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Erika Ensign and Deb Stanish

A podcast for hockey fans, both new and old. Join Deb and Erika as we deep dive into what makes hockey the greatest sport in the world. Learn the lingo, explore hockey history, and listen to commentary on the most exciting, frustrating, and heart-sto...Show More

53:51 | May 27th

We’re back with a pre-Stanley Cup episode because even when your heart is broken, it’s still hockey, amirite? Erika and Deb talk about the chaotic end of the 2018-2019 season, how to find the fannish fire when every single #&@^#% team you love is cur...Show More

03:23 | Mar 25th

No time for a full-on podcast, but Erika has more exciting hockey talk to share with Deb!...
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01:50 | Mar 19th

No time for a full-on podcast, but Erika just can’t wait to spew some hockey talk at Deb!...

1:08:23 | Mar 14th

Deb and Erika are back and have a lot to say about Erika’s new-found passion for the Florida Panthers (you do you, girlfriend), recent games they’ve attended, the post-deadline trade fall-out (RIP Zuccarello), the REAL March Madness of playoff runs, ...Show More

1:20:00 | Feb 10th

This is a super-sized, super special episode as we welcome Meg and Hannah from Balls and Sticks podcast to talk hockey, the NHL at large and sexy sexy stats. ! Basically, this is what happens when you put four people together who just really really l...Show More
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