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Backstage Capital is venture investment fund that backs underrepresented tech startup founders. Since inception in September 2015, Backstage has deployed nearly $2m into 40+ startups around the U.S. that are led by women, POC, and LGBT founders. This...Show More

41:02 | Mar 27th, 2018

Arlan interviews an amazing founder who took her enterprise SaaS business from bootstrapped to a $1.15B IPO, and personal financial freedom. Therese Tucker is the remarkable CEO of BlackLine, an 800-person company that offers a continuous accounting ...Show More

34:11 | Aug 15th, 2017

In this episode, Arlan shares an impromptu interview recorded on her iPhone with Brett deMarrais, Partner at Detroit-based Ludlow Ventures. Listen in as they discuss the challenges of scaling a pre-seed/seed-stage venture fund and supporting your por...Show More
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28:47 | Mar 20th

Hear about some exciting developments at Backstage directly from Arlan herself.

27:07 | Feb 23rd

Peter Rojas loves gadgets and made a career around sharing the stories behind the devices, including vintage mobile phones. Christie Pitts worked on the front lines of consumer device sales at Verizon. Today, they're both VCs investing in startups – ...Show More

21:19 | Jan 12th

Join a live fireside event that happened November 7, 2018. #MoveTheDial Global Summit in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, brought together incredible tech leaders and influencers dedicated to promoting the participation and leadership of all women in tech...Show More
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