Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo

S2 Episode 10: Cleo’s letters

55:31 | Apr 2nd, 2018

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Even though it was supposed to have been destroyed in 1983, the police file documenting the investigation into Cleo’s death still exists and it contains more detail than Christine ever imagined learni...Show More


sknextst recommended:Apr 9th, 2018

Beautiful end to the season. One of the best podcasts ever made in my opinion.

gasstationb recommended:Apr 3rd, 2018

An incredible season and a great podcast. The story of Cleo was heartbreaking, as is the larger story of the Sixties Scoop and the horrific treatment of children like Cleo & her siblings by the Canadian government. These stories need to be told.

dannyFeb 23rd, 2019

Well said! Been though to listen to becauee how sad the story is but really well done.

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