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34:16 | Feb 21st

Why are locusts being used as bomb sniffers? Are video games becoming less violent? And are there too many satellites orbiting Earth? Olly Mann, Holden Frith, Arion McNicoll and Jessica Hullinger reve...Show More

15:56 | Feb 18th

Will businesses of the future have to be carbon-negative, not just carbon-neutral? Olly Mann and The Week’s Hollie Clemence are joined by guest expert Alice Bell of the climate charity Possible to tal...Show More
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32:21 | Feb 14th

Can VR bring loved ones back from the dead? Could overcrowded refugee camps cause a pandemic? And can BP reinvent itself for the green era? Olly Mann, Jessica Hullinger, Theo Tait and John Stepek reve...Show More

28:26 | Feb 7th

How did Michael ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare become the world’s most famous mercenary? Why has Malawi’s presidential election been annulled? And are DNA “infidelity tests” legal? Arion McNicoll, Hollie Clemence, ...Show More

14:52 | Feb 4th

How high-tech, connected cities will change their inhabitants’ lives. Olly Mann and The Week’s Arion McNicoll are joined by guest expert Jonn Elledge to talk about agility in the age of disruption.
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