Same Day Shipping: Real Love & Fake Relationships

Prepare to explore the deepest, sexiest regions of fandom with the pop culture obsessives of SAME DAY SHIPPING! Kelly Nugent, Patrick Ehlers, Colin J. Morris, and Ryan Mogge get alarmingly personal whether debating intergalactic trysts or calling out...Show More


41:24 | Sep 21st, 2018

After almost a century of wondering, we finally got to see Batman’s dick. Is the world a different place because of it? Or is the world different because that Captain Marvel trailer kicks so much ass?...Show More

29:10 | Feb 14th

We've got another duo ship for you this week! Ryan and Colin discuss their favorite Saint Ships to celebrate the holiday (that neither of them celebrate.) How would Beethoven the dog fair in ancient I...Show More
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33:36 | Feb 7th

What do you do when your S.O. has to kiss someone else as part of a secret mission? (You have a protracted conversation about The Matrix Reloaded, of course.) Then, Patrick and Colin had a little bit ...Show More

40:21 | Jan 31st

What do you do when you're trapped on a space cruise with your SO for 3 years? You become the Phantom of the Opera and make up a bunch of cool sci-fi stuff happen. Then, Kelly and Patrick use the rele...Show More

45:44 | Jan 24th

Kelly and Ryan and Colin are sooooo happy that everyone independently decided to watch The Circle on Netflix. Meanwhile, Patrick hasn't watched The Circle on Netflix (how would someone even accomplish...Show More
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