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Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer


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Nicole Byer is single and has been for decades. She’s smart, funny, has a fat ass and loves giving blow jobs. So the question is why is she perpetually single? This podcast is a quest to find that answer.
11: Featuring the Man Who's Floor I Peed On (w/ EJ Wolborsky)

41:48 | Feb 9th, 2018

EJ isn't a comedian, but just a nice guy who's floor Nicole peed on after a drunken party at an Apple store. Hear them reconcile on what happened that fateful night, and for some wholesome dating advice. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bi...Show More
6: We're Getting Juiced (w/ Alison Rich)

54:12 | Jan 4th, 2018

Alison Rich (The Goldbergs, Party Over Here) joins Nicole for a nice juicing. Get ready to listen to some crazy Tinder hookup stories, find out how Nicole is connected to the Kardashians, and the time Nicole slept with a man who had a LIZARD in his r...Show More
Married at 20 (w/ Ron Funches)

55:16 | Aug 23rd

"We stayed married for 7 years - and we should've never gotten married." From the age of 20, Ron Funches (Trolls, Giggle Fit, The Eric Andre Show) was married with a son. He shares his struggles being in a committed relationship from a young age, an...Show More
Dating Dogs and Werewolfs (w/ Justin Simien)

1:08:23 | Aug 16th

"When he came, did he go AWOOO?" Justin Simien (Creator of Dear White People) joins Nicole to talk about the kinkiest thing he's ever done, teach her about gay "puppy-pack" arrangements, and Nicole shares a story about dating a werewolf. Plus, Nico...Show More
The Joy of Being Alone (w/ Ashley Nicole Black)

1:00:53 | Aug 9th

"I would love for Guy Fieri to narrate my sex" Ashley Nicole Black (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, A Black Lady Sketch Show) joins Nicole to share her love of being alone, whether they like to play music during sex, and Nicole's dream anniversary d...Show More
Power-Bottom (w/ Monique Heart)

1:08:09 | Aug 2nd

"I thought I had contracted an STD where I was rotting from the inside" Drag queen Monique Heart (RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10, All Stars Season 4) has never been in a real relationship. He shares his experiences with growing up in a religious upbri...Show More
87: Making a Polyamorous Relationship Work (w/ DeRay Davis)

50:33 | Jul 26th

DeRay Davis (Snowfall, 21 Jump Street) has lived a polyamorous relationship with 2 women for most of his life. He explains how he introduces it to his partners, how to show respect to the parents, and how they make their atypical relationship work. D...Show More
86: A Boyfriend for Every Stage of your Life (w/ Jessica McKenna)

1:04:55 | Jul 19th

Jessica McKenna (Off Book podcast) has had a boyfriend in every stage of her life. She details the drama behind her middle school romance, to meeting boys in high school mock trial, and charming her current man with her Disneyland bathroom knowledge....Show More
85: Microdosing (w/ Johnny Pemberton)

54:01 | Jul 12th

"I thought I was going to die. I was actually laughing at the idea of living." Johnny Pemberton (22 Jump Street, Superstore) discusses taking LSD at Disneyland, and accidentally overdosing while trying to microdose. Meanwhile, Nicole's candy-flippin...Show More
84: Nicole's Choice of Porn (w/ Ronnie Adrian)

59:18 | Jul 5th

"I'm crazier than you. I'll fuck you up with these dildos" Ronnie Adrian (Comedy Bang Bang, White Women) joins Nicole to discuss their mutual struggle with flirting, and the best way to end a bad date with courtesy. Nicole shares her favorite porn v...Show More
83: The Opposite of a Meet-Cute (w/ Alice Wetterlund)

1:00:03 | Jun 28th

Alice Wetterlund (Girl Code, Treks and the City podcast) joins Nicole to discuss their Girl Code tour horror stories, talk about men who claim to have dated celebrities (we're talking about YOU, Moby) and Alice's newfound interest in butt stuff. Plus...Show More
82: Top or Bottom? (LIVE w/ Jon Gabrus, Nick Wiger, and Mike Mitchell)

