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46:29 | Sep 29th, 2016

Where does private space for women end and public space begin? Where does a woman's right to wear, or walk, or say, what and where she wants become different to men's - on the beach? On the bus? Online? Joining Lauren Laverne to discuss: Shelina Jan...Show More

45:53 | Dec 9th

With the recent gang rape and brutal murder of a young woman in India, and news this week of another woman being set alight on her way to give evidence at her rape trial, we consider the longstanding issue of sexual violence again women in the countr...Show More
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56:51 | Dec 7th

The U.N. Secretary-General issued a dire warning this week. He said that the international effort to stop climate change has been “utterly inadequate.” What are you doing to have a greener Christmas when it comes to the food you eat? Are you conside...Show More

43:54 | Dec 6th

We continue our series of interviews with party leaders looking at what the political parties are doing to win women’s votes. Today it’s Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats. Plus we hear from a trafficked woman now living in a safe house a...Show More

39:55 | Dec 5th

Tash Speed, 25, is one of 20 women who work as a Eurotunnel driver in the UK. recently appearing on the BBC2 documentary celebrating its 25th anniversary. Originally a financial advisor, she retrained in a vigorous driving and engineering course with...Show More
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13:45 | Dec 4th

How do you raise multilingual children? And what happens when your first language isn't very common where you live? Language is one of the things that can help you stay connected to your heritage but raising a child to speak two or more languages can...Show More

1:29:56 | Dec 4th

With us this morning are five leading women from political parties, ready to debate the issues that are important to you in this General Election. We want to hear from you. If you’d like to ask a question you can call us on 03700 100 444. And on soci...Show More

47:29 | Dec 3rd

Sian Berry is co-leader of the Green Party. The Greens have seen a rise in support at local and European elections, and polling experts say they’ve had success in attracting younger women voters. How do they plan to win further seats at Westminster ...Show More

48:22 | Dec 2nd

As the EU declares a global ‘climate and environmental emergency’ will you be changing your food habits this Christmas ? Will you ditch the turkey for a more sustainable alternative, buy less and consider food miles when you shop? How will you reduc...Show More

48:04 | Nov 29th

In the first of a series of interviews with party leaders, we hear from Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party. Jane asks her about her party’s offer for women voters. Your sex life in your forties - ha...Show More

44:46 | Nov 28th

‘& Juliet’ has just opened in London’s West End. It’s a comic, musical reimagining of the events of Shakespeare’s tragic romance ‘Romeo & Juliet’ in which Juliet opts not to take her own life at the end and instead heads off to France on a road trip ...Show More

11:52 | Nov 27th

How much do you limit your child's screen time? The runner-up of The Fortnite World Cup, which took place this summer, was Jaden Ashman, a British 15-year-old who won nearly a million pounds. Before the computer tournament he was spending more than e...Show More

42:44 | Nov 27th

Now the manifestos have almost all been published by the political parties we look at what they are offering women in this general election. We hear from Danielle Sheridan, political correspondent at the Telegraph, Ash Sarkar, contributing editor at ...Show More

47:35 | Nov 26th

The Irish government is proposing that important documents about industrial schools should be sealed for 75 years. But some women who stayed in them, like Rosemary, pictured here when she was a baby, say they don't want the files and testimonies to b...Show More

47:54 | Nov 25th

When journalist Rose Stokes wrote about her experience of getting pregnant after taking the morning after pill and what it revealed to her about exactly how this emergency contraception works (and when it doesn’t), the response online was huge. We lo...Show More

54:11 | Nov 23rd

Criticised for not expressing sympathy for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims in his recent interview with BBC's Emily Maitlis, Prince Andrew has since told friends he ‘regretted’ not doing so. We consider how victims and survivors are so often an afterthough...Show More

43:26 | Nov 22nd

Rhiannon Giddens is a Grammy Award winning musician. She's in the Woman's Hour studio to perform a track from her new album “There is No Other”. She’ll be talking about her music, her career and why some of her best gigs have been inside prisons. T...Show More

47:52 | Nov 21st

Over the last month parents, as well as MPs and peers, have spoken out about autistic children and vulnerable adults being placed in hospitals for a long time and sometimes treated poorly. The Joint Committee of Human Rights said mental health hospit...Show More

43:17 | Nov 20th

Following our series of interviews with the wives of veterans who had PTSD we hear from a listener called Sarah who got in touch to share her story. As a woman who suffers from the condition she tells us why it can be just as difficult for a woman...Show More

47:02 | Nov 19th

Criticised for not expressing sympathy for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims in his recent interview with BBC's Emily Maitlis, Prince Andrew has since told friends he ‘regretted’ not doing so. We consider how victims and survivors are so often an afterthoug...Show More

44:45 | Nov 18th

Earlier this month, McDonald's Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook was fired for having a consensual relationship with a subordinate. But what are the rules where you work? And how easy are they to navigate? Do you know where the line is betwe...Show More

56:42 | Nov 16th

It’s well-known that the Roman Catholic Church is struggling to find new priests. Sexual abuse scandals haven’t helped. But for some years, there’s been a movement to allow women to be priests. Will we see it happen any time soon? The writer Marnie...Show More

46:16 | Nov 15th

Jane speaks to director, Jessica Kaliisa about her play, Queens of Sheba, inspired by the four black women turned away from a London nightclub in 2015 for being “too dark-skinned and overweight”. On stage next week at the Battersea Arts Club in Londo...Show More

45:17 | Nov 14th

Today marks Equal Pay Day - the day when women in the UK effectively stop earning for the rest of the year because their wages aren’t in line with men’s, according to The Fawcett Society. This year they have published research which suggests that mos...Show More

42:23 | Nov 13th

In the RSC’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’, currently on stage at the Barbican in London, 1590’s England is a matriarchy. With a radical take on Shakespeare’s comedy of gender, the audience witnesses an explosive courtship and a fast-moving portrayal of hier...Show More

09:06 | Nov 13th

What do you do when your child says they're too ill to go to school – but you suspect that they’re perfectly fine? Jane discusses with Dr Angharad Rudkin, clinical child psychologist at the University of Southampton, and Rebecca Schiller, parenting j...Show More

51:20 | Nov 12th

Elizabeth Strout won The Pulitzer Prize in 2009 for her novel, Olive Kitteridge. Ten years later, with three prize-winning novels in between, Elizabeth Strout has written a sequel, OIive, Again. The main character Olive is now quite elderly and sti...Show More

48:59 | Nov 11th

What do you do when your child says they're too ill to go to school – but you suspect that they’re perfectly fine? How could the ‘whole system approach’ support women in the Criminal Justice system in Wales? The writer and creator of Gold Digge...Show More

53:11 | Nov 9th

Helen Mirren tells us about her new film the Good Liar and why even she has fallen for a scam. We talk about a DIY home urine or swab test currently being trialled as an alternative to the cervical smear with Imogen Pinnell from Jo’s Cervical Cancer...Show More

42:52 | Nov 8th

The central character of Lyra from ‘His Dark Materials’ lives in the alternate Oxford imagined by the author Phillip Pullman. She is tough, curious, and able to lie with impunity. The children’s author Katherine Rundell and the script editor of the n...Show More