The United States of Anxiety

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The United States of Anxiety: Culture Wars introduces you to people who have been battling to shape America’s political culture for decades. We profile culture warriors past and present who have influenced debates over race, religion, science, sexua...Show More

37:19 | Jun 6th, 2017

At the height of the election season last September, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.”  The comments spread like wildfire, and the next day, Clinton walked th...Show More

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Possibly the best summary of the current cultural and political landscape I have heard. This podcast has its finger on the pulse of what's g...Show More

33:59 | May 9th, 2017

The city of Olathe, Kansas, has been shaken since February when a man gunned down two Indian immigrants in a bar there. Witnesses say the shooter yelled,  “Go back to your country!” It was the first h...Show More
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21:58 | Feb 13th

As primary season kicks off, Democratic voters around the country face a deeper choice than electability: Is the best response to Donald Trump a return to comity and unity in our politics, or must the...Show More

51:48 | Feb 6th

Last year, the California Attorney General held a tense press conference at a tiny elementary school in the one working class, black neighborhood of the mostly wealthy and white Marin County. His offi...Show More

43:04 | Jan 30th

Elbert Lester has lived his full 94 years in Quitman County, Mississippi, on land he and his family own. That’s exceptional for black people in this area, and some family members even say the land cam...Show More
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