1:25:01 | Jun 21st

Freshly drunk from a power-hour, Gabrus (High & Mighty), Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell (Doughboys) join Nicole to discuss how they would want to die, their favorite sex positions, and if they like ass play. They also answer audience questions about po...Show More
81: How to Share Secrets on Drag Race (w/ Shangela)

59:32 | Jun 14th

D.J. 'Shangela' Pierce (RuPaul's Drag Race, A Star is Born) discusses his struggles with dating, getting picked up by fans, and describes his perfect partner. Plus, Shangela shares how drag queen share secrets on the set of Drag Race, and who he's ro...Show More
79: Sleeping with DJs (w/ Greta Titelman)

59:33 | Jun 7th

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... But not this." Greta Titelman (The Worst podcast) breaks the double-standard behind having sex on a first date, talks about their first masturbation stories, and what it's like to date and sleep with DJs. Ni...Show More
BONUS: The One That Got Away (w/ Blair Socci)

1:01:42 | Jun 4th

Blair Socci (stand-up, The Blair & Greta Show) discusses what it's like to date an "influencer", how to have an amicable break up with your ex, and the pro/cons of dating comedians. Plus, Nicole reads your listener submitted stories about the one tha...Show More
79: Having Sex in Drag (LIVE from DragCon 2019 w/ Vicky Vox)

58:05 | May 31st

Drag queen Vicky Vox (DWV, Magic Mike XXL) joins Nicole to discuss having sex in drag, using AOL messenger to lose your virginity, and where to find the biggest dicks. Nicole had sex with a Canadian that left actual nuts in her pussy. She's also gett...Show More
78: Dating in the 3rd Grade (w/ Beth Stelling)

59:30 | May 24th

Beth Stelling (Crashing, I Love You, America) discusses the crazy things they learned in school, what it was like to have a 3rd grade boyfriend, how she met her current boyfriend doing stand-up. A fan threatens to sleep with Nicole, but doesn't foll...Show More
77: How to Date Long Distance (w/ Demi Adejuyigbe)

53:02 | May 17th

Demi Adejuyigbe (The Late Late Show with James Corden, Punch Up The Jam podcast) joins Nicole to discuss how he found love on Twitter, how to successfully date long distance, and at what point you should tell your Tinder match what you're into. Nicol...Show More
76: How to get Banned from Tinder (w/ Eleanor Bray)

1:03:20 | May 10th

Eleanor Bray (Nicole's old assistant!) comes on to discuss what it was like working as Nicole's assistant, how she got banned on Tinder, and the musicals they've performed in. They also share their love for pole-dancing, and Nicole manifests her drea...Show More
75: Heckled Online and Offline (w/ Miel Bredouw)

1:08:40 | May 3rd

"I hope my dad ate ass." Miel Bredouw (Punch Up The Jam podcast) joins Nicole to discuss online harassment, what it was like to 'date' on Vine and what kind of sex their parents would've been into. Nicole's developed a new technique to handle heckl...Show More
74: Building a Sex Roster (w/ Laura and Rachel)

1:00:00 | Apr 26th

"You get a social security number when you're born, you should also get a therapist that you have to see when you turn 13." Laura and Rachel (Girls on Porn podcast) teach Nicole how to create a sex roster, shares signs of a good therapist, discuss t...Show More
73: High School Dating (w/ Cameron Esposito)

56:24 | Apr 19th

Cameron Esposito (Put Your Hands Together, Queery podcast) discusses what it's like to host a show with her ex-wife, her past experience working as a circus ring leader, and how it feels to get dumped as a couple. Nicole shares her experience 'coming...Show More
72: Getting an STI from Grindr (w/ Matt Rogers)

58:31 | Apr 12th

"If it got leaked - everyone would know that I'm really good at sucking dick." Matt Rogers (What the Tuck? podcast, Las Culturistas podcast) discuss their experiences with Scientology, what it's like being too "intimidating" to date, and shares how ...Show More
71: Death & Taxes (w/ Punam Patel)

