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Plane Shift

Croton Lane Media


Five friends play an actual-play D&D podcast where we play as planeswalkers traversing the multiverse of Magic the Gathering.

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1:27:01 | May 18th, 2018

Following the difficulties on Theros, the Planeswalkers retreated from the plane of gods over men for the enclosed confines of Nemock's sanctum.  With the capture of an unignited planeswalker's still-...Show More

58:51 | Apr 27th, 2018

On the Grecian world of Theros, Llewellyn has lost himself to the overwhelming effects of the sword of war and peace he stole from the Orzhov vault, and this Dionysus who came in the name of a god has...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. ūüėé

16:20 | Apr 23rd, 2018

During episode 13, Irshyaa decided to aim their scorching ray a little south of the border, blasting a Minotaur apart at the hips.  And then we all decided to have way too much fun with that sillyness...Show More

1:37:58 | Apr 13th, 2018

After stopping an overzealous merfolk ecoterrorist from causing further chaos, but failing to stop her from calling in a divine tsunami, the planeswalkers had retreated into the mansion tapestry to es...Show More

1:35:47 | Mar 31st, 2018

The planeswalkers get into a fight on Theros with a nasty golem and it's controller who's bent on causing as much destruction as they can.  Will they be able to stop it?  Will they even try? The Story...Show More
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