The Big Ones

Maria Blasucci and Amanda Lund

Life's BIG questions are hard to answer but fun to discuss because they force you to look deep inside yourself! Join Maria Blasucci, Amanda Lund and special guests as they discuss life's BIG ONES. Each week will be a new ethical question ranging from...Show More

59:36 | Nov 19th

In this casual episode, Maria and Amanda dive in to listener emails! They read a few follow-ups about the LICE dilemma from Lauren Lapkus's episode and play a round of FUCK MARRY KILL that might shock you. For information regarding your data privacy...Show More

1:16:05 | Nov 12th

This week we have Ally Stoltz and Paisley Grey on the show to discuss a moral dilemma from the hit movie, AWAKENINGS! Spoiler alert, it isn't an easy one! For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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1:03:14 | Nov 5th

Are we letting the infected guy back onto the spaceship or not? What about if it was a bloody Halloween woman? Listen to find out! Follow Mark on Instagram and Twitter @markmcconville Listen to Mark on the SUPEREGO podcast!!! Follow The Big One...Show More

1:05:01 | Oct 29th

This week - Amanda, Maria and guest, Kimmy Gatewood are visited by DEATH (a woman) who gives them a choice: DIE RIGHT NOW OR LIVE FOREVER. What would you do? Also, the girls check back in with the infamous Swastika Rug dilemma and talk about the ethi...Show More

1:12:49 | Oct 22nd

What is art? Will Tony save the kids? All these questions will be answered on today's episode of The Big Ones! We have fellow co-founder of Earios on the show with us today, Priyanka Mattoo! Listen to her amazing podcast, Foxy Browns and you won't be...Show More

1:06:27 | Oct 15th

This week, the wonderful Lauren Lapkus stops by to discuss how she might handle a child who has a need to kill! We had a blast talking about our own little hypothetical Dexter children. Follow Lauren on Instagram @LaurenLapkus and on Twitter @Laure...Show More

1:05:21 | Oct 8th

Hold onto your hats, because Jessica Chaffin of Big Mouth on Netflix is joining us today to talk about a workplace ethical dilemma fit for Melanie Griffith! There may even be a little talk of Jackée so you're gonna wanna listen! Follow Jessica on I...Show More

06:32 | Oct 1st

Scam Goddess is a podcast dedicated to fraud and all those who practice it! Laci Mosley (a.k.a. Scam Goddess) keeps listeners up to date on current rackets, digs deep into the latest scams, and breaks down historic hoodwinks alongside some of your fa...Show More

1:16:43 | Oct 1st

Would you want to be with the perfect version of your spouse? Are our flaws what make us love-able? The amazing Chris Smith stops to talk with an interesting moral dilemma revolving around the movie The One I Love! Follow Chris on Twitter @smithchr...Show More

1:21:01 | Sep 24th

Eric Edelstein joins the podcast to discuss a dilemma that is reminiscent of a very recent college admission scandal! EVERYONE! THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29TH - Eric is putting on an AMAZING show for Hollywood legend Don Murray here in Los Angeles tha...Show More

1:02:11 | Sep 17th

This week, the WONDERFUL Arne Gjelten helps us determine if doing nothing is as bad as doing something. Follow Arne on Instagram at @gjelten Follow The Big Ones on Twitter at @thebigonespod Email us at PLEASE CLICK HE...Show More

59:55 | Sep 10th

This week, podcast hero Matt Gourley joins the girls (a couple minutes late because he had prior commitments) to talk about an insanely brain busting moral dilemma involving a murderous twin. This one had us scratching our skulls! Follow Matt on Tw...Show More

1:11:13 | Sep 3rd

This week we welcome the wonderfully talented Jessie Ennis to the podcast to discuss what we would do if we were faced with having the option to know the secrets of the universe! It gets wild! We also talk about some I Got Your Girl stories and wheth...Show More

1:05:00 | Aug 27th

Ali Segel and Melissa Stetten help us figure out a dilemma revolving around a death bed confession. It gets wild! Check out Ali and Melissa's podcast, WEB CRAWLERS which Maria also produces! Follow us on twitter @thebigonespod and email us your BIG...Show More

1:09:27 | Aug 20th

This week, the hilarious Dan Ahdoot of the Green Eggs and Dan podcast, stops by to discuss the ethical implications surrounding gene editing and brain rewiring in the womb! A fun time is had by all! Email us at Follow us...Show More

1:08:58 | Aug 13th

This week we welcome ex WME agent and current producer/writer Lindsey McManus to talk about whether it's morally right to be mean and feared as a boss. We also discuss forbidden love and growing up with the most famous pop star in the world, Ms. Tayl...Show More

1:05:52 | Aug 6th

Would you send autonomous, killer-robots into war? The Big Ones, Maria and Amanda, discuss this ethical dilemma with return guest, Brian Shuff! They also revisit the question, can you separate the art from the artist? What do you do when a Michael Ja...Show More

48:23 | Aug 2nd

Hey everyone! We have uploaded a special episode to give you a peek behind the Patreon curtain. For those of you who already subscribe to Patreon, this priceless content is nothing new because you are awesome and are already at the party. For those o...Show More

52:18 | Jul 30th

Fine tune your morality muscle with the season five premiere of The Big Ones! Maria and Amanda discuss the morality of kissing cousins, cannibalism and spoilers with fellow Earios darling, Rebecca Delgado Smith! Check out Rebecca's podcast, THE ALARM...Show More

1:05:19 | May 14th

Would you choose love from your head or your heart?

1:18:05 | May 7th

Would you build a killing machine to save your family?

07:58 | Apr 29th

Maria and Amanda give you 8 minutes of premium content while also announcing something sad about this week's episode.

1:23:03 | Apr 23rd

Would you tell your best friend that you accidentally switched out her insemination sperm?

1:19:19 | Apr 16th

Is it right to imprison someone for a crime they were destined to commit, but didn't yet commit?

1:16:48 | Apr 9th

Would you choose love or a career? And how far would you go for your career?

1:14:23 | Apr 1st

Would you murder a serial killer who killed your wife if it meant you'd be fulfilling his wishes?

1:08:54 | Mar 25th

If given a look into the future... would you change your course to save yourself from imminent heartbreak?

58:52 | Mar 12th

Would you sacrifice yourself to protect the world from your own deadly invention?

1:02:41 | Mar 5th

Would you rat out your friends to save yourself?