1:05:01 | Apr 5th

"Would I rather live a shorter life where I'm happier, than a long one where I have to work so hard to be healthy? More often than not I choose shorter." Things get serious in this episode. Punam Patel (I Feel Bad, Alone Together) joins Nicole to di...Show More
BONUS: Bad Birthday Hookup (LIVE w/ Dulcé Sloan)

1:28:42 | Apr 2nd

"If he had chest hair, I would've had rug burn. That's all I'm saying." Dulcé Sloan (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah) discuss their mutual hate for Coffee Meets Bagel, share some of their worst hookup stories, discuss which vibrators they use as mas...Show More
70: Learning How to Love Yourself (w/ Charla Lauriston)

1:10:35 | Mar 29th

"Every black person I know is in therapy. And if they're not, I encourage them to be." Charla Lauriston (Ghosted, People of Earth) dissects white privilege, how hard it is to be a black woman in the dating scene, and the uphill battle to learn how t...Show More
69: Blowjob Tips (w/ Jake and Amir)

58:58 | Mar 22nd

Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld (Jake and Amir) discuss their favorite porn, whether they like to 69, if they would enjoy sucking their own dick, the best lubes to masturbate with, and give some blowjob advice. Nicole shares the insane things she r...Show More
68: Date Exit Strategy (w/ Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart)

53:25 | Mar 15th

"Guys go on Raya just to see how famous of a person they can match with." Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart (This Might Get Weird podcast) discuss their go-to lies to get out of bad dates, share their awful dating experiences, and go through Nicole's Ray...Show More
67: Putting Faith in your Love Life (w/ Liza Treyger)

52:35 | Mar 8th

"Go out into the world with confidence, not desperation." Can crystals and candles help with your love life? Liza Treyger (stand-up, Horace and Pete) joins Nicole to discuss their benefits or lack thereof. They also talk how their religious and spir...Show More
66: How to Kiss (w/ Matt Ingebretson)

54:37 | Mar 1st

"A fun thing that I like to do is when kissing someone, is to open my eyes to see what their face looks like." Matt Ingebretson (Corporate) talks all about kissing - the stress of going in for the first kiss, when to use tongue, and whether you shou...Show More
65: Why You Need Couple's Therapy (w/ Naomi Ekperigin)

1:06:25 | Feb 22nd

"There's nothing I love more than a slutty wedding vibe" Naomi Ekperigin (Broad City) shares her experience dating on Craigslist, why every couple should go to couple's therapy. Nicole describes why she loves going to weddings, and her ideal proposa...Show More
64: Eskimo Sisters (w/ Skyler Hurt)

1:04:07 | Feb 15th

Nicole met Skyler through Tinder, and they turned out to be eskimo sisters. Things got weird in their relationship real fast when Nicole began dating her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend - without him knowing. Nicole questions Skyler on why she swiped ri...Show More
63: Period Horror Stories (w/ Toni Charline)

1:12:52 | Feb 8th

Periods suck. Toni Charline (UCB) joins Nicole to share all their embarrassing period-related stories. From their first tampon applications, to getting a period mid-Doughboys recording, and the times they've worn underwear incorrectly. You can play ...Show More
62: Dealing with Creeps (w/ Trixie Mattel)

1:06:41 | Feb 1st

Trixie Mattel (Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars Season 3) discusses getting touched by strangers in public, being in an "It's Complicated" relationship on Facebook, shares getting catfish'd by a fan, and of course talks all about Drag Race All...Show More
61: All Things Panties (w/ Eliot Glazer)

1:05:06 | Jan 25th

Eliot Glazer (Broad City, New Girl) discusses spending money on nice underwear for your partner, the grimiest requests he's received on dates, and how people need to set boundaries in and out of a relationships. Nicole describes her NYE helicopter ri...Show More
60: Role-Playing (w/ Rachel Bloom)

