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True Crime Fan Club Podcast

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A podcast for the ultimate true crime enthusiast. A glimpse into the life and crimes of some of the most demented minds. You will not want to miss an episode.

1:00:20 | Aug 22nd, 2017

Mary Turner Thomson tells Lanie the unbelievable true story of her life with bigamist William Allen Jordan. Her strength and survival shine through in her first podcast interview. Check out Mary’s best selling book The Bigamist on Amazon.   You can f...Show More

34:29 | Sep 9th

An awkward love triangle with an odd man out. A husband kills his estranged wife and the estranged wife of another man, just to cause pain and suffering. He spies, stalks, and uses technology to track the affair… Thank you for listening – if you enjo...Show More
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33:12 | Aug 27th

Tyrone Hassel III was gunned down on New Years Eve on his fathers front lawn. Who was responsible for the ambush on the unsuspecting veteran? Find out who plotted his untimely death & how Snapchat came into the picture.  If you’re in the San Antonio,...Show More

19:51 | Aug 21st

If you enjoyed this exclusive preview of Parcast’s new Today in True Crime podcast, search and subscribe for free on Spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts. Listen on SPOTIFY PARCAST.COM/TodayinTrueCrime 60 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet Follow ...Show More

35:14 | Aug 13th

Trapped by her father in a cellar, she made an escape if authorities could promise one thing... That she would NEVER have to see him again. THIS is the story of Elisabeth Fritzl #TrueCrimeTuesday
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