep 13th, 2017

In this episode, I talked to Audrey Buchanan about her work as a creative and filmmaker who cares deeply about social justice, her time with Summit Series, where she gets inspiration, and how important home is.
Episode 28 -- Joshua Krafchin

1:07:55 | Apr 4th, 2017

This week we talked to Swing Left co-founder Joshua Krafchin about immediately taking action after watching the election results, what Swing Left hopes to achieve in the lead-up to the 2018 midterms, and how personal experience gave him insight into ...Show More
Episode 27 -- Marcello Ambriz

1:02:35 | Mar 28th, 2017

We talked to music photographer Marcello Ambriz about covering the angles no one else sees, life on the road, and working with acts like New Kids on the Block, 311, Fifth Harmony, and more.
Episode 20 -- Cynthia Johnson

1:00:14 | Feb 3rd, 2017

In this episode we talked to Cynthia Johnson, an entrepreneur, speaker, and marketing wizard, about the degree to which the information presented to us online is dependent on our digital behavior. Cynthia pulls back the veil on a lot of the strategie...Show More
#97 - Brandon Kleinman - On founding multiple companies and the value of not knowing...

58:29 | May 6th

I had the pleasure of sitting down at the home of Brandon Kleinman, founder of Laurel & Wolf and Vesta Home, about how he got his entrepreneurial start, how his 20s and 30s have differed, and why every little bit of experience along the way ends up m...Show More
#96 - Shaina Conners - COO of Global Sisterhood on building global communities

47:51 | Apr 25th

I interviewed Shaina Conners, COO of Global Sisterhood, about scaling a community, trusting her instincts, and moving cities. This is one of my favorite conversations in a long time. In talking to Shaina, it just really feels like she *gets it*. I'...Show More
#95 - Blonde Mambas (Amelia Baker & Mackenzie Munro) - On the next generation of content

56:34 | Apr 12th

I set down with Amelia Baker and Mackenzie Munro, founders of Blonde Mamba. Frustrated with the quality and focus of content that was being made for teen and twenty-something audiences, Blonde Mamba was formed by a group of Gen Z creatives and digita...Show More
#94 - Veronika Dash - Trusting her instincts, career twists, and the necessity of good timing

45:22 | Apr 2nd

This week I spoked to actor and influencer Veronika Dash about moving beyond the typecast, learning through mistakes, and the importance of timing. Veronika graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from the ‘School Of Dramatic Arts’ at the prestigious Universit...Show More
#93 - Michael Morgenstern - The Internet as a Stage, Pranking Sundance, and the Post-Truth World

1:01:43 | Mar 4th

I sat down with filmmaker and thinker Michael Morgenstern to talk about his fascination with truth, the Internet, and how reality is becoming more and more warped each day. I found our discussion to be both terrifying and fascinating, but hearing how...Show More
Episode 92 - Jenna Hage-Hassan

53:16 | Feb 14th

This week I spoke to Jenna Hage-Hassan of 4Thought Studios, an app development company based out of Detroit. Her and her team are working to change the narrative about digital technology and how it can benefit our lives, and are launching their firs...Show More
Episode 91 - Matt Returns! Again!

54:23 | Feb 8th

I had the wonderful pleasure of spending 36 hours with Matt last week, and brought along the microphones in case our conversation veered into documentable territory. We talk about his recovery and the ebbs and flows of feeling hopeful and hopeless,...Show More
Episode 90 - Ahmed Baba (Rantt Media)

54:23 | Jan 26th

Ahmed Baba never fails to put the news in context of the larger picture, and today was no exception. We unpack the Roger Stone indictment, the latest in the government shutdown saga, and then go through a rapid fire overview of the #TrumpRussia col...Show More
Episode 89 - Cody Wheat

55:06 | Jan 18th

One thing I love about interviewing people across such a wide spectrum is humans is that I get to learn about worlds that I would otherwise never explore. Today is no different. Cody Wheat is a Brand Ambassador for Sazerac, so basically his job is ...Show More
Episode 88 - Missy Modell

39:40 | Jan 9th

Missy Modell is a creative in the most 2019 way possible. She writes songs for Netflix movies, advises brands who want to make an impact, and hosts her own digital TV show discussing taboo topics with other badass women. We sat down on her couch fo...Show More
Episode 87 - Ben Brown (AYA)

