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Alone: A Love Story is an award-winning memoir by Michelle Parise. With candour and humour, Michelle delves into the deepest, darkest aspects of her divorce and her new life as a part-time parent, part-time partier.
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19:44 | Sep 18th, 2017

On the cusp of her 39th birthday, recently divorced Michelle struggles with a complicated new romance. A drunken tarot card reading returns her to 1999, when she first met The Scientist (soon to be The Husband) and all was filled with promise.

25:57 | Feb 4th

Cold legs, wanderlust and living by the tides.
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27:48 | Feb 4th

Marking time, my territory and my biological clock.

26:26 | Feb 4th

PDA in NYC, running in circles and sex as ceasefire.

30:18 | Feb 4th

The edge of despair, The Husband becomes a dandy, and the trouble with truth and trust.
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