ABG - AsianBossGirl

Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, and Janet Wang

A podcast for the modern day Asian American woman hosted by Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, and Janet Wang. We started this podcast as an outlet for topics we are interested in, and for sharing stories we have as 20-30 something yr. old Asian American women...Show More

54:53 | May 31st

May 28th is Menstrual Hygiene Day. We celebrated by sitting down for a conversation with Nadya Okamoto, a 21 year old social entrepreneur, activist, Chief Brand Officer, and speaker for The Menstrual Movement, the power of Generation Z, and youth act...Show More

48:00 | Dec 21st, 2018

What is a "Yappie"? Some would say it's the epitome of the model minority myth. Others would argue there's nothing wrong with it. In today's episode, we'll explore the definition and effects of a "yappie" life with a special guest who has created an ...Show More
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1:09:18 | Nov 15th

We're BACK with season 5, and literally TO SCHOOL at Helen's alma mater, Boston College, for a speaking event at the moment this episode is being released! Listen in as we re-cap our “summer break” since season 4 - from ballin’ it up for charity, to ...Show More

48:21 | Aug 9th

ABGs and ABBs -- we have reached the end of Season 4!! Y'all have stuck with us for FOUR whole seasons now. It’s safe to say that you probably have some assumptions about us! "Does recording ABG only take one take?!?" "Do we ever fight?!" "Is there o...Show More

36:11 | Aug 2nd

It’s that time of the season when we bring back … Q&A! The three of us feel so fortunate to have you all a part of our journey building this podcast & can’t believe another season is almost coming to an end! With only one episode left in season 4, we...Show More
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