Don't Keep Your Day Job: Make A Living Doing What You Love

Cathy Heller

No one is you and that is your superpower. Each one of us has something unique to share with the world. If you’re seeking more fulfillment and a sense of purpose, this is the show. If you want to be in alignment with your true self and find a way to ...Show More

39:39 | Feb 20th

How can you break your own ceiling and step into your zone of genius? Cathy shares an important coaching call about how to embrace the pain to end your suffering, what the imperfect first versions of ...Show More

45:04 | Feb 17th

How did a troubled, lost teen become a creative phenomenon featured on CNN, NPR and other national press? Timothy Goodman, designer, illustrator, muralist, and artist grew up with no clue of what dire...Show More
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55:56 | Feb 13th

How can you become financially free and invest in yourself? Jamila Souffrant, creator of the blog and podcast Journey to Launch has built a financially free life for herself and she's on a mission to ...Show More

55:41 | Feb 10th

What worlds open up when you show up and give it a chance? Kevin Nealon, comedian, actor, and creator of Hiking with Kevin wasn't sure if he could make a living doing standup. He didn't think he would...Show More

1:00:25 | Feb 6th

When your passions change, how can you still stay aligned with your purpose? Julie Solomon, marketing/PR/personal branding expert, entrepreneur podcaster, and business coach thought she would be a mom...Show More
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