Girl In Space | A Sci-Fi Mystery Audio Drama

Sarah Rhea Werner

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Nothing fancy here -- just the simple audio diary of a girl in space. Also, there’s this weird and potentially ominous light in the distance that seems to be growing steadily closer. Listen twice a month for science, guns, trust, anti-matter, truth, ...Show More

26:17 | Sep 18th, 2017

Episode 101 (Pilot): She's a girl. In space. On a research vessel that is slowly deteriorating. Oh, and there's this weird and potentially ominous light in the distance coming steadily closer, NBD. Li...Show More

epekilis recommended:

OK, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon too. I’ve only heard the first episode, but can’t wait to download th rest. Now that I’m not drivin...Show More

34:59 | Apr 15th, 2018

Episode 108: Things are still... well, we'll say MILDLY HAYWIRE. Also, Thor has a secret(s), X and a certain dashing figure try to out-hero each other, and X contemplates the simultaneously infinite a...Show More

epekilis recommended:

An ode to unpaid interns, the hidden heroes whose stories are never told. Dani rocks. Her “celebration” at being rescued is priceless and I...Show More

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31:31 | May 21st, 2018

Episode 109: FUN FACT: Everything is totally super okay! Well, except for all of the alarms going off. But who cares about alarms when you have coffee, friendship, vacuum-sealed coffins, and many, MAN...Show More

epekilis recommended:

In which Dani the Intern discovers coffee. I have no idea where the plot is going, and if Dani will turn out to be a double agent or someth...Show More

1:07:07 | Aug 18th, 2019

Episode 113: Welcome to the Season One finale! In this special hour-long feature, Captain Miles Chen undergoes an unexpected medical procedure, X negotiates a problematic cease-fire, Ra speaks out, an...Show More

34:53 | Dec 26th, 2018

Episode 112: While this may look like the finale to Season One, it is actually the penultimate episode! Surpriiiiise. At wit’s end and on her last nerve, X can't even mourn a fallen comrade without co...Show More
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