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Hackers – Software Engineering Daily

Technical interviews about software topics.

57:47 | Jul 2nd, 2018

Napster, Kazaa, and Bittorrent are peer-to-peer file sharing systems. In these P2P systems, nodes need to find each other. Users need to be able to search for files that exist across the system. P2P systems are decentralized, so these routing problem...Show More

1:01:02 | Dec 15th, 2016

Over the next few years, bots will pervade our lives more and more. These smart, conversational text interfaces provide a new way of engaging with the computer systems that we have been mostly interacting with through web and mobile app interfaces fo...Show More

47:54 | Dec 8th, 2016

Software Engineering Daily was started a year and a half ago, based on what I learned from my podcasting experience on Software Engineering Radio. Last week, I interviewed Robert Blumen, the editor of Software Engineering Radio, about how that podcas...Show More

47:42 | Dec 3rd, 2016

There are multiple paths to constructing a piece of software from start to finish. An individual programmer can build an entire product from scratch in a couple days. A giant corporation can commission a project and delegate responsibilities to hundr...Show More

1:07:33 | Nov 30th, 2016

Four years ago, I started volunteering for a popular podcast about software–Software Engineering Radio. For the next two years, I learned about the process of making a quality podcast about engineering. With its emphasis on preparation, timeless engi...Show More

58:10 | Nov 28th, 2016

Biology research at Microsoft is focused on three main areas: molecular programming, synthetic biology, and stem cell biology. At the intersection of biology and computing there are implications for health, medicine, and efficient computing technique...Show More

32:37 | Nov 12th, 2016

Bot Day was an O’Reilly conference featuring talks from some of the leading figures in the bot industry. Before I attended Bot Day, I knew there were lots of applications for chatbots, but I didn’t realize how good the tooling has gotten–it’s very ea...Show More

56:34 | Oct 31st, 2016

Music collaboration software that works over the Internet is a software challenge that has not been fully tackled. On today’s Internet, users collaborate intensively on programming projects, journalism, and other projects, but the tools for collabora...Show More

1:03:18 | Oct 18th, 2016

The Simpsons is a classic, beloved television show. The scripts of The Simpsons have been made publicly available, and include dialogue, location, and character information. Todd Schneider used these scripts and other information sources as a corpus ...Show More

58:22 | Sep 28th, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg may be the most powerful person in the world. At no other time in history has a single human had such fine-grained control over the most influential tool for media. Today’s guests are Michael Zimmer and Nick Proferes, the creators of ...Show More

58:25 | Sep 5th, 2016

Drones will become a central part of our lives. Drones are delivering packages, surveying cell phone towers, providing wi-fi, or fertilizing crops. Drones are assisting humans in dangerous work, and serving as an entirely new computing platform, prov...Show More

33:29 | Aug 2nd, 2016

MobyCraft is a client-side Minecraft mod to manage and visualize Docker containers. MobyCraft was created by Aditya Gupta. I met him at DockerCon, where he gave a presentation about his project. He also discussed his interaction with the Netflix team...Show More

1:02:39 | Jul 26th, 2016

Pixar has made some of the most successful movies of all time: Toy Story, WALL-E, Monsters Inc, and many others.   These movies are made with cutting-edge computer animation techniques that Pixar often has to invent in order to tell the story it want...Show More

54:03 | Jul 22nd, 2016

Finally–the Android operating system has been put on an iPhone, and today’s guest is Nick Lee, who accomplished that feat. Nick works at Tendigi, a design and engineering firm.   In the past, Nick has put Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. Why would you d...Show More

59:39 | Jul 4th, 2016

At most universities, there is not a course titled “cloud computing”. Most students leave college without an understanding of distributed systems, cloud service providers, and the fundamentals of how a data center works. Kasper Nissen and Martin Jens...Show More

52:32 | Jun 28th, 2016

In order to use a remote desktop experience, software engineers have a limited number of options, and most of them are proprietary, like VMWare or Oracle. Remote desktop is a functionality that many engineers use every day, so it is surprising that t...Show More

1:01:24 | Jun 26th, 2016

18F is an organization that is building the 21st century digital government. In order to build online government services that have the high quality of modern cloud applications, 18F built Cloud.gov, a platform-as-a-service that can be used to stand ...Show More

1:00:19 | Jun 20th, 2016

Algorithmia is marketplace for algorithms. A software engineer who writes an algorithm for image processing or spam detection or TF-IDF can turn that algorithm into a RESTful API to be consumed by other developers. Different algorithms can be compose...Show More

