Spike's Car Radio


A downloadable Cars and Coffee hosted by writer, comedian and automotive enthusiast Spike Feresten and recorded live from the porch of the famous Malibu Kitchen. A humorous round table discussion featuring celebrity guests, the latest car news, new ...Show More

1:15:27 | Mar 7th, 2018

Recorded over cigars in Jerry's hangar, the guys drive a VW Beetle, drink a lot of Pamplemousse LaCroix, discuss the fabled "Porsche Book", and the importance of driving your cars and not just preserv...Show More

1:14:15 | Feb 12th

Jerry Seinfeld and his car consigliere, Sam Cabiglio, join Spike and Z at the Malibu Kitchen for cars and coffee to discuss their decades long relationship buying classic cars and the acquisition of t...Show More
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1:03:07 | Feb 5th

Spike and Zuckerman discuss the sale of a rare BMW in Z's collection to Travis Scott and what the rapper immediately did to the low mileage original car. Then comedian Russell Peters stops by to promo...Show More

55:08 | Jan 29th

Legendary auto-racer Willy T. Ribbs joins Spike to talk about his documentary ‘Uppity’ which covers his historic career as the first Black driver to win a Trans-Am race, test a Formula One car, and ra...Show More

45:36 | Jan 22nd

Hollywood royalty, Beau Bridges, visits to discuss the Netflix hit Messiah, his upcoming film Elsewhere, and the new season of Showtime's Homeland. Plus, Beau shares about his very first custom car ex...Show More
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