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.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.


1:02:00 | Mar 26th

What are GitHub Actions, and why should you care? Carl and Richard talk to Enrico Campidoglio about how GitHub evolves under Microsoft and the addition of GitHub Actions to expand CI/CD capabilities d...Show More

42:00 | Mar 19th

What is pair programming like in 2020? While at SWETUGG in Stockholm, Carl and Richard chatted with Stacy Cashmore about her experiences using pair programming to build quality software - and a strong...Show More
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59:00 | Mar 12th

It's 2020, and AI technology is all around us. What are the consequences? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard hosted a panel discussion with Tess Ferrandez, Brandon Satrom and Evelina Gabasova about...Show More

46:00 | Mar 5th

How and why would you mix Angular and Reactive Extensions? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard chatted with Sandi Barr about her work building reactive applications where the front-end is Angular. S...Show More

1:01:00 | Feb 27th

How do you implement multifactor authentication in your application? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard chatted with Christine Seeman about what it takes to add multifactor authentication suppor...Show More
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