54:51 | Jun 17th, 2016

The Internet of Things is becoming a reality. Factories are being outfitted with sensors, temperature monitors, and other data gathering devices. In agriculture, farms are becoming more efficient thanks to soil monitoring devices and automated pestic...Show More

57:25 | Jun 11th, 2016

Most episodes of Software Engineering Daily are interviews with an expert about a technical software concept. Over the past year I have done a few experiments that are more editorial in nature, and both were very popular. The first editorial was abou...Show More

53:35 | May 26th, 2016

Minecraft is a sandbox video game in which players build constructions out of 3-D cubes in a procedurally generated world. Minecraft is the best-selling PC game of all time. But Minecraft is not just a game. It is a platform for creativity, used by p...Show More

1:00:02 | May 6th, 2016

The Changelog is one of the most popular Software Engineering Podcasts in existence. Open source software moves fast, and The Changelog helps developers keep up with that rapid pace by publishing consistent podcasts and newsletters. When I started So...Show More

52:51 | May 5th, 2016

Virtual reality is a new platform for software engineers to work with. Best practices for VR development have not become widespread throughout the developer community. If you are developing VR software, you need to know how to avoid making the user s...Show More

50:08 | May 4th, 2016

Patients with Type-1 diabetes need to frequently pump insulin into their bodies. In order to know when to pump insulin, these patients have a continuous glucose monitor alarm which detects incorrect levels of blood glucose. When the alarm goes off, t...Show More

53:58 | Apr 28th, 2016

As software engineering gets more popular, the resources that we use to read and understand software are growing and improving. Scale Your Code is an organization that seeks to improve accessibility to the world’s programming knowledge, and today’s g...Show More

52:35 | Apr 22nd, 2016

“Graphing when your Facebook Friends are awake” was trending at the top of Hacker News when Alex Hogue first posted it. Alex wrote a blog post about this piece of software he built that interacts with public Facebook APIs to detect when any of his fr...Show More

59:50 | Apr 13th, 2016

“I believe that there’s something deeply personal, natural, and human going on as we construct these abstract devices called computers.” Wiki technology was invented decades ago to improve how software developers communicate. Today, Wikipedia has tak...Show More

56:10 | Mar 27th, 2016

“Our major teams are lead by two people which include one person who’s very strong in their own field, and then there’s a person who has a very good understanding of the cross-functional nature of product development.” GreyOrange Robotics builds robo...Show More

56:40 | Mar 24th, 2016

“There are advantages in the newness of coding.” CodeNewbie is a community of programmers and people learning to code. There are so many people learning about software today, and CodeNewbie gives them a place to hang out, socialize, and become comfor...Show More

54:18 | Mar 5th, 2016

“Our justice system in general – even if you look at things like our regulatory system, our patent system – I think it has a very hard time keeping up with the current pace of technology.” Microsoft and Amazon are the tech giants of the Pacific North...Show More

1:01:18 | Mar 3rd, 2016

“If we don’t have all of the people represented in the creation activities, I don’t believe we’re going to end up with the solutions that we need for our society.” Technology careers are not as accessible to certain demographics, such as women. Sarah...Show More

59:51 | Feb 25th, 2016

“It’s not just about tools, it’s also a lot about how you structure a team, how you structure the communication between engineers, how you facilitate decision making – all of those things.” University research produces numerous papers about software ...Show More

49:46 | Feb 19th, 2016

“Just paying attention to clutter in general, makes things a lot better.” Design is more important than ever. There are so many websites being created every day, that it is not enough to differentiate your product with rock solid engineering. Your pr...Show More

1:03:52 | Feb 18th, 2016

“The lessons that we’re learning on the front-end and on the server side are applicable to hardware. I don’t think that anything’s gonna arise out of hardware that we haven’t thought of yet.” JavaScript is everywhere, on the browser, the server, and ...Show More

50:06 | Feb 9th, 2016

“Your product or your website should be so simple and so well designed that even a drunk person could use it.” Continue reading…

1:03:51 | Feb 2nd, 2016

“Our field moves so quickly that learning is kind of a fundamental skill – not every field is that way.” Continue reading…

1:04:47 | Jan 28th, 2016

“By the time I joined, people were already starting to have this microservice fatigue.” Continue reading…

1:03:15 | Jan 26th, 2016

“This is a group of people who largely have been told their entire life that they’re failures - we’re going in and we’re saying ‘Hey this is just about the most complex thing that humanity has ever done, why don’t you give it a try?’ ” Continue re...Show More

1:04:01 | Jan 25th, 2016

“When we say a ‘21st century government’, what we're seeing is that people are using their smartphones, they’re online, and we have the potential to actually deliver better services to our people at dramatically lower costs.” Continue reading…