33:32 | Nov 30th, 2018

Ben Brown reached out to me over a year ago after hearing about the podcast and noticing the chance for collaboration. We chatted, and our shared vision for a future where young people had more of a role in policymaking was inspiring. A few months a...Show More
Episode 86 - Ben Lee (Rootstrap Radio)

55:39 | Nov 21st, 2018

This is a little bit of a different episode. Ben Lee interviewed me for his podcast, Rootstrap Radio, and I had so much fun with it that we decided to run it on the MDS feed as well. We dug down deep into the world of podcasting, our crazy politica...Show More
Episode 85 - Max Carver

55:12 | Nov 6th, 2018

I interviewed Max Carver a few weeks ago and had my first ever technical difficulty. The interview got erased, and I called him apologetically asking for more of his time. So you’re hearing round two, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We talk politics, s...Show More
Episode 84 - Radha Agrawal

43:10 | Oct 31st, 2018

I had the pleasure of interviewing Radha Agrawal last year over the interwebs about the incredible community she's built with Daybreaker. Fast forward to now, she's now written Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Lif...Show More
Episode 83 - Britt Basel (Ecothropic)

1:02:38 | Oct 25th, 2018

I spoke to Britt Basel about her work helping sustain and preserve indigenous communities around the world, the work she's done in Mexico bringing clean water to remote communities, and the time she's spent with National Geographic leading photograph...Show More
Episode 82 - Chris Wichert & Johannes Quodt (Koio)

20:23 | Oct 16th, 2018

I visited the Koio founders Chris and Johannes at their new Abbot Kinney store and learned about how why they started a shoe company and what's made it successful. We had to be out in the wild for this one, and even got kicked off a lawn at one point...Show More
Episode 81 - Fabrice Gautier

44:41 | Oct 9th, 2018

This week I talked to performance coach Fabrice Gautier about working with NBA players, how generations of high-performing athletes differ, and why mental health is just as important as physical health.
Episode 80 - Taylor Sharp (Hoops Africa)

44:11 | Oct 1st, 2018

This week I spoke to Taylor Sharp, who directed an amazing new documentary called Hoops Africa, a collection of stories celebrating the growth of basketball on the African continent. We talked about our shared love of the continent, how he came to be...Show More
Episode 79 - Leah V

46:12 | Sep 19th, 2018

Leah V. is a plus-size hijabi model, body-positive activist, and freelance writer. While attending her master’s program, she started to blog because she had gone through several eating disorders and was tired of sucking her stomach in while in public...Show More
Episode 78 - Ahmed Baba (Rantt Media)

50:06 | Sep 15th, 2018

In light of another crazy week in Trump’s America, and today’s news that Paul Manafort is cooperating with Special Counsel Mueller’s probe, I had to get my buddy Ahmed Baba from Rantt back on the pod to help unpack these developments and put them in ...Show More
Episode 77 - Arshiya Kherani (Sukoon)

50:59 | Sep 12th, 2018

This week I spoke to Founder and CEO of Sukoon, Arshiya Kherani, about why she decided to create a line of modest activewear, what wearing the hijab means to her as a practicing Muslim, and the breadth of her experiences as a female entrepreneur in N...Show More
Episode 76 - Christopher Rivas

49:44 | Aug 30th, 2018

This week I talked with Christopher Rivas about his obsession with storytelling, our shared distaste for social media in the context of it being more necessary than ever to curate a "personal brand," and why he stayed in Windsor Castle this summer.  ...Show More
Episode 75 - Alex Calle

41:18 | Aug 22nd, 2018

This week I spoke to CEO of Entertainment Design Corporation, Alex Calle about how the theme park industry is innovating, how his single mom used community theater in place of finding a babysitter, and the time his company built two dancing cranes.  ...Show More
Episode 74 - Tommy Herd (T1 Advertising)

45:52 | Aug 8th, 2018

I spoke to T1 Advertising CEO Tommy Herd about the necessity of failure, the joy that comes from your internal vision for life matching your external manifestations, and how he builds a trajectory architecture for his brand clients.
Episode 73 - Eamon Armstrong

1:36:32 | Aug 1st, 2018

This week I spoke to Eamon Armstrong about festival culture, our current crisis of masculinity, and went into great detail about his recent 10-day hallucinogenic ritual experience in Gabon. This one is nuts...
Episode 72 - Evora Baden

