7th Son: Book One - Descent (The Beta Version)

J.C. Hutchins

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is "The Beta Version" of this podiobook. 7th Son: Descent is now available as a print novel from St. Martin's Press. During the editorial process, significant changes and improvements were made to Descent's print manuscript. Chara...Show More
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Prologue, Chapter 1

43:37 | Feb 24th, 2006

The U.S. president is murdered by an unlikely assassin. Some time later, seven men -- named John, Michael, Kilroy2.0, Jonathan, Fr. Thomas, Dr. Mike and Jack -- are kidnapped.
Bonus Episode #2

1:19:33 | Aug 4th, 2006

It's the last episode in 7th Son, Book One: Descent! J.C. answers questions from listeners ... and thanks darned-near everybody for their support and encouragement.
Bonus Episode #1

52:43 | Aug 4th, 2006

This special episode is a collaboration between J.C. Hutchins and Mark "Reigning Shogun of Taiwan" Forman. Mark asked J.C. to participate in a cool concept episode of his podcast, Getting A Leg Up.
Chapter 27

19:29 | Jul 23rd, 2006

The last chapter. Hugh Sheridan reveals a final secret to John. The clones at the 7th Son facility discover the fate of the rescue mission in California. The Beta clones' mission concludes ... or does it?
Chapter 26

39:39 | Jul 21st, 2006

The battle concludes at Folie a Duex.
Chapter 25

23:23 | Jul 15th, 2006

The story returns to the 7th Son facility. Jack, Kilroy2.0 and Jonathan begin to understand that John Alpha's conspiracy is much older -- and more dangerous -- than they could have ever imagined. John continues his conversation with Hugh Sheridan. Th...Show More
Chapter 24

40:54 | Jul 5th, 2006

The story returns to California ... and to the bloodbath at Folie a Deux. The clones learn about Vaporwear. Fr. Thomas and Dr. Mike are captured. John Alpha makes an appearance ... and a speech. Thomas makes a leap of faith.
Chapter 23

32:14 | Jun 29th, 2006

Kilroy2.0, Jack and Jonathan's search for NEPTH-charge victims leads them to a horrific CDC report that reveals another mystery. John finally meets Hugh Sheridan ... and the true nature of Project 7th Son is unveiled.
Chapters 21 - 22

26:35 | Jun 20th, 2006

John travels into the depths of the 7th Son facility for a family reunion ... and encounters an unexpected, familiar face. Kilroy2.0, Jack and Jonathan slip into the CDC's secure intranet, searching for NEPTH-charge victims. In Russia, the Devlins fi...Show More
Chapters 19 - 20

27:34 | Jun 13th, 2006

At the 7th Son facility, John, Jack and Jonathan learn more about Kilroy2.0's world. A powerful benefactor lends a hand. In California, Michael, Dr. Mike and Fr. Thomas and the 7th Son soldiers invade the night club. They find Folie a Deux silent and...Show More
Chapter 18

28:55 | Jun 12th, 2006

Michael, Fr. Thomas, Dr. Mike and the 7th Son soldiers reach Los Angeles. Michael briefs his brothers on the plan of attack. After a tense ride through the streets of West Hollywood, the team arrives at Folie a Deux. The mission to stop John Alpha --...Show More
Chapter 17

35:29 | May 31st, 2006

The story shifts to Houston, where billionaire oil tycoon A.U. Rookman conducts a videoconference with a business associate. Rookman's legacy of corruption and greed is revealed ... as are details of his ailing health.
Chapter 16

44:00 | May 31st, 2006

Fr. Thomas and the Mikes head ever westward, to California. Meanwhile back at the 7th Son facility, Jonathan, Jack, Kilroy2.0 and John attempt to understand John Alpha's scheme. A valuable clue is discovered. Research is conducted. Kilroy2.0 finds...Show More
Chapters 14-15

1:00:18 | May 21st, 2006

The Beta clones finalize the plans for their cross-country trek. Gen. Hill explains the true power of Code Phantom security clearance. The clones call home, to chat with family and lovers. A secret is revealed in Jonathan's life. More mysteries surro...Show More
Chapter 13

23:31 | May 14th, 2006

Back at the 7th Son facility, the Beta clones learn more about the mysterious night club in Los Angeles. Expecting the worst, they plan an attack. But not all of the Betas will be going....
Chapter 12

25:35 | May 7th, 2006

At a military base in the Russian wilderness, a former CIA agent named Doug Devlin reminisces about his past -- and his current alliance with a man the clones know very well. A much larger conspiracy is unveiled. The implications of John Alpha's plan...Show More
Chapter 11

17:10 | Apr 30th, 2006

The clones continue to decipher the Morse Code clue. Dr. Mike takes charge. John Alpha's intentions become more clear. The second half of the clue is decoded.
Chapter 10

26:18 | Apr 22nd, 2006

Back at the 7th Son facility, the John, Kilroy2.0 and the others puzzle over the clue John Alpha left for them. The clones begin to work together for the first time. Gen. Hill reveals an unexpected hobby. A breakthrough is made.
Chapter 9

29:08 | Apr 14th, 2006

In Washington D.C., Vice President Charles Caine visits a civilian hospital to receive a routine physical examination ... but things do not go as planned.
Chapter 8

24:37 | Apr 9th, 2006

The briefing in Ops continues. The clones learn more about the early days of Project 7th Son. A secret dangerous technology is revealed, as are the motives for John Alpha's activity.
Chapter 7

30:47 | Mar 25th, 2006

The briefing begins. The clones learn about "Code Phantom." A mysterious stranger interrupts the briefing. More is learned about John Alpha ... and how his plans transcend the assassination of the U.S. president.
Chapter 6

28:18 | Mar 25th, 2006

The clones visit their birthplace -- The Womb -- and learn its secrets, as well as the theories behind memory recording/installation (MemR/I) technology. Dr. Mike and Jack lose their cool. Jonathan loses his lunch.
Chapter 5

24:05 | Feb 24th, 2006

Breakfast time. One of the "seven sons" refuses to believe Dr. Kleinman's bombshell. Kleinman begins a tour of the 7th Son facility. The descent begins.
Chapter 4

28:25 | Feb 24th, 2006

John, Jack and Micheal share childhood stories, to confirm Dr. Kleinman's news. The other three clones puzzle over recent events on their own. The walls begin to whisper. Fr. Thomas has a dream.
Chapter 3

25:53 | Feb 24th, 2006

The men meet Dr. Kleinman and Gen. Hill, overseers of the facility. The truth is revealed, and the seven strangers' lives are forever altered.
Chapter 2

13:48 | Feb 24th, 2006

John, one of the seven abductees, awakens in a government facility, and is locked in a large room. Soon, six other men arrive. None of these men have ever met ... but they share an uncanny resemblance to someone John knows very well.