Human Circus: Journeys in the Medieval World

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A narrative history podcast following the journeys of medieval travellers and their roles in larger historical events. Telling great stories, showing the interconnected nature of the medieval world, and meeting Mongols, Ottomans, Franciscans, merchan...Show More

36:30 | Nov 16th

Today's topic is the Kitāb ʻajāyib Al-Hind, or the Book of the Wonders of India, a 10th-century collection of wonders covering east Africa all the way to what might have been Japan. It's something of a sequel to the Abu Zayd episode. I mentioned ther...Show More

28:47 | Oct 31st

It's Halloween, and here are some medieval stories appropriate to the season. This mini episode is about the stories of Walter Map, particularly those ones featuring demons, faeries, and the prisoners of the Wild Hunt. If you like what you hear and w...Show More
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37:23 | Oct 25th

The Accounts of China and India, covering the trade between the Persian Gulf and points east in the 9th and 10th centuries, and the writings of Abu Zayd al-Sirafi. There are cultural customs, trading routes, and the calamitous events of the late 9th-...Show More

44:01 | Sep 28th

This episode is a what-came-after for the Salah ad-Din series, covering the decades beyond the dynastic founder's death. This is the Ayyubid Sultanate, the legacy of Salah ad-Din, a run through decades of civil war and crusades, culminating in the ri...Show More

26:49 | Aug 28th

As indicated in the title, I'm going back to the Thomas Dallam series to give it a proper ending. When I did the Dallam series, I left him in Constantinople with the Ottoman sultan, so here I'm taking his story up to its conclusion with a mini-episod...Show More
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