43:28 | Jul 25th, 2018

This week I spoke to Evora (Sergio) Baden about why we're all just looking for acceptance, how she discovered Evora, and her reasons for leaving San Francisco.  We've camped together at Burning Man for years but I had never had the chance to hear Ev...Show More
Episode 71 - Thomas Doochin (Daymaker)

47:37 | Jul 18th, 2018

I spoked to Thomas Doochin this week about why giving is so important, where our society is following short, and how our generation might change our collective trajectory.  Thomas is the founder of Daymaker, a digital giving platform that is the fir...Show More
Episode 70 - Ryan Jancula

58:23 | Jul 11th, 2018

I had the chance to sit down with one of my favorite people this week, Ryan Jancula. We talked about the economic difficulties our generation is facing, creative ways to become a homeowner, and how he was able to set goals for himself and then execut...Show More
Episode 69 - Christina Bushner

52:21 | Jun 27th, 2018

This week I spoke to Christina Bushner, a costumer in the Film and TV world out here in Los Angeles and an all-around badass. We spoke about the struggles she had to overcome as a teen spending time in juvenile hall and how she's built a life for her...Show More
Episode 68 - Seamus Kirst

46:35 | Jun 19th, 2018

I spoke with author Seamus Kirst about battling addiction, the joy and struggle of being #selfemployed, and his podcast, Mental Health Hangouts.  Seamus Kirst is the author of the memoir, “Shitfaced: Musings of a Former Drunk.” He is also a podcast ...Show More
Episode 67 - Satya Bhabha

45:03 | Jun 13th, 2018

Matt joined me this week to talk to Satya Bhabha about creating massive immersive theater experiences, the influence of his Indian heritage on his life, and how acting has impacted his trajectory.  Satya's newest project is The Headlands Gamble, an ...Show More
Episode 66 - Khalila Archer (iBme)

42:57 | Jun 6th, 2018

I spoke to Khalila Archer, Program Director for iBme, about the value of community in a young person's life, how mindfulness isn't a "quick-fix" like it's sometimes described, and the importance of getting quiet in a world that seems louder every day...Show More
Episode 65 - Erica Mandy (The NewsWorthy)

51:59 | Jun 1st, 2018

This week I talked to Erica Mandy, an award-winning TV news reporter and host of the daily news podcast, theNewsWorthy, about making the transition from TV journalism to entrepreneurship. We talk about the difficulties she's faced in being her own bo...Show More
Episode 64 - Curtis Roberts (The Founder's Attorney)

37:28 | May 29th, 2018

This week I spoke to Curtis Roberts, a young lawyer who spends his time helping small startups navigate the confusing legal world we live in. We talked startups, catching the travel bug, and the joy and struggle in being self-employed.  Follow us on...Show More
Episode 63 - Matt Rizzetta (North 6th Agency)

44:01 | May 23rd, 2018

I spoke to Matt Rizzetta, CEO of North 6th Agency, about building a company from his basement to 50 employees and offices in three cities, the challenges of balancing entrepreneurship and family life, and the trends he sees in public relations in the...Show More
Episode 62 - Jeremy Radin (Poet)

1:19:25 | May 18th, 2018

This week, Matt rejoined me on the mic to interview the truly breathtaking poet, Jeremy Radin. We talked acting, poetry, life, and death, and Jeremy read some of his favorite poems for us. This was a beautiful afternoon, and I'm glad to share it.
Episode 61 - Kaniela Ing (Congressional Candidate in Hawaii)

38:47 | May 16th, 2018

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Kaniela Ing, who's honest and transparent campaign has helped his speeches go viral, gaining him national recognition. We talked about his reasons for running for congress, the sacrifices he's had to make, a...Show More
Episode 60 - Susan Shain

33:38 | May 8th, 2018

This week I spoke to Susan Shain, an expert on the mysterious and fantastical world of seasonal jobs. She told me all about this population of nomads that travel with the seasons and work in exotic destinations all over the world, and how she has bui...Show More
Episode 59 - Jordan Gross (Getting COMFY)

40:50 | May 2nd, 2018

This week I spoke to Jordan Gross, the author of Getting COMFY about the life-changing benefits of developing a morning routine, foregoing his day job to pursue his passion, and what he learned from his greatest fuck-up.
Episode 58 - Vartika Ambwani

38:59 | Apr 25th, 2018

I spoke to Vartika Ambwani a few months back about the challenges that come with scaling startups, the value added by diversity of thought on executive teams, and what it’s like being a woman of color in Silicon Valley.  Vartika is Director of Marke...Show More
Episode 57 - Ben Lee (Rootstrap)

