Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast

Nathan Rabin

Author and former The A.V Club and The Dissolve staff writer Nathan Rabin and co-host Clint Worthington bring the cult pop culture website Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place to the world of podcasts with Nathan Rabin’s Happy Cast, an audio wonderland for spe...Show More

1:15:08 | Feb 19th

We finally start to play the real hits over on Travolta/Cage this week, as The Flop House’s Dan McCoy joins us to talk about two great films in our respective subjects’ careers: the Brian De Palma thr...Show More

50:45 | Feb 2nd

Greetings lovely listeners! This one’s a bit late on account of Clint’s whirlwind sojourn to Sundance, but now he’s back and we can subject you to another shockingly one-sided cinematic duel between J...Show More
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1:04:36 | Jan 15th

This week on the podcast, the tables turn for our intrepid young hunks, as John Travolta’s hot streak comes to a close with 1978’s Moment by Moment and Nicolas Cage gets a big, juicy, Cage-tastic role...Show More

1:17:48 | Jan 3rd

This week on the pod, we continue our trek through John Travolta and Nic Cage’s early careers, when Travolta was hitting it big as a singing, dancing A-list movie star and Cage was still slumming it i...Show More

1:22:46 | Dec 23rd, 2019

This week on Travolta/Cage, We Hate Movies’ Andrew Jupin clears the dance floor to help Nathan and Clint through a groovy double feature of Saturday Night Fever and Racing with the Moon! In Saturday ...Show More
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