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Hanselminutes - Fresh Talk and Tech for Developers

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Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices.


31:56 | Jan 12th, 2018

Troy Hunt runs as a service to us all, but it's also a massive learning playground for him. He schools Scott on all things security and privacy. Is your password known? Let's ask Tr...Show More

34:37 | Jul 2nd

Scott Berkun is the bestselling author of eight books on design, creativity, public speaking and more. He sits down with Scott Hanselman to talk about his latest book, "How Design Makes The World." Ev...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

32:45 | Jun 25th

Dr. Denae Ford is a Research Scientist investigating identity-based signals to support retention in Socio-Technical Ecosystems. What does that mean? It's using science to make programming communities ...Show More

35:32 | Jun 18th

The Surface Pro X is thin, light, and is absolutely silent because it has no fans! It uses a power-sipping ARM processor rather than an Intel processor. Jeremy Sinclair schools Scott on why it's signi...Show More

31:08 | Jun 11th

"A red team is a group that helps organizations to improve themselves by providing opposition to the point of view of the organization that they are helping." What's that mean in layperson's terms? Th...Show More
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