The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On is a podcast where hosts Rory Dunn and Tim Kehler get together to write and pitch their own ideas for a sequel, prequel, or spin-off to an existing film. It is then up to the listening audience to choose which film they would rath...Show More

36:15 | Dec 21st, 2019

What's this? What's this? It's the last episode of the year! We wrap up 2019 by pitching sequels to the stop motion classic The Nightmare Before Christmas! Find out what holiday gets invaded this year...Show More

43:58 | Dec 6th, 2019

We're back for the holiday season and this week we're pitching ideas for Elf 2! Find out who brings in Evil Santa, who takes Buddy to Hollywood, and why Buddy is heading Down Under! All this, and more...Show More
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40:48 | Nov 24th, 2019

We're back, and this week we're taking on a whopper as we pitch sequels for Tropic Thunder! Find out what our stars have been up to over ten years, who's canceled, who's not, and how we get them back ...Show More

30:35 | Nov 8th, 2019

We're back, and this week we're going dark by pitching sequels to Don't Breathe! How will we get a blind man across the country? How much jizzum is he going to swallow along the way? All this, and mor...Show More

56:07 | Oct 24th, 2019

We're back! This week we celebrate our three year anniversary by pitching sequels for the action horror flick Daybreakers! Find out who has a super depressing ending, who is confused by vampire mythol...Show More
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