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Everything Else is a culture podcast from the Financial Times. We're into film not finance, music not markets, and style not stocks. Featuring star guests and presented by Griselda Murray Brown and Al Gilmour.

41:44 | Oct 24th

Award-winning chef Danny Bowien has never fully fit in. Adopted from Korea, Bowien was raised by a white, Christian family in Oklahoma, in "the buckle of the Bible Belt." In 2010, a young new chef in San Francisco, he started the first pop up restaur...Show More

53:44 | Oct 10th

At almost seven foot tall, Mark Bradford is one of the most towering figures in the art world, in every sense. Gris asks him how it felt — as a gay, black artist — to represent the US at the Venice Biennale in the era of Trump. Mark also discusses gr...Show More
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34:56 | Sep 24th

How does evolutionary biology shape our attitudes towards desire? Is it always possible to confront your own prejudice? Gris talks to Sara Pascoe about making jokes in the age of woke speak, the highs and lows of life as a comedian, and her new book ...Show More

46:10 | Sep 10th

As the New Yorker magazine's go-to millennial, Jia Tolentino writes cultural criticism about the internet and how it affects us. She recently published Trick Mirror, a wildly popular collection of essays that explores contemporary culture. On this ep...Show More

53:06 | Aug 27th

He opened the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a love poem. His series Have You Heard George's Podcast? won multiple awards for its commentary on black inner city culture in the UK and beyond. George the Poet tells Gris about why ...Show More
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