47:51 | Apr 20th, 2018

I had a wide-ranging conversation with Ben Lee, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the mobile app development company, Rootstrap.  We talked about his strategies in entrepreneurship (“I assume everybody is full of shit until proven otherwise")...Show More
Episode 56 - Elyssa Feder (Rising Organizers)

45:36 | Apr 17th, 2018

I spoke to Elyssa Feder, the founder of Rising Organizers, about how power dynamics are vital to understanding political organizing, her own come-to-Jesus moment after the 2016 election, and why she stopped being a Republican.  Rising Organizers pro...Show More
Episode 55 - Brian Swichkow (Ghost Influence)

49:28 | Apr 11th, 2018

In light of everyone suddenly realizing Facebook knows everything about us and maybe isn't so great, I brought Brian Swichkow back on the show to talk about the technical details of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, what "Big Data" actually means, and...Show More
Episode 54 - Courtney Boyd Myers (AKUA)

38:22 | Apr 3rd, 2018

I spoke to Courtney Boyd Myers a few weeks ago about working to create a vertically-integrated food company from scratch, the power of building community through Summit Series, and how she got the idea to make kelp jerky. No intro in this episode as...Show More
Episode 53 - Carri Twigg

1:08:19 | Mar 29th, 2018

This week I talked to Carri Twigg about the existential crisis she faced after achieving her childhood dream before she reached 30, the tug-of-war that's taking place between culture and demography in America, and what it was like to work in Obama's ...Show More
Episode 52 -- Seth Abramson

49:58 | Mar 20th, 2018

I started following Seth Abramson on Twitter more than a year ago, and saw his feed as a keyhole into Robert Mueller's investigation. I found his ability to sift the signal from the noise in the realm of Trump-Russia investigation to be unparalleled,...Show More
Episode 51 - Nathan Rubin (Millennial Politics)

39:59 | Mar 13th, 2018

I talked to Nathan Rubin, the founder of Millennial Politics, about young people being shocked out of apathy by Donald Trump, Twitter's bot problem, and the potential for new technologies to further erode our ability to discern fact from fiction.
Episode 50 - Spencer Bounds (Candidate for Texas HD-82)

54:37 | Mar 10th, 2018

I spoke to 24 year-old Spencer Bounds about why he decided to run for Texas House of Representatives against a 50-year incumbent, the dark money flowing through Texas politics, and why he left the Republican party.
Episode 49 -- Sarah McBride (Human Rights Campaign)

36:29 | Mar 7th, 2018

I talked to Sarah McBride, the author of newly released book "Tomorrow Will Be Different," about being an advocate for trans youth in the context of the Trump Administration, why we have such a hard time talking about death, and what makes us hopeful...Show More
Episode 48 -- Jesse Damiani (VR Scout)

59:20 | Mar 1st, 2018

This week I talked to Jesse Damiani about what's new in cryptocurrency, cutting-edge trends in VR and my fear of a dystopian future (I just watched Altered Carbon and was very freaked out), and his biggest fuck-up (hint: it has to do with auditioning...Show More
Episode 47 -- Alex Mohajer (Bros4America)

50:24 | Feb 28th, 2018

This episode I talked to Alex Mohajer about founding Bros4Hilary, his televised argument with Tucker Carlson, the 2016 election's tragic end, and the do-or-die stakes of the 2018 midterm elections.  Alex is a political writer and commentator whose c...Show More
Episode 46 -- J. Caleb Perkins (Remedy Network)

43:35 | Feb 23rd, 2018

This episode I talked to J. Caleb Perkins, founder of Remedy Network, about moving to New York City after reading a New Yorker article, becoming a mental health advocate for millennials, and how faith has impacted his life.
Episode 45 -- Aaron Levy (Raise the Bar)

36:56 | Feb 20th, 2018

This week I interviewed Aaron Levy, founder of Raise the Bar, about how companies are struggling to retain millennials, navigating corporate quicksand, and the qualities that make someone a great leader. I love his clarity of thought and ability to a...Show More
Episode 44 -- Danni Washington + FIRST INTERVIEW WITH MATT BACK ON THE MIC!

