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Dumb All Over!

Dumb All Over

Dumb All Over is and hour(ish) long conversation between Tom and Austin about anything on their mind, and always under the influence of craft beer! We do some craft beer reviews as well as complain about the state of the world. We also encourage ever...Show More

1:21:40 | Jun 3rd

We've got some important stuff to say on this one...

1:35:11 | May 20th

Just like the title says, this week we bring you the Not Politics Report, and we answer your twitter questions!
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1:06:16 | Apr 26th

This week we celebrate 420 (the only holiday that actually mattered that weekend) with stories about Peter Daou, The Mueller Report, AOC, and a certain Fox News Town Hall… Check us out on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dumb-all-over...Show More

1:16:18 | Apr 15th

This week we cover a bunch of different topics including Bernie’s recent, not so recent, pay day, Trump doing crappy Trump things, and AOC being AOC. We also cover some newsworthy stories that should brighten your day up! Check us out on iTunes at ...Show More

1:13:43 | Apr 11th

This week we interview Joshua Collins who is running for Congress in Washington's 10th Congressional District. We talk about his district, his platform, and the steps he needs to take to to become a Congressman! Check out Joshua on Twitter at https:...Show More
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