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Big Grande Teachers' Lounge

Earwolf & Big Grande

Get the inside scoop at Hamilton High School from its finest group of teachers (improv group Big Grande). Contains Explicit Content. Listener Discretion Advised.
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1:13:29 | Sep 18th

After exploring several career paths, hosts Bill Cravy, Howard Levi's, Todd Padre and Sam Weatherman return to their roots at Hamilton High School. The Teachers fill in listeners on their pasts and discuss their future goals at Hamilton. Later, A.P. ...Show More

01:46 | Sep 4th

The Teacher's Lounge is coming to Earwolf September 18th! Your favorite hosts return to their roots at Hamilton High School to talk to some of your favorite and new characters. They'll also explore interviewing guests who aren't in character about th...Show More
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1:09:57 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss the Holiday Spectacular, the mall robber, and the devil's final decision.

1:04:07 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss the professional bass man and a big proposal. Then Kevin (Sam Richardson) stops by to talk about how he became a massage therapist at the mall.

1:16:48 | Aug 1st

The guys cry about their dads and talk to Things Remembered employee Keleb Perrier (Bryan Safi).

1:11:51 | Aug 1st

Welcome back to The Bleachers Lounge podcast, where hosts Hal Phillips, Cliff Mountains, Doug Piscoli and Home Run Henderson discuss their sons’ baseball teams. The dads talk about updates to the league and interview mom Carrol Jerreau about recently...Show More

1:06:12 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss The Big "Holiday" Spectacular, Bass Pro Shop and the mall robber.

1:11:34 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss their new work release program with Food Court Employee Paxton Wallop (Justin Michael).

1:08:22 | Aug 1st

After passing away, the guys set up shop in their new normal location.

1:07:20 | Aug 1st

On the season finale, the guys discuss the end of summer camp and the big triathlon. Then, current Lunatic in the Lighthouse Jedidiah Skrins (Paul F. Tompkins) debates candidates Bill and Blunt on election night.

55:56 | Aug 1st

Todd gives engineering the show a shot and we see how smoothly it goes. Plus, camper Jacob (Nicole Byer) joins the guys to talk about wrestling and animals.

1:11:58 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss the campaign for Lunatic in the Lighthouse. Later, sailing instructor Paul Morrison (Eugene Cordero) stop by the show to discuss how he instructs sailing.

1:09:14 | Aug 1st

Welcome back to another episode of The Creatures' Lounge, where hosts Preston "Poor Choices" Phillips, Hampton "Fat Face" Monroe, Billy "Big Foot" Johnson and Ted "Thunderlips" Harmonica discuss their hope-to-be touring blues band The Creatures. Late...Show More

1:18:19 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss Matcha Man tea and Todd’s Prodcast. Then Camper Chadwick Bossman (Ego Nwodim) stops by to discuss his success business at Camp Idontwannabehere.

1:12:50 | Aug 1st

After returning from their long hike, the guys talk to camper Simon (Fran Gillespie) about his experience at Camp Idontwannabehere.

1:10:22 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss taking up residency at a new summer camp.

1:01:00 | Aug 1st

Today's the big day. The guys prepare for Bill's wedding with Bhagson.

1:05:39 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss Wee-pee, Howard's teeth and Bill's wedding day.

1:17:39 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss typical frat stuff and Todd's role on the football team. Then waitress Dolly Price (Julie Brister) stops by to talk about her experience working at the Pick Me Up café.

59:50 | Aug 1st

Welcome back to the Bleachers Lounge podcast, where hosts Hal Phillips, Cliff Mountains, Doug Piscoli and Home Run Henderson discuss their sons’ baseball teams.

1:15:47 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss Todd's new product and help Bill prepare for his special day. Then crossing guard Corey B. Mobbin (Ego Nwodim) stops by the show to talk about football and his mother.

1:10:13 | Aug 1st

The guys discuss the founding daddies, sub-marines and Sam Scare.

1:08:43 | Aug 1st

The boys are back and they're nasty now. Plus, substitute teacher Gym Smith (Scott Aukerman) stops by the show to talk about his experiences after a life-changing incident.