53:25 | Jan 18th

"Good role-playing is just bad improv" Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) has an open discussion about finding therapy and using medication to treat mental health. She also discusses why improvisers should not role-play in the bedroom. As kids, Nico...Show More
59: Seeking Professional Advice (w/ Dr. Chris Donaghue)

44:18 | Jan 11th

Dr. Chris Donaghue (Host of Loveline, sex and relationship therapist) provides Nicole with an honest assessment why she may be single. He provides her relationship advice and a Tinder bio makeover. He also shares how to manage dating multiple people ...Show More
58: Finding your S/O's Pet Name (w/ Elizabeth Ho)

47:06 | Jan 4th

Did you know that couples with pet names statistically have longer lasting relationships? In today's episode, Nicole and Elizabeth Ho (Disjointed) consider what pet name they would want to have. Elizabeth discusses what it's like being in a competiti...Show More
57: Scheduling Your Booty Calls (w/ Raiza Licea)

50:19 | Dec 28th, 2018

"If you're busy, you need to book a dick appointment" Raiza Licea (UCB) agrees that life is busy and sometimes you just gotta book time for a dicking. Nicole goes on a wild date with her Lyft driver, and reads her latest failed Tinder conversations....Show More
56: Dating Gay Twins (w/ Joel Kim Booster)

53:26 | Dec 21st, 2018

"I was apart of an orgy on a ship, where I looked over at my friend who was wearing this guy like a fucking bracelet" Joel Kim Booster joins Nicole to discuss their favorite porn narratives, cock and ball torture, and Joel describes his experience d...Show More
55: Getting Past Dick Size (w/ Lisa Hanawalt)

53:40 | Dec 14th, 2018

"He just started sweating so much, that it was like water pouring onto me. And he said it was cause he was sad about his ex-girlfriend." Lisa Hanawalt (Bojack Horseman, Baby Genuises Podcast) discusses how to deal with boring guys, publicly declarin...Show More
54: Love, Lust, and Infatuation (w/ Baron Vaughn)

1:00:24 | Dec 7th, 2018

"Everyone is doing monogamy. And if you try to cram all those people into one door, someone is gonna get hurt." Baron Vaughn (Corporate, The New Negros) explains LOVE. What it is to be a love addict, and the differences on love, lust, and infatuatio...Show More
53: Nicole Does a Live Tarot Reading (w/ Inessa Frantowski)

56:15 | Nov 30th, 2018

Inessa Frantowski (UCB) performs a live tarot reading for Nicole, and boy, are the results dark. They also discuss at what point in the relationship do you have 'the talk', and changing yourself to attract potential partners. Nicole's giving up and s...Show More
52: Dating for Personality or Looks (w/ Erin Whitehead)

1:00:56 | Nov 23rd, 2018

"The thought of you inside me makes me upset" Erin Whitehead (Animals, Wild Horses) shares her experiences on a dating app designed for Apple fans, why she doesn't like relationships, and dating for looks vs personality. Nicole's shopping for a sex ...Show More
51: Nicole Reviews Guy Fieri's Restaurant at the Burbank Airport (w/ Justin Noble)

56:58 | Nov 16th, 2018

"This is the best date I've ever planned, and it's all downhill from here." Nicole opens up about her current dating life! She shares the story of her best date ever at Guy Fieri's restaurant at the Burbank airport. Justin Noble (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)...Show More
50: Is It OK to Google Your Dates? (w/ Kara Klenk)

1:04:58 | Nov 9th, 2018

"He gave the podcast people more insight into why we broke up than he did to me" Turns out, talking about your relationship publicly on podcasts could be troublesome. Kara Klenk (Magic for Humans, stand-up) shares her experiences when her break-up d...Show More
49: Vagina Talk (w/ Megan Neuringer)

1:02:37 | Nov 2nd, 2018

"With size, there's truly no winning in being an objectified woman." Megan Neuringer (writer, Portlandia) talks about body anxieties at every size, teaches Nicole about her ovaries and how to find the best relationship advice on Google. Nicole reali...Show More
48: Sex Tips to Make Your Girl Cum (w/ Ify Nwadiwe)

