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The Other F Word: Conversations About Failure

Hosts: Morgan Simpson: Filmmaker/Actor, Sara Singer Schiff: Journalist/Radio Producer, Melissa Brohner-Schneider: Marriage and Family Therapist - Producer: Bipasha Shom


The Other F Word is taking the shame out of Failure. Join us as we explore what makes us human. Messy, funny, tragic, inspiring stories about failure.

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02:43 | Oct 30th, 2019

Morgan's book "WHAT'S RUNNING YOU? How to Become the Entrepreneur of Your Life" is out. For a limited time THE OTHER F WORD listens get a free audiobook when they buy the book. Just send your confirma...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. ūüėé

19:14 | Aug 9th, 2019

The Other F Word Team gathers to talk about where they are in their individual lives, as well as their podcast life, and what it’s like to sit in uncertainty when it comes to the future. www.theotherf...Show More

45:11 | Jul 3rd, 2019

Legendary comic strip writer Cathy Guisewite of the world renowned comic strip "Cathy" and author of "Fifty Things That Aren't My Fault: Essays from the Grown-Up Years", explains how her own life fail...Show More

56:04 | Jun 19th, 2019

Rebecca Kitt shares her story about her problematic marriage and the challenges she faced throughout her divorce. Failure became a constant theme that led her to feel overwhelmed and defeated, and yet...Show More
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