1:08:02 | May 1st

The guys discuss TV Show: The Movie (A Musical). Later, composer Orn Tornato stops by to chat about male lingerie and some of his famous theme songs, including The Teacher's Lounge.

1:19:04 | May 1st

The guys discuss Hollywood secrets, skateboarding and pornography. Then, YouTube Star E. Dream Vignette drops by to talk about becoming famous after the success of her recent viral videos.

1:00:04 | May 1st

The guys discuss dating, apologies and mannequins.

1:07:07 | May 1st

The Preachers record a special episode during their trip to Jerusalem. Then, Reverend Samuel Ezekiel stops by to explain his unorthodox approach to religion.

1:09:00 | May 1st

The guys discuss working their up in the entertainment industry. Also, singer Matisyahu stops by the show to talk about his transformation.

1:16:37 | May 1st

The guys discuss their new jobs and dreams in the loving town of Hollywood. Later, casting director Marisa Weird shares some helpful audition tips.

1:06:52 | May 1st

The guys move where everyone goes after getting a huge ego and alienating everyone in their home town.

1:09:59 | May 1st

The guys perform a séance to bring Stu back to life during the school's holiday party.

1:08:14 | May 1st

The guys talk about Bill's new TV show and try to clear things up with Podd Tadre. Later, crossing guard Seymour Bentley (Peter Banifaz) talks about living in a scrapyard and starting therapy.

1:15:07 | May 1st

The guys discuss attending the Gathering of the Juggalos festival and Meet the Farmers assembly. Later, concerned parent Pearl Henderson stops by to get some answers.

1:06:39 | May 1st

Welcome back to another episode of The Preacher's Lounge, where hosts Quintin Rush, Linsey Gold, Butch Davidson and Moshe Epstein discuss issues pertaining to the religious community surrounding Hamilton High School.

1:14:38 | May 1st

The guys discuss Podd Tadre's very normal high school experience and Stu's sock hop. Later, neighborhood ladies Carol and Linda Johannesburg stop by the podcast to lodge a complaint.

1:10:56 | May 1st

The guys discuss angry management classes and the end of a jockey's career. Later, Culture Ambassador DarNail Douglas stops by to talk about the significance of his job, specifically after the installment of the Hitler statue.

1:16:39 | May 1st

The guys discuss their grand return to Hamilton High, up-and-coming student Podd Tadre and improving more Al. Then, Class Pet Rep Greg LeSessions (Joel Jensen) stops by to talk about his multiple families and selling pets to schools.

1:08:11 | May 1st

The guys discuss getting back to the basics and keeping things very normal. They also introduce band director and new Teacher's Lounge co-host Stu Taylor.

1:06:41 | May 1st

The guys update us about Mr. Levis' and his BBQ. Later, school nurse Daryl Kirkman shares his point of view on Howard's situation and dabbling in plastic surgery.

1:06:12 | May 1st

The guys discuss taking shamies, the goths and Mr. Levi's's sex life. Later, Bairee the security guard shares stories from his various jobs and has a tense conversation with the hosts.

1:09:08 | May 1st

The guys discuss massages, Mr. Weatherman's Little Boy Cowboys and Mr. Padre's new artistic endeavor. Later, Swine High's bus driver Cody Cleghorn stops by to condemn the hook-up culture in his vehicle.

1:08:44 | May 1st

The guys discuss losing a Barr bet and share some important news regarding the bottomless piggybank. Then, resident substitute teacher Carly Winston recounts her very interesting history with the Teacher's Lounge hosts.

1:10:34 | May 1st

The guys discuss sloppy joes, Mr. Padre's upcoming theatrical production and Mr. Weatherman's Little Boy Cowboys. Then Swine High School's dinner lady Mildred Upingsbottom stops by to make sure everyone is in a good mood before sharing some important...Show More

1:02:19 | May 1st

The teachers discuss upcoming projects for the school year, shaming referees and Mr. Levi's fappening. Later, Swine High School's editor-in-chief Marley FromMarleyAndMe stops by to ask for a few comments.

1:04:11 | May 1st

The teachers discuss the first week of school at Swine High, flying in athletes and investing in Shitcoin. Then school janitor Eddie Klueger stops by to break down the history of his unfortunate condition.

