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The Dad Chronicle | Stories of Fatherhood

Alex Albisu


Stories from fathers sharing their inspiration for fatherhood and what being a father means to them. Also, funny stories about our kids. That’s always entertaining, right?


29:40 | Jul 12th, 2017

Fellow podcaster, Robert, joins Alex to talk about his experience with fatherhood.  He offers awesome advice on how to help your child deal with adversity.  Robert is also host of The Two Bobs Podcast...Show More

24:55 | May 18th

Alex and his wife, Deanna, share their exciting news: they're having another baby! The two revisit how they found out they were going to be pregnant after a miscarriage, how this pregnancy is differen...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

37:26 | May 4th

Alex invites his friend, Becca Culbreth, to the conversation. Becca is a kindergarten teacher with a lot of great positivity and affirmation to bring to the show. She shares how, even with some of the...Show More

42:51 | Apr 6th

Alex invites his friend, and former public school teacher, Allison Love to join this show. Allison brings a lot of great ideas on how to homeschool your young children during this challenging time wit...Show More

44:42 | Mar 30th

Alex invites a principal of a Montessori school, Melinda Cotter, to share more details about what Montessori schools are about. She talks about what inspired her to become a teacher, some misinterpret...Show More
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