58:49 | Jan 15th, 2016

“The BitTorrent DHT is an amazing engineering feat and one of the coolest ideas in computer science, I think, because it works without any central coordination.” Continue reading…

43:29 | Jan 8th, 2016

“We saw a really great opportunity to build a food company that takes technology seriously from the ground up, and have that be our competitive advantage as we grow and scale.” Continue reading…

58:05 | Dec 24th, 2015

“The main motivation for me was to gain more perspective on the world and my place in it.” Michael Rosenthal is a traveling programmer who gave up school and full-time job prospects in the U.S. to travel and freelance. This episode is a Christmas spe...Show More

48:15 | Dec 14th, 2015

“Software engineering projects don’t fail because of a lack of technical ability, they fail because of a lack of communication.” Continue reading…

33:19 | Dec 12th, 2015

“I would say that the vast majority of people see programming more as a science. But to get the best work out of yourself, you have to be thinking from an artistic perspective. So it makes sense to make your north star, as an engineer, some sort of a...Show More

51:26 | Nov 23rd, 2015

“We are at this moment where states and corporations are trying to restrict so much of what we can do on the internet because we have centralized the internet.” Popcorn Time was a free, open-source application that allowed for streaming of movie a...Show More

57:39 | Nov 19th, 2015

“It’s not obvious why programming is awesome – you can’t build anything at first, everything is really hard at first – what’s the point? And so we decided, lets make a game so that the engagement is there from the first moment.” Continue reading…

50:22 | Nov 16th, 2015

"There was a need to create a space where mothers felt welcome, because our challenges - they're very different from people who are learning who don't have these types of caregiving responsibilities." Continue reading…

58:43 | Nov 9th, 2015

"Anyone who is really concerned about correctness should think twice about programming in a kind of free-thread model where everyone has to be very disciplined and put all the locks in the right place to make things work well." Continue reading…

55:23 | Oct 28th, 2015

“Free Code Camp is my effort to correct the extremely inefficient and circuitous way I learned to code. I’m committing my career and the rest of my life towards making this process as efficient and painless as possible.” Continue reading…

58:11 | Oct 26th, 2015

Turing School of Software and Design is a seven-month program that teaches software development in Denver. Steve Kinney is the co-director of academics at Turing School of Software and Design. Continue reading…

1:03:37 | Oct 22nd, 2015

“The official motto that we have in our help manual is ‘Losing is fun!’ ” Dwarf Fortress is a construction and management simulation computer game set in a procedurally generated fantasy world in which the player indirectly controls a group of dwa...Show More

57:29 | Oct 16th, 2015

Designing software and toolkits with accessibility in mind is important to ensure that everyone has equal access to the internet. Léonie Watson is an accessibility engineer and a director at the British Computer Association of the Blind. Contin...Show More

1:01:11 | Oct 14th, 2015

“Creativity never comes to you – she will only meet you halfway.” Derek Sivers is a programmer, musician, and writer. He has created several companies and products, including CD Baby, which became the largest seller of independent music online. ...Show More

54:58 | Oct 9th, 2015

“Everything has changed around our lives -- the way we connect with each other, the way we communicate, the way we work, even the way we fall in love – except the way we govern ourselves, as a society.” DemocracyOS is an open-source application fo...Show More

1:07:53 | Oct 8th, 2015

"If you focus on improving the developer experience, it will naturally translate into good documentation." ReadMe is simplifying the process of writing documentation. The platform provides a readymade developer hub with the ability to integrate AP...Show More

50:47 | Sep 29th, 2015

Robots sometimes need help from humans when solving complex problems. Successfully solving a problem often demands a strong model for communication and well-trained robots. Stefanie Tellex is an assistant professor at Brown University whose resear...Show More

39:22 | Sep 27th, 2015

What is it like to be a young software engineer in Nigeria? Osine and Anesi Ikhianosime have a deep understanding of the startup tactics that have led to so many successful companies in the Web 2.0 boom. Their favorite podcast is a16z. Their ro...Show More

54:40 | Sep 23rd, 2015

Changing your occupation to a software engineer is easier today than ever before. Former Andreesen-Horowitz partner Preethi Kasireddy saw excited software engineers coming through the doors every day, pitching their ideas. This was her impetus to ...Show More

58:40 | Sep 11th, 2015

“One of the problems is that people have become incredibly disconnected with the way that they feel.” Christopher Kelly is a computer scientist and a pro mountain biker who now works full-time as a health hacker. Continue reading…