58:28 | Oct 26th, 2018

"I promise you, you'll never fuck good enough to not have to eat pussy" Ify Nwadiwe (@midnight, Buzzfeed Video, Nerdificent Podcast) joins us to discuss playing D&D with the Sprouse twins, provides sex tips for the guys, and living vicariously thro...Show More
47: Ice Cold Kiss (w/ Tony Rodriguez)

1:00:36 | Oct 19th, 2018

Tony Rodriguez (UCB) discusses his worst dates, the importance of communication during sex, and bad kissing. Nicole shares the time she showed her pussy to her roommate. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page ...Show More
46: Limp Dick (w/ Pandora Boxx)

57:05 | Oct 12th, 2018

Pandora Boxx (RuPaul's Drag Race) discusses life after Drag Race, being in an open relationship, and wild fan encounters. Nicole describes her latest nightmare date filled with red flags. Check out Pandora's new parody single, Oops I Think I Pooped ...Show More
45: Nicole's Horny (w/ Mary Sasson)

57:25 | Oct 5th, 2018

Mary Sasson (UCB) discusses the ever growing trends in women's bodies. Nicole talks about the worst dicks she's slept with and makes an apology to her Pizza match on Tinder. Also, Nicole's like really, really horny in this one.   You can play along ...Show More
44: The Trouble with Threesomes (w/ Jazzmyne Robbins)

53:03 | Sep 28th, 2018

Jazzmyne Robbins (Buzzfeed) is on to discuss thirsting publicly on Instagram, the times they’ve contemplated sleeping with fans, and the problematic nature of threesomes. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page...Show More
43: Sex Tapes (w/ Roz Drezfalez)

53:23 | Sep 21st, 2018

Roz Drezfalez (Drag queen, stand-up) discusses the life and struggles of dating as a drag queen. Nicole expresses why dating a improv comic is a turn off for her, and shares her interest in having a sex-tape leaked on Pornhub. Roz's Instagram: @rozd...Show More
42: Nicole Plays Matchmaker (w/ Jason Kim)

49:15 | Sep 14th, 2018

Jason Kim (Love, Girls) is on the podcast. They talk about how they met over a mutual love for Beyoncé, Nicole shares her latest cocaine bender, and describes the turn of events that lead her to loving her body. You can play along and see Nicole's T...Show More
41: Booty Call Horror Story (w/ Jameela Jamil)

59:48 | Sep 7th, 2018

Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) discuss how she got cast in The Good Place, the rejection she got as a child, and shares her most horrifying Tinder date. Check out Jameela's "I Weigh" Instagram, a movement for us to feel valuable and see how amazing ...Show More
40: Woke Therapy (w/ Fiona Landers)

47:25 | Aug 31st, 2018

Things get heavy in this episode of Why Won't You Date Me. Fiona Landers (UCB, Full House) discusses her previous marriage with a comedian, how a death in the family affected her dating life, and ghosting. Nicole reads her Hinge dating app answers an...Show More
39: Wes from Nailed It is here!

51:35 | Aug 24th, 2018

Weston Bahr is on the podcast to discuss what it's like to be harassed by Nicole on Nailed It, creepy DMs he gets from fans, all the dick jokes they've had to cut from the show, and so much more in this gossip-filled episode. You can play along and ...Show More
38: Why'd You Stop Dating Me? (w/ Nick Snow)

58:04 | Aug 17th, 2018

Nicole and Nick Snow dated for a month, before Nick decided they should stop seeing one another. Now he's on the podcast to reminisce their first date, get closure on some things, and get confronted on why he stopped dating her. You can play along a...Show More
37: Nicole Answers a Dating Questionnaire (w/ Ego Nwodim)

1:03:24 | Aug 10th, 2018

Ego Nwodim joins Nicole to talk therapy and the times they've shat their pants. Ego takes a look at Nicole's updated Tinder profile. Nicole re-reads her Bagel Meets Coffee questionnaire and realizes why she may have never got matches on it. You can ...Show More
36: Boyfriendless Forever (w/ Marcella Arguello)