1:12:29 | May 1st

After a "mutual" split with Hamilton High School, and a successful presentation to the Levi's board of trustees, the hosts of Teacher's Lounge are starting their very own charter school, Levi's 401 Jeans Presents Swine High School. Then, the guys tal...Show More

10:48 | Nov 14th, 2018

Enjoy this excerpt from an exclusive interview with Big Grande. The episode is part of a brand new Stitcher Premium playlist called The Best of Big Grande, which features every appearance the group has made on Earwolf shows. To hear the entire interv...Show More

1:03:15 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Things aren't looking too good for the teachers. Mr. Levi's questions his relationship with El Chapo, Mr. Weatherman's "Big Nightmare" is only getting bigger, Mr. Cravy had a mishap with a performance enhancing drug, and Mr. Padre's got a gun. They'r...Show More

1:04:53 | Oct 22nd, 2018

The guys have had a very rough week -- some of Sam’s students have a complete mental breakdown and end up in “The Danger Zone”, Howard leans on a risky partnership to achieve his goals for the paper, Mr. Cravy falls back on familiar habits after his ...Show More

1:08:06 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Mr. Padre’s Poke restaurant’s bathroom has its grand opening, Mr. Weatherman’s picked up the nickname “The Big Nightmare”, Mr. Cravy’s star “human” runner, Cheetahman, is in hot water for licking himself during the national anthem, and a new side of ...Show More

1:13:24 | Oct 22nd, 2018

Mr. Cravy works out on a full stomach, Mr Levi’s plans a radio tour to promote the school newspaper, Mr. Padre gets into competitive tickling, and Mr. Weatherman’s motivational speaking causes some third degree burns. The teachers are joined by their...Show More

1:04:30 | Oct 22nd, 2018

The guys are rehired after making some lofty and potentially impossible promises. Mr. Levi’s takes over as head of the school paper, Mr Weatherman invests in the students’ mental health, Mr. Padre makes strides toward finally understanding the opposi...Show More

1:07:32 | Oct 22nd, 2018

After being unceremoniously fired last season for their role in setting off a dirty bomb at prom, the fellas aren’t gonna let legal trouble and underemployment keep them from podcasting. The teacher’s welcome good friend, current landlord, and local ...Show More

1:00:09 | Sep 19th, 2017

In this episode, the teacher's discuss the chaos that was prom and the events leading up to the big day. They are also joined by Stephanie Aids (D'Arcy Carden), the head of the prom committee and Iraq War veteran, to unpack what happened. Binge seaso...Show More

1:05:42 | Sep 19th, 2017

In this episode, the teachers take some questions, comments, and suggestions from their ill conceived suggestion box, which they've affectionately named The Suggestion Tube. Later, they're joined by their guest, Marla Nuvaring (Jennie Pierson), to di...Show More

1:05:41 | Sep 19th, 2017

Mr. Cravy and mayoral hopeful Mr. Levi's are mired in scandal, Mr. Weatherman makes some headway with his new limo company, and Mr. Padre finds a new love. Then, The Rumor Chick (Betsy Sodaro) stops by to drop some school gossip, including a couple o...Show More

1:05:03 | Sep 19th, 2017

Todd goes to therapy, and tries to track down two students who mysteriously died in his class, while Mr. Weatherman tries to promote his deadly limo company with flyers. Mr. Cravy loses another basketball game, and Mr. Levi’s comes into money, though...Show More

1:04:28 | Sep 19th, 2017

Todd gets roasted by his ex-wife’s handsome new high school boyfriend. Mr. Levi's disagrees with handicap parking, and gives skateboarding a try. We play another one of Mr Padre’s fun word games, and are joined by school librarian Harriet Splooge (Ma...Show More

1:06:41 | Sep 19th, 2017

In the pilot episode of Hamilton High School's first, best, and only podcast hosted by teachers tackling issues about the Hamilton community, Mr. Cravy, Mr. Levi's, Mr. Padre, and Mr. Weatherman discuss some pet peeves, the perils of boogie boarding,...Show More

00:54 | Sep 19th, 2017

Binge on Season 1 of Big Grande Teacher's Lounge! To listen to S2 and weekly episodes dropping every Wednesday subscribe to Stitcher Premium. Go to for more details. Binge seasons 2-5 plus new weekly episodes ...Show More