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Paul Sating

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Stories about legend, lore, the paranormal and all things dark and mysterious which have haunted us throughout our history. Season 1 featured Jared Strong's search for a monster that has haunted him since his childhood. In season 2 Janis Herring ...Show More

01:33 | Sep 17th

This podcast is moving to a new fiction podcast feed, including season 3! The new show is called Audio Fiction and will, over time, include all of Paul Sating's fiction podcasts, audio dramas, and novels.

38:38 | Aug 3rd

Paul Sating, creator of this show, has a new multi-genre flash fiction storytelling podcast called The Stories We Tell! This special episode on this feed features the full first episode of The Stories We Tell.
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04:54 | May 14th

The trailer for a new epic medieval fantasy from the creator of this show! It is said that steel helps a man win his crown, but it is his skill at treachery that helps him keep it. In Allidor, men scheme, fight and die to claim the right to wear t...Show More

34:04 | Mar 6th

Episodes 7-11 of YOU, a Patreon-exclusive choose-your-own-adventure audio drama!

35:41 | Mar 6th

Episodes 1-6 of YOU, a Patreon-exclusive choose-your-own-adventure audio drama!
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