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Healing Justice Podcast

Kate Werning - Social Justice Organizer & Trainer; Healing Practitioner


Healing Justice Podcast is a virtual practice space, bridging conversations at the intersections of collective healing & social change. Hosted by organizer and healing practitioner Kate Werning, each week we share a conversation with a powerful socia...Show More

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1:02:18 | Apr 10th, 2018

This week, we’re talking with Kandace Montgomery and Miski Noor of Black Lives Matter Global Network and Black Visions Collective in the Twin Cities. We’ll hear about the 18 day police station occupat...Show More
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36:15 | Apr 17th

Stimulus checks from the US government are starting to hit bank accounts for qualifying citizens this week. What is going on with those checks, and if we don't need them for our own immediate survival...Show More

55:55 | Apr 14th

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing real and significant disruptions to our lives, our communities, and our organizing. The scale of this shift in our social fabric is new, but these are challenges that...Show More

20:56 | Mar 31st

Kazu Haga of East Point Peace Academy leads us through a Metta Meditation, as part of our spiritual training for nonviolent discipline. Join Book Club to read Kazu's new book, "Healing Resistance: A R...Show More
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