46:53 | Feb 16th, 2018

This episode me (AND MATT!!!) talked to Danni Washington about her her science education TV show, what the heck biomimicry is and how people are creating all kinds of cool technologies based on it, and the importance of mentorship to her career as a ...Show More
Episode 43 -- Brian Lischer (Ignyte Brands)

59:54 | Feb 14th, 2018

I interviewed Brian Lischer, the CEO of Ignyte Branding Agency, about the neuroscience of marketing and the degree to which basic colors and shapes inform many of the fundamental decisions we make. He also educated me on crazy topics like The Sequenc...Show More
Episode 42 -- Brendan Stermer (IPRP Podcast)

52:34 | Feb 9th, 2018

In this episode I talk to Brendan Stermer about digital ghosts, life in a small town, and his fantastic podcast, Interesting People Reading Poetry.  Brendan is one of the most insightful and composed humans I've had the pleasure of conversating with...Show More
Episode 41 -- Ahmed Baba (Rantt Media)

57:07 | Feb 6th, 2018

This week I spoke with Ahmed Baba, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Rantt Media. Rantt is doing fantastic work delivering truth-based political news in a time where truth is more important than ever. We talked about what it's like running a media st...Show More
Episode 40 -- Robbie X Pierce

1:03:42 | Feb 2nd, 2018

This week I spoke with Advocate writer Robbie X Pierce about growing up gay in a Mormon family, what it means to be a “struggler,” and the difficulty of losing community, even if that community won’t accept you.
Episode 39 -- Jessica Jin (#cocksnotglocks)

1:14:40 | Jan 31st, 2018

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Jin, the founder an organization called Cocks Not Glocks, which she started by accident after creating a fake Facebook event at UT Austin to protest the impending concealed carry on campuses law in...Show More
Episode 26 -- Mackenzie Todd

1:05:31 | Mar 21st, 2017

This week we talked to Urban Golf Performance founder Mackenzie Todd about his 5-year journey from living on food stamps to leading a multi-million dollar company, how failing as a professional golfer was a blessing in disguise, and spending his teen...Show More
Episode 25 -- Margot Boyer-Dry

58:22 | Mar 14th, 2017

We talked to the founder of, Margot Boyer-Dry, about working on the Google Glass team, how finding great mentors has been instrumental to her success, and how the "freelance life" that so many of us Millennials lead can be exceedingly ...Show More
Episode 24 -- NONA

1:16:39 | Mar 7th, 2017

This week we talked to NONA(aka Michael Goldman) about his new cover of Beyoncé's "Hold Up," why he decided to go solo after touring for years with bands like The Moth & the Flame and Goldroom, and what he would tell a 5 years ago version of himself....Show More
Episode 23 -- Brian Swichkow

1:21:31 | Feb 28th, 2017

We got to talk to marketing wizard Brian Swichkow about how Facebook changed their terms of use because of him, our mutual love of Rick and Morty, and how Shit That Glows is going to be the next big thing.
Episode 22 -- Marwa Balkar

1:09:09 | Feb 17th, 2017

We talked this week to Marwa Balkar about what it means to be Muslim in Trump's America, what gives her hope for the future, and about how a Facebook post made her famous.
Episode 21 -- Jacob Patterson

1:15:34 | Feb 10th, 2017

This week we had the opportunity to talk to Think Tank Gallery founder and A.R.T. Podcast host Jacob Patterson this week about building DIY art spaces, the world of sneakerheads, and how he accidentally made two videos go viral in the early days of Y...Show More
Episode 19 -- @DavidYarus

1:00:03 | Jan 27th, 2017

This week we talked to @DavidYarus about founding mllnl, a Millennial-run branding and strategic agency, and JSwipe, the world's #1 Jewish dating app. We got to go deep with him on the future of relationships in an app-centric world, and learned a lo...Show More
Episode 18 -- Lauren Bille

1:06:38 | Jan 20th, 2017

In this episode, we talked to The Big Quiet co-leader Lauren Bille about overcoming an incredibly difficult childhood, fighting addiction, and trusting her gut enough to stumble serendipitously into helping build New York City’s largest meditation co...Show More
Episode 17 -- Jai Al-Attas

1:23:20 | Jan 13th, 2017

In this episode we talked to Loqules founder Jai Al-Attas about founding a record label in Australia as a 16 year-old and then selling it EMI five years later, getting Tony Hawk to narrate his punk rock documentary, and how his greatest successes in ...Show More
Episode 16 -- Tessa Neustadt

