Warriors Bards 'n Brews: A Xena Podcast

Warriors Bards 'n Brews

Two Vancouver gays have a few beer and chat about Xena: Warrior Princess. There will be bad puns, jokes, occasionally a cat and a lot of discussion about everyone's favourite Warrior Princess and her girlfriend.


1:55:49 | Oct 29th, 2019

You wanted it, you got it! We get spooky for Halloween and discuss 90's classic The Craft. Prepare for lots of screeching about witches and feminism! We talk about how The Craft really wants to be fe...Show More
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Normally, hosts Sara and Chloe drink beer and talk about Xena: Warrior Princess and that's all you need to know, but on this episode they ta...Show More

1:54:52 | Dec 20th, 2018

In the spirit of the season, we're talking about our favourite holiday movie, Carol (2015). We saw it three times in the theatre! We're a little into it. We get film nerd-y and discuss our endless a...Show More
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This is one of our best

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50:33 | Mar 16th

This week on Warriors, Bards 'N Brews we get philosophical and do a deep dive into morality and personal growth. We also talk Xena and Gabrielle's dynamic and posit Tara as Gabrielle's antithesis. ...Show More

54:25 | Feb 17th

We were honoured to be invited to the first ever Podcast Alley at Fan Expo Vancouver! If you haven't listened to Warriors, Bards 'N Brews before this could be a good place to start! We stray from our...Show More

1:47:08 | Jan 13th

Captain Marvel was one of our favourite movies of 2019 and we finally get to talk about it after a long battle with the common cold and respiratory infections! We talk nostalgia, chosen family, Brie ...Show More
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