59:11 | Aug 3rd, 2018

Marcella Arguello (stand up, @midnight) joins Nicole to share their love for sucking dick, her worry for being fetishized as a tall woman, and gives Nicole great advice for her Tinder profile. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photo...Show More
35: Shoplifting Stories (w/ Sabrina Jalees)

56:44 | Jul 27th, 2018

Sabrina Jalees (Netflix's The Comedy Lineup) joins Nicole to discuss hot celebrities they've taped to their bedroom walls, why they both enjoy gay porn, and both share their shoplifting stories. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and pho...Show More
34: Nicole's Opening Bumble Messages (w/ Fran Gillespie)

1:08:22 | Jul 20th, 2018

Fran Gillespie (SNL, Love, The Good Place) joins Nicole to discuss why it's harder for women to openly discuss sex than men. Nicole describes her Raya application process and shares her latest unsuccessful Bumble messages. You can play along and see...Show More
33: Nicole's Latest Tinder Failures (w/ John Mason & Nicholas Stavola)

53:46 | Jul 13th, 2018

Nicole's oldest, best friends John Mason & Nicholas Stavola reminisce about their old high school romances, why John wouldn't take Nicole to their prom, and Nicole shares some hot pussy facts. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photo...Show More
32: Racism in Hollywood (w/ Oscar Montoya)

1:18:42 | Jul 6th, 2018

Oscar Montoya (UCB, Inside the Disney Vault podcast) joins Nicole to talk through his 4 year dry spell, Mario Betalli's mitten hands, and the rampant racism in Los Angeles. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook pa...Show More
31: Love, Marriage, and Taxes (w/ Nick Wiger)

1:05:48 | Jun 29th, 2018

Nick Wiger (Doughboys, I Love You America) is on the show to gush about the love for his wife, learn about Nicole's green card marriage, and talk about responses they get from horny Doughboy fans. Also stay tuned for Nicole's more recent Tinder stori...Show More
30: Why Won't You Bake with Me (w/ Carl Tart)

58:09 | Jun 22nd, 2018

Carl Tart (Comedy Bang Bang, Party Over Here) joins Nicole to discuss their favorite memes, the crazy foods Nicole's been subjected to on Nailed It!, and why they like swearing in front of kids. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and pho...Show More
29: Dating Thick (w/ Jon Gabrus)

1:04:13 | Jun 15th, 2018

The incredible Jon Gabrus (Raised by TV, Action Boyz, High & Mighty podcast) joins Nicole to share the adorable story on meeting his wife, and how it lead him to make out with all of his friends in the process. Nicole confronts Gabrus on why he hypot...Show More
28: Take a Look at Nicole's new Tinder Bio! (w/ Zeke Nicholson)

1:02:06 | Jun 8th, 2018

Zeke Nicholson (A.P. Bio, Take My Wife, Lopez) joins Nicole to share stories from their first acting gigs, discuss the incestuous feel of dating people in the comedy community, and Zeke rates Nicole's NEW Tinder bio! You can play along and see Nicol...Show More
27: Nicole's Figuring Out Her Sexuality (w/ Zainab Johnson)

49:34 | Jun 1st, 2018

Zainab Johnson (Stand-up, HonesTEA with Z podcast) is here to answer all of Nicole's questions on the Muslim religion, what being "emotionally unavailable" means, and Nicole think she's finally figured out her sexuality. You can play along and se...Show More
26: Getting Paid for Sex (w/ Meatball and Big Dipper)

1:02:43 | May 25th, 2018

Buckle up, this episode is a wild one. Nicole is joined by drag queen Meatball and rapper Big Dipper! They discuss how they like to be choked in bed and the times they've gotten paid and have paid for sex. Nicole gets convinced to hire a male hooker ...Show More
25: Live from RuPaul's DragCon 2018 (w/ Eureka O'Hara)

