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Primitive Culture: A Star Trek History and Culture Podcast


Primitive Culture is a podcast dedicated to a deep examination of the connections between Star Trek and our own history and culture. In each episode, Duncan Barrett, Clara Cook, and Tony Black take you on a fascinating exploration of how our ...Show More


1:32:00 | Feb 22nd, 2019

Star Trek’s Dark Ages. What does it take to get from today to a utopian future? We take a look at Star Trek’s imagined history and ask if we’ll ever make it to first contact with the Vulcans.

1:49:07 | Dec 28th, 2019

Dante in the Delta Quadrant. Far away from home, everyone could do with a guide. That’s true whether you’re a 14th-century Italian poet embarking on an ultramundane journey through the afterlife or a...Show More
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1:30:03 | Oct 11th, 2019

Star Trek’s Revivals. By the summer of ’69, Star Trek was dead. The half-century that followed has seen the franchise resurrected more times than the Borg Queen, but before all the spin-offs and rebo...Show More

2:02:25 | Sep 26th, 2019

Star Trek: Generations. When the cast of the original Star Trek series returned to the screen in 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, it marked the culmination of 10 years of fan-ticipation that star...Show More

51:31 | Jul 10th, 2019

Cast changes in Star Trek. We look at some of the actors who have come and gone in the course of the franchise’s continuing mission.
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