Challenged: A Podcast About MTV's The Challenge

Challenged: A Podcast About MTV's The Challenge

Bryan, Amanda, Tim and sometimes Hillary sit down weekly to discuss Champs vs Stars, the current season of MTV's The Challenge. We also reminisce about older seasons and speculate on the future seasons. We break down all the action into drama, challe...Show More

57:56 | Feb 20th

This episode starts off with Johnny, Kenny, and Dan having a "butt-contest" to see who has the nicest butt. Ryan and Jenn judge and crown Johnny the winner, only furthering his cockiness as KellyAnne ...Show More

41:20 | Feb 13th

The alliance decides that they will keep sending Johnny in until he gets a key again. KellyAnne and Cohutta talk about their romance ending after The Real World: Sydney, KellyAnne saying deep down bot...Show More
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51:24 | Feb 6th

Evelyn says the reason she and KellyAnne are picked on by Johnny are because they are the only people who stand up for themselves. Another drop-off arrives, and the islanders are disgruntled when they...Show More

47:22 | Jan 30th

Paula, Evelyn, and Ashli contemplate putting themselves into the next Face-off, but Evelyn thinks Johnny's alliance will keep her from competing in one because they think she's a strong competitor. Me...Show More

37:55 | Jan 23rd

Johnny explains that the main alliances are as follows: The four men that have keys, Derrick, Dunbar, Johnny, and Kenny, along with Paula and Johanna are in an alliance. The second he says are most of...Show More
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