The What If? Podcast

Spencer Wirth-Davis & Ryan Kopperud

We ask strange, hilarious, paranormal, tough, and mysterious questions — then laugh our way to the best answers we can muster. Join us for the ride.

1:08:58 | Jan 7th, 2017

With guests Eric Mayson and Chance York, we discuss animal intelligence through a variety of stories, from skydiving dolphins, to painting elephants, to talking birds, and militarized monkeys. Ryan ad...Show More

1:06:02 | Feb 19th

In February 2016, Forest Grove Oregon residents started hearing an odd whistling sound late at night. There were dozens of reports, an official investigation, and national news coverage, but the sourc...Show More
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1:03:24 | Feb 10th

In 1987, the Tallman family brought home a bunk bed to their Horicon, Wisconsin home. Soon after, they began hearing voices, seeing a three-foot tall witch, and generally being haunted af.  Buy you...Show More

1:12:37 | Feb 5th

We bring you one of the most bizarre cases we've ever encountered this week, as we head to New York in the late '80s. The story of Linda Cortile Napolitano is a wild and winding one that originates de...Show More

1:07:38 | Jan 29th

In the 60's, 70's, and 80's, a new recording technique came into vogue - the recording or discovery of audio clips recorded in one direction and laid into a final track in reverse. The result was one ...Show More
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