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One side effect of our national addiction to Trump’s tweets and other news cycle garbage is that fascinating issues, brilliant books and important debates aren't getting the attention they deserve. With a rotating crew of your favorite Crooked Media ...Show More

01:00 | Nov 8th

Subscribe to Crooked Media's newest podcast Rubicon: The Impeachment of Donald Trump The impeachment of Donald Trump is one of the biggest political stories of our lifetimes. It’s a test of whether accountability, election int...Show More

27:14 | Oct 30th

In the final episode of Me, My Self-Care, and I Diosa and Mala talk about the role of women-based spaces in their lives and relationships. Then they chat with Claudia Mendoza, the founder of the Mami Chula Social Club. Mendoza hosts events for young ...Show More
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02:44 | Oct 28th

“What A Day,” Crooked Media’s new daily news podcast, is here! Hosted by comedian Akilah Hughes and politics reporter Gideon Resnick, “What A Day” cuts through the chaos and crimes to break down the biggest news of the day, help you understand what m...Show More

31:04 | Oct 23rd

This week, Mala and Diosa discuss how self-care in the digital age can simplify the movement to a hashtag. They discuss how the internet brought them together and how it has helped in their self-discoveries. Then, they are joined by poet and tattoo a...Show More

25:48 | Oct 16th

This week, Diosa and Mala sit down with culturemakers and artists of the Cumbiaton Collective. This nationwide party collective is creating healing on the dancefloor and through their production, prioritizing and uplifting joy and movement as a tool ...Show More
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