The Dad Chronicle | Stories of Fatherhood

Alex Albisu

Stories from fathers sharing their inspiration for fatherhood and what being a father means to them. Also, funny stories about our kids. That’s always entertaining, right?


29:40 | Jul 12th, 2017

Fellow podcaster, Robert, joins Alex to talk about his experience with fatherhood.  He offers awesome advice on how to help your child deal with adversity.  Robert is also host of The Two Bobs Podcast...Show More

13:26 | Feb 3rd

Alex shares some sad news that he and his wife had a miscarriage. He shares how he and his wife are dealing with the tragedy and what this experience is like from the perspective of a father.
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44:53 | Feb 1st

Alex invites Dr. John Luiza, an OBGYN, who shares his own story on becoming a father. He also talks about how to you can be a supportive partner, not only during the birthing process, but also before ...Show More

58:00 | Jan 6th

Alex speaks with Bobby Frankenberger, a contestant on season 2 of America's Next Top Podcaster, a podcaster, and stay at home dad. The two talk about how to approach educating your kids through critic...Show More

34:37 | Dec 30th, 2019

Alex invites Jamie Brand, also known as TMS Mashups, to join the conversation. They discuss the challenges that Jamie faced in building a bond with his son when he was born compared to his daughter an...Show More
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