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21:37 | Jan 16th

It's official. For just the third time in American history, the President of the United States faces an impeachment trial in the Senate. The pomp and circumstance of the carefully choreographed day un...Show More

18:49 | Jan 15th

It's been a whirlwind 24 hours. Yesterday, explosive new evidence from Lev Parnas - the Ukrainian-American businessman with ties to Rudy Giuliani - suggested that the then-ambassador to Ukraine was un...Show More
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15:06 | Jan 14th

Speaker Pelosi is finally ready to transmit the articles of impeachment. The House will vote on impeachment managers tomorrow, setting up a Senate trial next week. Will it overshadow the 2020 election...Show More

18:13 | Jan 13th

The impeachment drama is about to enter a new phase: the Senate trial. But the fight over what rules will govern the proceedings continues. The White House now wants to preserve the option of moving t...Show More

19:45 | Jan 10th

After a contentious standoff, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally signaled that she will transmit the articles of impeachment, which will likely trigger the Senate trial next week. What did the ...Show More
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