51:06 | May 18th, 2018

It's Why Won't You Date Me's first live podcast! Eureka O'Hara (RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 & 10) joins Nicole to discuss what it's like to have sex in drag, how Drag Race prevents their contestants from hooking up, and answers questions from the aud...Show More
24: The World is Pretty Unfair (w/ Jake Weisman)

59:49 | May 11th, 2018

Jake Weisman (Corporate) joins Nicole to talk the traumatic incident that couldn't let him cum for a decade, his experience with Raya, and how he likes to slips into a his Robin Williams character during sex. You can play along and see Nicole's Tind...Show More
23: Advice from a Married Couple (w/ Madeline Walter and Ben Greene)

1:02:17 | May 4th, 2018

It's Why Won't You Date Me's first married couple guest! Madeline Walter (UCB, Definitely Dying podcast) and Ben Greene (UCB, On The Cusp podcast) discuss the crazy drunken story that nearly made them break up. Nicole shares the times she catfished g...Show More
22: Lying About Your Age Online (w/ Molly Tarlov)

47:14 | Apr 27th, 2018

Molly Tarlov (MTV's Awkward) joins Nicole to talk about their one night stands, Nicole's experiences on a Jewish dating app, and lying about your age online. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: https://...Show More
21: Body Positivity (w/ Tess Holliday)

51:10 | Apr 20th, 2018

Tess Holliday is a plus sized model who's attracted some creepy Instagram DMs. She's on the show to discuss body positivity, Nicole's latest Tinder failures, and the troubles of Skype sex. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on...Show More
20: Masturbating to Food (w/ Marcy Jarreau)

58:17 | Apr 13th, 2018

Nicole's good friend Marcy Jarreau (UCB Comedy, Loosely Exactly Nicole, Kar Dishin' It podcast) is on the show to discuss Nicole's hate for the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app, and soup. Check out Marcy Jarreau's A Funny Feeling podcast on HeadGum! Y...Show More
19: Nicole's finally on Raya! (w/ Eliza Skinner)

1:00:24 | Apr 6th, 2018

With the help from Eliza Skinner (The Late Late with James Corden, Drop The Mic) Nicole is finally on Raya! They discuss what the exclusive dating platform is like, and if they would ever date their own fans. Nicole also admits her love for shoplifti...Show More
18: The Fappening (w/ Dan Black)

55:49 | Mar 29th, 2018

What if shit actually tasted great, and that's why people eat ass? Dan Black (UCB Comedy, The Comedians of Wrestling Podcast) is on the show to ask the real questions. Nicole introduces Dan to butt-stuff, details her sexual encounter word doc she kee...Show More
17: Gay Bar Sidewalk Sale (w/ Mano Agapion)

54:56 | Mar 23rd, 2018

Mano Agapion (UCB, Horny for Horror) joins Nicole to have a great discussion on race and gender identity, body dysmorphia, and a crazy Grindr threesome story. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: http...Show More
16: What a Time to be Alive (w/ Langan Kingsley)

49:13 | Mar 16th, 2018

Langan Kingsley (Corporate) joins Nicole to discuss masturbating in public, stalking exes on Instagram, and what Nicole really wants in a man. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.co...Show More
15: The 5 Love Languages (w/ Warren Burke)

54:17 | Mar 9th, 2018

Warren Burke (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) talks Nicole through her intimacy issues, the 5 love languages, and the time she got mistaken for a hooker. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com...Show More
14: Dating Fans (w/ Mike Mitchell)

49:17 | Mar 2nd, 2018

This week Mike Mitchell (The Birthday Boys, Doughboys, Love) is on the show to get his Tinder profile rated, discuss whether they would date fans, and why he doesn't like sharing a bed in a relationship. Things get real in this episode - you won't wa...Show More
13: Sexting (w/ Jen D'Angelo)

