Big Grande Teachers' Lounge

Earwolf & Big Grande

Get the inside scoop at Hamilton High School from its finest group of teachers (improv group Big Grande). Contains Explicit Content. Listener Discretion Advised.

1:11:36 | Feb 19th

The Teachers discuss Todd's phone calls, Howard being benched in life and Bill's Shark Tank pitch. Later, parent Mr. DeLorean stops by to talk about his daughter's bullying at school and home.

1:09:10 | Feb 12th

The Teachers discuss Bill's new invention, Howard's dating life and Sam's rock climbing experience. Later, student Marigold Praxyamakhoun (Kulap Vilaysack) stops by to talk about her journey of becomi...Show More
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1:04:54 | Feb 5th

The Teachers discuss Sam's special "You Might Be a Soy Boy," The Jannys and getting on dating apps. Later, conflict mediation club director Ms. Zig (Amanda Lund) stops by to help The Teachers work thr...Show More

1:05:11 | Jan 29th

The Teachers break down Bill's platform for the upcoming basketball coach election. Later, parent Mrs. Glass (Rekha Shankar) confronts The Teachers about allegedly kidnapping her son from 8 to 4 pm ev...Show More

1:07:11 | Jan 22nd

The Teachers discuss Todd's experience with the IRS and being on Titanic 2. Later, morning radio student DJs TikTok and The Wiz (Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna) stop by to talk shop with The Teachers.
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