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46:29 | Sep 29th, 2016

Where does private space for women end and public space begin? Where does a woman's right to wear, or walk, or say, what and where she wants become different to men's - on the beach? On the bus? Online? Joining Lauren Laverne to discuss: Shelina Jan...Show More

53:11 | Nov 9th

Helen Mirren tells us about her new film the Good Liar and why even she has fallen for a scam. We talk about a DIY home urine or swab test currently being trialled as an alternative to the cervical smear with Imogen Pinnell from Jo’s Cervical Cancer...Show More
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42:52 | Nov 8th

The central character of Lyra from ‘His Dark Materials’ lives in the alternate Oxford imagined by the author Phillip Pullman. She is tough, curious, and able to lie with impunity. The children’s author Katherine Rundell and the script editor of the n...Show More

45:06 | Nov 7th

Nine out of ten people get their children vaccinated. But even so, many people still have questions. Things like: Should I bother with the flu jab? Is it better to get single vaccines? Does immunity wear off? What about side effects? Is the aluminiu...Show More

40:20 | Nov 6th

Presenter: Tina Daheley Producer: Kirsty Starkey According to Freedom of Information requests made by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism almost 700 cases of alleged domestic abuse involving police officers and staff were reported in the three ye...Show More
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