41:59 | Feb 23rd, 2018

Jen D'Angelo (Workaholics, *Loosely Exactly Nicole) is on the show to discuss terrible prank shows they've filmed, why Nicole hates Christmas, and sexting. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: https://w...Show More
12: Getting Drunk at the Movies (w/ Brooks Wheelan)

54:54 | Feb 16th, 2018

Brooks Wheelan (SNL) is on the show to discuss the ultra-exclusive Raya app, how he once got scabies from a girl he met in a liquor store parking lot, and the time he embarrassed himself in front of George Clooney. You can play along and see Nicole'...Show More
10: Bad Threesomes (w/ Matteo Lane)

54:01 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Nicole's good friend Matteo Lane (Guy Code, @midnight, Ladylike) is on the podcast to rate Nicole's Tinder, talk about their experiences with threesomes, and discuss the horrors of sucking a dirty dick. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio...Show More
9: Growing Up Fat (w/ Jacob Wysocki)

55:23 | Jan 26th, 2018

Jacob Wysocki (*Loosely Exactly Nicole, UCB Comedy) joins Nicole to discuss being fat, going through puberty, and dating "normies". You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Nicol...Show More
8: Do Men Not Respond to Funny Women? (w/ Joanna Bradley)

51:46 | Jan 19th, 2018

Joanna Bradley (UCBComedy, Saturday Night Live) joins Nicole to share some of their bad Craigslist hookups stories, discuss the challenges of dating as a female comedian, AND reveal the time they hooked up! You don't want to miss this one. You can p...Show More
7: Would You Date a Chucklefucker? (w/ George Kareman)

44:10 | Jan 12th, 2018

George Kareman (UCB Comedy, Long Haired Businessmen) is on the show to teach Nicole how to use Hinge, and if they would ever date a chucklefucker. Nicole reveals her whole sneaky plan to make out with George. You can play along and see Nicole's Tind...Show More
5: What's Up with Hair Conditioner? (w/ Ben Axelrad)

48:06 | Dec 29th, 2017

Nicole's friend Ben Axelrad (UCB Comedy, Definitely Dying Podcast) joins her to talk therapy, horrible dating stories, and why Nicole and Ben stopped dating after 3 dates. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinder bio and photos on her Facebook ...Show More
4: The Science Behind Dating Apps (w/ Emily Heller)

1:02:27 | Dec 21st, 2017

Emily Heller (Comedian, Baby Geniuses) joins Nicole to discuss the stats behind dating apps, steamy movies and the most boring man Nicole has ever dated. Know how IMDB's star meter works? Please tell us. Email Nicole at baconcansave@gmail.com. Y...Show More
3: Nicole's Pussy Pic That Went Too Far (w/ Sasheer Zamata)

45:52 | Dec 15th, 2017

Nicole's dear friend Sasheer Zamata (SNL) joins her to rate her Tinder bio, perform a live-reading of her Tinder conversations and Nicole shares the time the pussy pic she sent to a guy was deemed "too far!!". Also they didn't hook up... JUST A LIL F...Show More
2: Bad Hookups (w/ Dan Lippert)

59:18 | Dec 8th, 2017

Dan Lippert (UCB Comedy, Comedy Bang Bang) joins us to talk about Nicole's abandonment issues, the time she blew him in a bathroom, and Nicole shares the time she slept with a guy with a literal BROKEN dick. You can play along and see Nicole's Tinde...Show More
1: Tinder Troubles (w/ Will Hines)

56:07 | Dec 1st, 2017

On the first episode of Why Won't You Date Me, Will Hines (UCB Comedy, Don't Get Me Started, CollegeHumor) joins Nicole to rate her Tinder game, discuss her past green card marriage, and talk about a lil make out shesh they had. You can play along a...Show More
Why Won't You Date Me? Here's a Little Tease.

07:57 | Nov 15th, 2017

Why is Nicole so single? She's cute, funny, has a fat ass, and loves giving blow jobs. This podcast is a quest to find the answer. Join Nicole and her guests - comedians and ex-lovers, as they boil it down why dating as a comedian is so hard. Subsc...Show More