The Terrible Business of Salmon & Dusk

Myke Bartlett

In this podiobook: Part film noir detective story, part fantasy adventure, part East End gangster tale, How to Disappear Completely concerns Theo Braithwaite, a failed actress and worse waitress, becoming involved in an unseen world populated by hist...Show More

18:25 | Apr 19th, 2007

-In this episode: In which Theo arrives late to her last morning of employment at the Camden Cafe, with little idea that life is about to take a sharp detour. London is about to surprise her - at last...Show More

33:34 | Apr 18th, 2007

-In this episode: In which Theo makes a friend, an enemy and an ex-boyfriend. Over several glasses of wine, secrets are revealed. 'There are ghosts here, y'know? In the brickwork, down the drain. But ...Show More
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33:32 | Apr 17th, 2007

-In this episode: In which taking the last train home leads Theo into a darker world than even that she knew to exist underground. With phantoms crawling from the walls, help arrives in the form of a ...Show More

12:18 | Apr 16th, 2007

-In this episode: In which we uncover the terrible business of Salmon and Dusk. A beautiful woman makes Kilbey an offer he politely declines, but he takes on her case regardless. While Nero fumes abou...Show More

29:09 | Apr 15th, 2007

-In this episode: In which Theo is taken to a underground bar in a Camden toilet and Kilbey meets a punter. Nero talks about time travel and cab routes, while the barman puts the decline of the nation...Show More
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