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Gone Cold: Philadelphia Unsolved Murders | A KYW Newsradio Podcast


Gone Cold is a true crime podcast about cold cases, from KYW Newsradio. Tom Rickert and Kristen Johanson explore unsolved murder mysteries in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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45:01 | Apr 9th

In February of 1957 the body of a young boy was found in a box in the woods near Susquehanna Road in Philadelphia. More than 60 years later, the identity of The Boy in the Box and the identity of his ...Show More

44:21 | Dec 16th, 2019

Jennifer Tong was taken from her Marple Township home and murdered in 1993. Her children were 11 and 14 years old, left without a mother. Jeanette Tong doesn't like to talk about the day her life c...Show More
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22:40 | Nov 25th, 2019

Pete Kane is a photojournalist at NBC10 in Philadelphia. You met him in Episode 7: Officer Cione -- he talked about what it was like living in the neighborhood where Fred Cione was murdered, and descr...Show More

54:42 | Aug 14th, 2019

Kristen and Tom took Gone Cold to a live audience for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival at the end of July. Special guests Jacque Davis and Greg Yatcilla dive into what it's like to be crime scene off...Show More

21:36 | Jul 16th, 2019

You met Gerald Ross Jr. in Episode 7: Officer Cione. He was a police officer and homicide detective in Philadelphia in the 60s and 70s -- one of the detectives who arrived at the scene of Fred Cione's...Show More
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