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The Story Behind | The Extraordinary History of the Ordinary

Emily Prokop - Trivia Nerd

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The extraordinary history of the ordinary. Do you like trivia and fun facts? Have you lost hours to Google rabbit holes? Do you ever wonder about the history of everyday things in your world? The Story Behind is the show for you! Warning: Your ...Show More


08:57 | Sep 26th, 2019

Hey there from Hiatus-land! Enjoy this bonus episode drop. Normally, I don't use pid advertising in The Story Behind, but when I talked to the folks over at Stitcher about this new project, I was so e...Show More

08:18 | Aug 10th, 2019

Every time I use the subject of today’s episode, my husband is quick to point out how I shouldn’t. He loves to tell me about all the injuries this common household item causes, and as much as a lot of...Show More
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11:41 | May 23rd, 2019

From starting out as eye protection against snow blindness to helping pilots navigate the skies without being blinded by the sun, the subject of today’s episode not only protects your eyes but has als...Show More

06:50 | Apr 18th, 2019

Whether you hate it or not, you have to admit it catches your eye. And there's a scientific reason for that! This week's episode is all about that annoying-to-clean-up craft supply. Listen for free t...Show More

09:49 | Apr 9th, 2019

One of the most fascinating things about today’s episode is not just the creation of this everyday object, but the marketing tactic of presenting a problem that many people weren’t concerned with unti...Show More
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