54:00 | Jan 6th, 2017

Over the summer, we talked to Tessa Neustadt about what it means to be an "influencer," how writing a single email to her interior design idol changed her whole trajectory, and the unique experience of art school parties. You can check all her work o...Show More
Episode 15 -- Robbie Gramer

54:17 | Dec 29th, 2016

In this episode we talk to Foreign Policy writer Robbie Gramer about the looming possibility of genocide in South Sudan, Russia's reemergence as our #1 geopolitical foe, and why a global ban on HFC's (google that) might be the most important thing th...Show More
Episode 14 -- Seth Rubinroit

1:12:17 | Dec 15th, 2016

In this episode we talk to NBC Sports producer Seth Rubinroit about how he convinced the NBA to give him press credentials as a 12 year-old, how hard it is to navigate the corporatization of the media, and why sports broadcasting might be in a death ...Show More
Episode 13 -- Max Stossel

52:11 | Dec 9th, 2016

In this episode we talk to award-winning poet and storyteller Max Stossel about Time Well Spent, the growing digital addiction problem, and how a trip to Panama changed his life.
Episode 12 -- Ione Butler

1:02:06 | Dec 2nd, 2016

This week we spoke to Ione Butler, who is a multi talented actress, host, voice over artist and content creator/producer. Ione is from the UK, and in the episode we explore what it's like to move across the pond, tips for dealing with depression, and...Show More
Episode 11 -- Eleanor Lambert

39:46 | Nov 25th, 2016

This is a different kind of episode -- Eleanor traveled to the climate conference COP 22 in Marrakech and conducted interviews for several days. We've spliced together some of her interviews and also downloaded with her about her time there. Let us k...Show More
Episode 10 -- Johanna Maska

1:09:40 | Nov 18th, 2016

This week we talked to Johanna Maska about her time as Director of Press Advance for President Obama, her take on the election, and how to get out of our collective bubble.
Episode 9 -- Alex Ivey

1:04:33 | Nov 10th, 2016

In this episode we talk to political analyst and researcher Alex Ivey about the election aftermath, what this election means in the context of Brexit and upcoming European elections, and what we as Millennials can do to take action to make our voices...Show More
Episode 8 -- Sarah McBride

1:04:52 | Nov 3rd, 2016

This week we talked to Sarah McBride about what it meant to be the first openly transgender person to address a major party convention in American history, how she juggled embracing her true identity with her political aspirations, and the real stake...Show More
Episode 7 -- Krishna Kumar

1:08:10 | Oct 28th, 2016

In this episode, we talk to digital media producer Krishna Kumar about intimacy in digital media, starting a Youtube channel when he was 11, and what he would do with a day left on earth.
Episode 6 -- Ben Tauber

1:23:05 | Oct 20th, 2016

In this episode we talk to Ben Tauber about his work in the business of maximizing human potential, what it's like when your company gets acquired by Google, and how the digital technology we all rely on is made to be as addictive as possible.
Episode 5 -- Clara Aranovich

1:23:25 | Oct 14th, 2016

In this episode we discuss with Clara her filmmaking 'roots', what it's like to pursue a film career as a child of immigrants, her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry, and how her self-proclaimed "not cool" status as a kid has shaped h...Show More
Episode 4 -- Gavan Wilhite

1:31:20 | Oct 6th, 2016

In this episode we talk to Gavan, one of the Forbes’ 30 under 30. Gavan is the co-Founder of a virtual reality company called AltSpace VR. Here we talk about the state of VR, a life in the tech space, and the value of effective altruism. Learn more ...Show More
Episode 3 -- Chris Kluwe

1:20:27 | Sep 29th, 2016

In this episode we talk to Chris about his career with the Minnesota Vikings, his outspoken stance on LGBTQ rights and the mindset behind speaking truth to power, and his new careers as an author and game designer.
Episode 2 -- Michelle Easter (NASA)

1:26:02 | Sep 22nd, 2016

In this episode, we talk to Michelle about growing up on a farm, spending most of her 20s traveling the world as a high-fashion model, and about how building a solar-powered doghouse for her puppy prompted her to go back to school to get a STEM degre...Show More
Episode 1 -- Prince Ea

1:13:25 | Sep 13th, 2016

In this episode we interview Prince Ea, a spoken word artist, thought leader, and all-around awesome dude. We discuss his beginnings starting in St. Louis, his musical influences, the creative process, and much more.